Robin Hooding Lawsuit Update – Garret’s Response

2013_06_03_mailRetaining the monopoly on “justice”, the government’s courts have a way of interrupting one’s life with their arbitrary demands. In civil court, unlike criminal, the burden of proof is not upon the state, and one is obligated to defend themselves or face a default judgement without any input from the defendant. While on vacation in Montana, I had to take time out of my travels to entertain the city of Keene’s court jester with a response to his lawsuit filed against myself and others for having filled expired parking meters in downtown Keene. In this quick update from Bozeman, Montana, I submit my homework to the court via certified mail.

The next obligation placed upon those alleged to be associated with Robin Hood of Keene is a physical appearance in Cheshire county superior court on Tuesday, June 11 at 2:30. See the original ludicrous lawsuit paperwork here, and my required response penned in legalese here.

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