Ademo’s Wrongful Caging – Can You Pledge to Help?

This Wednesday at 1pm I’ll walk into district court in Manchester, New Hampshire so a judge can decide when I’ll go to jail. Why? Well the start of all this was June 4th, 2011 when I used children’s chalk on a police station. Since then I have been found guilty at a trial by judge. Wanting to speak to a jury, I appealed.

My appeal was to be heared infront of a jury (and judge) but after all the pretrial hearings were done, Judge Brown (no not the TV judge) told me the ‘court’ would send me a letter – as well as call me – to inform me of my actual jury selection and trial dates. This never happend and after a little investigating I found out that the state mailed these important documents to the wrong address (see pic below). Thinking this was a common clerical error, I filed two motions – one in Superior court and the other in District – asking for a new trial date to be scheduled. Those motions were denied and that’s why I have the July 11th hearing. You can read my blog post on this matter, with video, by clicking here.

So now due to some clerk’s incompetence I’ll be spending atleast 60 days in jail. I say atleast because while in jail I’ll be put on trial for “Wiretapping” (as if you could do such to someone with no expectation of privacy) public officials – read more here.

I know my time won’t be lost – sure it might not be the most productive ever – but I’m an activists no matter where I’m held. So now is the time to make lemonade out of lemons and that’s what I’m going to do. Below are a few ways you can help me and/or if you so wish.

  • Donate to Ademo’s Jail Pledge (see widget below) – This will not only help fund ventures but will also help me get paper, pencils, snacks and (if able) a couple bucks in my pocket when I get out. (Donated funds will be broken down accordingly, less than 500 FRN’s = 50% to CopBlock and 50% to Ademo. Over 500 FRN’s and CopBlock will get 75% and Ademo 25%. Pete will use the money for CopBlock as he sees fit, working with the other contributors, so stay tuned to hear from him on the raised funds.
  • Write Ademo – Mail-to-jail is a great feature Shire (aka New Hampshire) activists have. It’s quick, easy and FREE (but totally worth a small donation if you choose). Though I don’t want to spend alot of money on letters and stamps (the state jacks up prices) I do appreciate mail, as it helps to pass the time. I will write back for most and will do blanket letters that will be published here.
  • Get some Gear – I know there are many great folks here at but getting yourself some gear and sporting it on the streets is a great way to help the cause (or lack of police accountability).
  • Get involved – Visit the Help Wanted tab on, it’s not all about getting arrested and there are many ways to get involved.
  • Keep up with Ademo’s jailing on the Ademo Facebook page, like it here. This is where any and all updates will be posted if needed. Including my wiretapping case.

At the end of the day I understand all to well where I’m headed and if this is the last time I’m able to blog myself. I want to say THANKS! I appreciate all the love and support folks have given me over the years. Hopefully this isn’t the end and I’ll be back in 60 days. So, until then remember…. badges don’t grant extra rights.

***It should be noted that if by some chance I am NOT jailed all donations will be refunded.****

Donate to Ademo’s Jail Pledge

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