Rich Paul Trial: Live Updates

Rich Paul MegaphoneUPDATE 4/17: Rich’s trial for selling cannabis resumes at 9a. As you may already be aware, Rich is heroically facing 81 years in prison for selling cannabis. He has refused the plea deals and will be facing trial by jury.

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  1. so far, there has really BEEN no defence

  2. except for like some….objections..

  3. i shouldn’t say “no” :she asked questions of the witnesses.. but it seems to have been the prosecutor just building the case so far… I do look forward to tomorrow :doing outreach and hearing the closing arguments …and ..Did i hear rich will be on the stand?. That will be non-boring (as apposed to the states witnesses)…On a better note… I think the support the people are giving RP is really impressing he jury… also they seem,to me, to be with us …mho… so itsa toughy …. I dont think they want to disappoint all of us… they MUST know the law is wrong…i guess my cup is just runnething over here…peace out

  4. im just gonna blab some more….: there was a argument in the hallway about ballot access that was like the most fun part imo.. lol

  5. Sounds like the state is just trying to technocrat themselves to victory with a banal rulebook strategy.

    Let’s hope the defense will soon bring some love, truth, and humanity to counter these heel clickers..

  6. Renee is so hot for you it’s a scandal!

  7. If saying someone “looked fab” was a crime the world would be a much less-nice place.. So, i’m sorry you are trying to suppress that, Katherine.

    Also, I don’t know what you are implying ,Katherine,and, I don’t wanna know.

    Peace out

  8. Thanks for the updates Dave. Any more news or opinions appreciaied for those of us out here in internet land trying to follow the developments,

  9. From what i saw it doesn’t appear that the defense did a good enough job trying to villify the prosecution. The cops teamed up with a heroin dealer and then tried to infilltrait a peaceful organization. This type of info should have been hammered into the jury’s brains so that supporting the prosecution would have been very hard to do. I do not support doing drugs or selling them but i sure don’t support what the FBI and DTF did to a peaceful activist organization. My prediction is that Mr. Paul will be found guilty of the marijuana sale but not guilty of the lsd sale because it was a legal substance. Mostly because it was all caught on film.

  10. The jury could just find him not guilty, regardless of the evidence, regardless of the judge’s instructions, because they believe the law is unjust. But they won’t. Nowhere is it more evident that modern Americans are slavish statists than in the courtroom.

  11. The defense lawyer was weak: she didn’t do any defending untill the closing arguments;she should have made it clear ,unequivocally and without question that he was quote “guilty”,and that the LAW was the thing on trial. She defended him AND made allusions to the nullification. But her allusions to nullification were just that brief and not at all strong enough. Unfortunately Rich believed strongly in her.

  12. This is when we need to get people activated. FIJA should have been all over this courthouse. All the rest of this BS including voting is just a waste of time, energy and thought. 99% pf all politicians are lying and people actually think that they can tell the lesser of two liars. With justice you have everything you need to maintain liberty and without justice you have tyranny. Politics, making the Citizens believe that they can create change, is a distraction away from obtaining justice.

  13. Poor guy. Isn’t even allows the determination of what he puts in to his own body. Don’t you just love politicians and bureau”rats” telling everyone what we can and cannot do with our own bodies and the copsuckers are willing to enforce unconstitutional laws despite their taking an oath to do so. And then they wonder why nobody likes them.

  14. FIJA did send brochures to volunteers doing jury nullification outreach at the Cheshire County Superior Courthouse this week.

  15. Monday morning quarterbacking…after the fact..

  16. he is brave, I hope they dont try and make an example of him or we can get the jury to nullify the illegal law in the first place.

  17. He was found guilty. That would be impossible with 12 randomly-selected people. Therefore, the trial was a railroad. The jurors were “picked” to find him guilty.

    Nothing new, there. But it is possible that this will cause millions of Americans to demand REAL jury trials.

  18. The judge probably warned the lawyer that she faced contempt for doing as you stated. But the publicity may caused millions like YOU to ask whether you are willing to put up with such any longer.

  19. Nice job with the punctuation. Bet you wish you’d stuck with third grade now.

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