BEARCAT-Supporting City Councilors, Mayor Targeted by AntiSec

Did you really think it was going to be over last night? What a shame no city councilors had the courage to change their vote in the face of so much public opposition to the killing machine that the Keene police want to bring to town. We tried to tell them the world was watching.

Now it appears some hacktivists have also been paying attention to what is going on in Keene and the heroic group AntiSec has targeted “mayor” Kendall Lane and the Keene city councilors who voted in favor of the BEARCAT for a good doxing.

They have started with info about Kendall Lane and Janice Manwaring. AntiSec states that the rest are coming. The dox are being posted to the AntiSec facebook page, and who knows where else they are being spread.

Do you think the council expected attention like this? Kudos to the brave hacktivists in AntiSec for taking on this issue and paying attention to the oppression going on here in Keene.

I will update this post as AntiSec continues to post more info.

Dox for Kendall Lane:

Target: Keene, N.H., Mayor Kendall Lane.

Reason: Outspoken support for Tank Armored vehicle purchase for Keene Police Department.

Term Expires: Dec. 31, 2013.

Age: 64 years old.

Address: 98 Wyman Road, Keene New Hampshire.

House Phone: 603-355-3505

House value: $201,000

Map of house:

Family: Wife: Molly B. Lane

Children: Frederick Lane
Jocelyn Lane
Isabel Lane

His education: -Bachelor of arts, University of New Hampshire, 1969
-Juris Doctor, Boston University, 1975

Previous held positions: N.H. House of Representatives, 1984
N.H. Constitutional Convention
Keene City Council.

Organizations he has associated with: Keene Housing Authority
N.H. Dept of Corrections Advisory Board
Cheshire Medical Center/Dartmouth-Hitchcock Keene
Keene Family YMCA
Greater Keene Chamber of Commerce
Southwest Region Planning Commission
Keene Downtown Housing Committee
Keene Planning Board.

His Mayor office information:

Address: 3 Washington St. Keene, NH 03431

Office Number: (603) 357-9805

His email:

Other Occupation: Attorney

List of his services: Products or Services: Professional Paralegal Services, Paralegal Agencies, Contract Paralegal Services, Fire Legal Liability Insurance and Legal Expenses Insurance.

location: 106 Washington Street. Cheshire County, New Hampshire.

His law office was established in 2007, with average 1 -4 employee’s.

His NAICS code: 541110.


Dox for Janice Manwaring:

Target: Janis O. Manwaring

– her outspoken support of Keene New Hampshire purchasing a tank for their Police Force.

Occupation: Keene City Counsel ward 1 (2010 – 2013).
Social Worker.

Home Address: 50 Belmont Street, Keene, New Hampshire. 03431.

Map of House:

Home Phone Number: 603-352-7185

Age: 64 years old.

Family Members: Daniel Manwaring, son aged 32.
Elizabeth Manwaring, daughter.
Robert J. Manwaring, husband.


Her office information:

Her practice: LICSW practice Substance Abuse, Social work, general counseling.

Address: 106 Roxbury Street, Keene, New Hampshire, 03431

Office Phone number: 603-358-5035

Office Fax number: 603-352-7924

Her NPI license number: 1548348949

Enumeration Date 11/02/2006

Her taxonomy codes for practice:
– 101YA0400X
– 101YP2500X
– 1041C0700X

Throughout the day we will be releasing the dox’s of other Keene Counsel member’s who voted and supported the purchasing of a tank vehicle for the Police Department.


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  1. …and what is YOUR name?

    …my name is JUDGE DREDD…

    bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha


  2. Manwaring is one of the city councilors,among the majority of city councilors, that didn't answer the phone (caller id) and didn't call back….and only EMAILED back when told her I'd use my big yapper to alleviate her of her job.. πŸ™‚

  3. Okay, let me get this straight:

    You freestaters hate the fact that the government tries to collect information on the general population.

    But then you turn around and reveal information on the government collected by outside sources.

    You're not fighting for freedom, liberty, or transparency.

    No, you're fighting for privilege. You're fighting for the right to do abnormally outrageous things to people and then turn and say "Oh, but I don't like these laws. Mine are better. It's so obvious, I don't know we haven't adopted it yet."

    You wonder why so many are outraged at what you do. It's because you're not a legitimate movement. You're a fragmented group of disillusioned 20-year olds that try to change their names and hand out propaganda that lies to the people in order to get attention.

    You are just as bad as the government in terms of lying to people and that is why no one will ever take your movement seriously.

  4. And you know what .when I told her I'd use my big yapper to tell everyone how poorly she responds to her constituents .You know what her FIRST reaction was?

    After leaving pleasant enough messages (two) on her phone and reminding her she was from MY ward.. Her first reaction was that she blocked my emails…

    This for telling her that I wouldn't vote for her and would tell all my big mouthed friends not to vote for her because she is non responsive to her constituents.

    Then she thought better of it and sent me a email.

  5. If no one takes free keene seriously why do you bother posting nonsense to their blog? Don't you have something better to do than critique people whom you believe no one takes seriously? I thought not.

  6. so,

    Anton ……says "dont you have better things to do than write here " …bye writing HERE.. you aren't the sharpest knife in the droor are you anton? πŸ™‚

  7. *drawer…lmao πŸ˜›

  8. Ironic how all these kids seem to think that they're right regardless of situation. It's as if the people who supported the bearcat don't exist in their minds…

  9. Pyotr,

    Whats it like o be wrong virtually every time you talk?

  10. Jason,

    FreeKeeners are Lying Hypocrites………

  11. I don't know David, what is it like to get EBT every month?

  12. Pyotr,

    Whats it like o be wrong virtually every time you talk?

    You DO you..because I just told you!

  13. whats antisec

  14. Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.

    John F. Kennedy

  15. david on Fri, 2nd Mar 2012 4:10 pm


    Anton ……says “dont you have better things to do than write here ” …bye writing HERE.. you aren’t the sharpest knife in the droor are you anton? πŸ™‚


    David, Anton is on OUR side! rotflmao…

  16. Like my gravatar?

    Yeah, Bearcat can do that…

  17. I don't think you guys realize how few people were actually against the bearcat…

  18. oh.i got mixed up I guess….lol

  19. Hah. Hope this is just the beginning…

  20. @jason

    I don’t see the hypocrisy here.

    One, I believe in complete government openness and transparency. (And I don’t speak for Free Keene, but I think I can safely say, “We believe…” in this case.) And these people work for the government. They’re elected officials—“public servants” in their own smug terminology. And so, if they make themselves into such public figures, they really don’t have much to complain about when information about them is, well, made public.

    Two, this whole situation is a great example of turnabout. The government wants to collect information on “us” and use it against us? Well, we can turn that right back on them. That’s not hypocrisy. It’s showing them the danger of their own surveillance society.

  21. I laugh at anti-sec who ever the hell you are… Yall a joke just like FK.

  22. This is ridiculous. Do you even understand what the bearcat is?? In no way is it a TANK. It's the same thing as a damn bank truck. Im sure you all see those everyday and the word "tank" is the last thing that comes to mind. It's for personnel transport, protection, and rescuing idiots like YOU that fall down into a ditch someday. I cant wait for the day any of you people against it actually need it to come help you, god forbid that time ever comes. Why are you all really against it anyway? Scared its going to stop you from partying on blake street? Why dont you open your minds up and consider the benefits of it instead of being close minded following morons who have no opinions of their own.

  23. yes I understand what the bearcat is… Its a tank BearCat = tank

  24. I say again… Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.

    John F. Kennedy

  25. King,

    I thats not true.did Martin resort to violence for HIS revolution?


  26. You gotta be kidding me. A tank?? Under whose definition? You think when the army calls for a tank they get a bearcat? Wrong, they get an armored vehicle with tracks, a .50 cal machine gun, 2 m240 machine guns and a 120mm shell gun. The bearcat is an ARMORED VEHICLE WITH OFFROAD TIRES. You are all clueless idiots.

  27. King, violence kills all the good things in life. Its useless as a tool for peace.

  28. You are not welcome to post here with violent intentions.

  29. under the definition of…..general Schwarzkopf. DECORATED GENERAL OF THE UNITED STATES ARMY!


  30. Schwartzcough said it was a tank …and his word is good enough for me

  31. Post up the link.

  32. if he said that grass was purple would you believe that too? do you have any opinions of your own or do you just listen to and believe what other people say?

  33. I just dont get it…Why dont you all worry about the homeless or drug problem in keene and not a vehicle that might help you out one day. Ever heard of the phrase over exaggerate? You think the kpd having this vehicle is going to drastically effect your lives? Guess what…i bet half of you will NEVER EVEN SEE IT.

  34. I like to read what this website writes about, and always read the responses. As for the JFK quote,…..well I sure hope that the ones responsible for making up laws and the ones enforcing them in Keene just to squish these activist and or their supporters don't have this quote become reality. JFK communicated this quote for a reason.

    I think cooler heads need to come together (on both sides) or folks will be hanging around the coffee shops saying "I told you so".

  35. Jason, free keene does not represent all free staters. Please try not to lump them all together.

    I also really don't see what the point of releasing this information.

    Frankly, I think there's too much of an "us v. them" attitude among some activists, especially some of those associated with free keene. When you demonize people in your mind, progress becomes very difficult.

    Hatred for government officials — and frankly, that's what I see coming from Ian in some of these posts — isn't going to lead to anything good.

    His attitude, and the attitude of some other activists, often seems to me to be very, very unlike that of Gandhi, MLK, or others who I do believe are worthy of emulation.

    I disapprove of many of the actions of city officials — and oppose the Bear Cat. But, sometimes — often — I find myself shaking my head at the chosen tactics and words of many of the more prominent keene activists, which I believe encourage balkanization, and create more enemies than friends.

    The methods of peace which gandhi, for example, used, made it difficult even for those who naturally opposed his ideas to condemn him. They had to admire the man, even if they supported colonialism.

    By contrast, many methods that have been employed by some keene activists make it difficult even for those naturally supportive of these ideas to stand with them.

    Always, always, one must think, when attempting to change public opinion: What will be the reaction of the average person to my actions, and words? Will my words and actions make average people (and even those who currently oppose my ideas) more likely to consider my ideas honestly? Or will my actions and words drive them away?

    Posting private information about city counselors? Who does that win over? Who does that appeal to?

    Ian (and I pick on him because he's a leader), frequently talks about not wanting to use the language of "battle", "war", or "fighting". He even has talked about "loving" government officials — or giving out hugs. Actions, however, along with angry words and mocking terms for officials, belie these claims.

    I think many people get this, who also want smaller government, and more personal and financial freedom — most free staters get this, in my view.

    So my message is twofold:

    1. To observers: Don't assume every pro-liberty person is like this, or agrees with these tactics.

    2: To those who use these tactics: Please think carefully about the impact your actions and words will have. Even if it feels gratifying to you, if it's not going to cause more people to be attracted to liberty, please stop. As Christ suggested, are you loving your enemy — or are you acting out of anger, or frustration? Are you fighting a war (even if it doesn't involve actual violence), or are you engaged in an effort to help all of us discover better ways of doing things?

    The actions of gandhi, mlk, and their followers were not natural. The natural human reaction is to lash out, to strike back. What they did required a massive amount of self-control, and an almost supernatural, intentional decision to have an attitude of genuine love, even for enemies.

    What feels good in the moment is often the exact opposite of what's needed to achieve "peaceful evolution".

  36. I do whatever the tv tells me to. πŸ™‚

  37. david, are you actually against this or are you just trying to join the side that seems better to you at the time? out of everything you've posted i havent seen one comment that states WHY you are so against it, or any of your own opinions on why Keene doesn't need it.

  38. I think we don't need it for the same reasons Mayberry RFD doesn't need one when Barny Fife proposed one.. It's absurd… .. And ..It will be used for non reasons just to justify having it…….there are a million reasons..this is a declaration of war against the people ; it is a statement of fear OF the people ….I am not afraid of the people nor do I want war with the people… This war machine is a declaration that there WILL be war . or a STATEMENT that there WILL BE WAR … and .. It will be a self fulfilling prophesy…


  39. I confess. I am so ashamed. I can't take it anymore. It's over. I confess.
    Secretly, I work for the FBI and HomeSec.
    I'm an agent provacateur.
    Sorry, guys.
    I'm sorry.
    I love you guys.

  40. I think a lot more people aren't as against it than you'd think david. They just have BETTER THINGS TO DO WITH THEIR LIVES than sit here all day and come up with rediculous ways to oppose it. I'm done posting here. I jut cant take the idiotic close minded views of you people. You all need to open your damn eyes and do something productive with your lives…clearly this opposition didn't do anything, because guess what….Keenes getting a bearcat.

  41. I'm not kidding.
    I'm truly very, very sorry.
    Maybe someday you can forgive me.

  42. Thanks for asking meaningful questions, Brian. Here are my objections to the Bearcat, personally:

    1. It wastes taxpayer money. I know that most of the wasted taxpayer money is federal, but I think it's also important not to take/spend federal money as if it's free. It costs real people money — people who would almost undoubtedly do something better with the money if allowed to keep it. And, upkeep will cost local taxpayers as well.

    2. It sends the wrong message. The militarization of police has gone way, way too far in this country. Here's a small sample of botched paramilitary raids in recent years:

    We also see this mentality in the brutal crackdowns of peaceful protests, and almost endless quantities of individual cases of police abuse.

    We need police who understand they serve the neighborhood, and their job is to keep the peace: stop thieves, murderers, and the like, help people if they're in trouble (or just need a hand), etc. We need peace officers, not cops focused primarily on forcing compliance.

    It used to be that the closest loyalty to a cop was his own neighbors — he served them first. Now, I feel it's become the state, or even the national government.

    I understand that a piece of hardware does not in itself change this mentality, but I think it is a contributing factor.

    3. Some of the laws police currently enforce are immoral, and the BearCat might very well be used towards those ends.

    In short, if:

    1. It were not paid for with taxpayer money, and

    2. Police were solely peace officers, with no militaristic attitude or loyalty greater than that to the well being of their neighbors, and

    3. There were no chance it could be used in an aggressive manner, and

    4. The number of violent criminals in the area necessitated it,

    I would support it.

  43. Its also a declaration from the "city controllers" .. that .. reason and civility doesn't work..or that they just will not do it… and that violence against the citizenry of keene is ok

  44. Im sorry you don't understand brian .maybe I could have conveyed it better…peace out

  45. I thought it was a big animal, like a cougar, wait, no, that's an older woman.
    Shit. what was i thinking?
    How many miligrams should i do?
    should i take all of them?
    should i snort it?
    shoot it?
    I don't want to wake up.
    I', sorry/



  48. NHnative, thanks for the thoughts. I think that the information about these public figures is public, so what's wrong with posting it? People need to know how to get in touch with these folks so they can express their feelings about what they have done.

    I have not advocated violence and never would.

    I'm merely advocating holding people accountable for their actions. I advocate that people not forget what they have done. They should be forgiven, sure, but come election time it should not be forgotten.

    Meantime, there's nothing wrong with people contacting them and sharing their thoughts.

  49. Very, very well said, NHNative. Unfortunately, it seems to have fallen on deaf ears.

  50. NHNative, where have I expressed hatred for the government people? I don't hate them. I don't dislike them. I'm friendly with them, but I'm sad for them that they are hurting peaceful people, and I will point it out when they do.

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