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It’s no surprise to long-time followers of Free Keene that I participate in a lot of projects. At one point I ran the Free Keene Press, co-hosted Free Talk Live, and produced Free Keene TV. These days in Manchester are no different as I find myself starting my fourth active project. With each campaign or project I typically go about soliciting donations to help fund various aspects. Well today I am trying something different. I am offering those who want to support the projects I manage an opportunity to help all of them at once. I’ve created a gofundme campaign to raise money for me. Total transparency, the money will go to support me with typical life expenses while I continue to manage and create valuable liberty projects.

It is another experiment and I don’t know how well it will work but I felt it worth a shot! You can visit the page here:

Here is the copy from the fundraiser page:

Hello, I’m JJ, a full-time liberty activist in Manchester, New Hampshire. I am currently working as the Co-Director of Free State Now, the Producer and Co-Host of Neocash Radio, the principle behind video and media company Starfall Media, I am working with Rich Paul to fund raise and manage public relations, and I am starting up a new project that will focus on getting businesses to move to New Hampshire. I feel the activism and organizations I run are valuable in helping spread the ideas of liberty and create positive change.

Free State Now is focused on getting individuals to sign the statement of intent for the Free State Project. As of late we have been focusing on getting Free State Project banner ads up on prominent liberty and libertarian websites.

Neocash Radio is a weekly podcast where we discuss the future of money today. Bitcoin, gold and silver are some of the topics discussed as well as other alternatives to government-issued currencies.

Starfall Media started out as a video production company and I have since added Public Relations and other media aspects to the services offered.

Rich Paul was found guilty of 5 felony counts of drug sales and possession. We have successfully fundraised for his appeal Lawyer and we are continuing to collect funds for the future court battles.

The newest project will focus on getting businesses and the associated individuals to move to New Hampshire. More to come as development continues!

I am trying this as sort of an experiment. Most of the activism I do is not paid work and like anyone else I need money for typical life expenses so I thought I would try a fundraiser of my own. By supporting me you will be also supporting all the projects I am working on. If you find my efforts valuable and can afford to send me a few dollars, I’d really appreciate it!



If you would like to share the page or donate, please do!

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