Spirit of Robin Hood Revived in Keene

Tonight’s episode of ShireTV featured multiple angles of video from the premiere gathering of Robin Hood’s Merry Men in Keene. Robin Hooding is a not so new a form of activism in the Keene area, but Saturday was the first time that a coordinated effort of more than two or three activists organized to prevent the parking enforcement officer from being able to distribute paper fines. The video embedded above features multiple videographers’ content and opens with narration from Free Concord’s Garret Ean.robinhood_chicago

At Fr33manTVraw, playlists feature all footage captured by individual video artists. Linked there you can see unedited footage from Darryl Perry, Garret Ean, James Cleaveland, and Chris Cantwell. Other edited segments have already been created from the raw content, including these two videos previously featured on Free Keene from Chris Cantwell. Recent other Robin Hooding has occurred on Dec 26, Dec 31, and Jan 2. Garret Ean and Pete Eyre had a Mexican standoff of videocameras with a parking enforcer when they came across her parking van, as usual, parked at an expired meter on December 28. The parking enforcer encountered on January 5 by the group, Jane, was the most intriguing enforcer yet, interacting with activists despite their open opposition to her official activities. Alan, the male enforcer, has previously refused to answer questions and has made distasteful faces when around activists.

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