“This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Lenco Industries, Inc”

Looks like LENCO is still at it, attempting to control who sees their violence-fetishizing promo video for the BEARCAT attack vehicle. They have pulled down the video from Capuzzo’s channel, which had over 30,000 views thanks to it being linked in the Huffington Post piece on the Keene BEARCAT situation. Fortunately, there are still others online. If you would like to help ensure this never goes away, you can download an .mp4 of the video and upload it to your own Youtube channel (or other video sharing service, since Youtube is so obedient to the state).

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  1. …And so, the ignorant noobs of the FreeKeene Cult, continue to unwittingly do the bidding of Lenco Industries.

    Yes, my friends,


    The more you fight us, the stronger we become…

    We might think about worrying about you kids,

    except you have all proven your stupidity…

    You are, though, SUCH


    the Mighty LENCO BEARCAT, Coming soon, through a wall near you,

    in fact *THAT* wall right in front of you!…


    You've been warned!

  2. ^FUCKING EPIC^ If I had a ride in one of those sweet vehicles, I'd probably orgasm

  3. Sounds like you're an easy chick to please. Stress on the word "easy"

  4. So we should respect others' property, until they say we can't use it? Is that the voluntaryist position? No wonder you guys can't get any traction.

  5. If you truly believe that your use of the video constitutes fair use, which I do, however I am not a lawyer. Then you should file a DMCA counter take down notification with Youtube. You can find out more information here https://www.youtube.com/t/copyright_counter

    Also, I believe it is illegal to file a fraudulent take down notice. You may be able to take legal action against Lenco, however it would require a lot of effort and commitment to do so.

  6. Cappuzo you fuckhead, I TOLD you this would happen!
    They won't let me have my jammies!
    They are going to make me tell them where all the lollipops are hidden.
    Where's the crackers.
    I can't hack it.
    You can have my show.
    Keep the .45, and the 9mm, too, and all the ammo.
    Give Pete and Ademo the explosives.
    You don't want to get caught with all those threaded pipes and end caps, either.
    I'm sorry.
    with LOVE, Ian.


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