Concord PD Requests a BEARCAT to Deal With “Domestic Terrorists”, Including Free Staters and Occupy New Hampshire”

BEARCATThe Concord (NH) PD has applied for a Lenco BEARCAT, according to the Union Leader, the application states “Groups such as the Sovereign Citizens, Free Staters and Occupy New Hampshire are active and present daily challenges,” in addition to organized groups, it cited “several homegrown clusters that are anti-government and pose problems for law enforcement agencies.”

The NHCLU Executive Director Devon Chaffee said, “It’s far from clear to us why an armored vehicle would be necessary to address what are generally, by and large, non-violent movements that in fact provide little or no threat to the security of our state.”

Thanks to Devon Chaffee of the NHCLU, I now have a copy of the application, which is being posted for the world to see!



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  1. What in the actual F@#$?

  2. what a joke…..the terrorists are sitting in offices in DC.

  3. And more often than not these days, wearing badges.

  4. How about the financial terrorists working behind the scenes in New York City. The terrorists that are giving weapons and arms to Islamic groups propagating violence. Why aren’t they talking about the unconstitutional terrorists behind the Department of Homeland Security, National Security Agency, CIA, FBI etc. These aren’t patriots, they’re common criminals hiding behind official agencies.

  5. Apparently the Concord police department believes anti government equals “domestic terrorist” when in fact their request proves THEY are the true threat to the safety of New Hampshire residents. Concord PD, thanks for providing more evidence of a growing police state. Viewing law abiding patriots as “domestic terrorists” makes Concord PD a wanna be tyrant.

  6. FSP and Sovereign Citizens are peaceful, OWS not so much… but still they are mostly vandals not terrorists…

  7. Yeah, they should request mops, buckets, and Windex if they need to deal with the “terrorists” at OWS.

    The only time I’ve really seen OWS folks support terrorism, is when they support the government.

  8. Our Founding Fathers would be considered terrorists today.

  9. It would make more sense if there were regional units for deployment. The use for potential confrontations such as bike week, college campuses and airport assistance would make a realistic approach. I have personally witnessed the use of similar vehicles in New Hampshire during UNH riots, random gun violence, hostage taking and radical militia acticities.

  10. Without them the government could not afford the Bearcat, thus they are protected.

  11. Have you ever been to Bike Week? With the traffic in that area, a APC would be unable to move.

    And what “random gun violence” are you talking about? NH has little violence, random or otherwise, firearm-involved or otherwise. This is pretty much the safest place on the planet; certainly the safest in the Western world.

  12. Concord needs a tank to stop free staters from video taping corrupt politicians and chalking sidewalks. only a tank can stop these terrorist attacks by the fsp.

  13. (ahem) If there were incidents of “random gun violence,” an armored vehicle would be of no use whatsoever. Being “random,” there would be no way to predict where and when to take the armored car out to be there when they happen. That is, IF they ever happened in Concord.

    Can you cite me a single case, a single event where an armored car was needed?

  14. this is just a “our smaller town neighbors got one, now we need one too!”

    like an iphone 5 for police. always gotta get what everyone else has to fit in.

    i would like them to site the ACTUAL domestic terror threats caused by the groups listed that could be solved using a bearcat.

  15. KIndly read my reply above. Ballistic protection is there to prevent lose of life. How much is your’s worth?

  16. Before you comment, you may want to ask other Police Units about their experience with the amored vehicles around the state. Try with the Manchester Police, when their armored vehicle was sent in to save a Police Officer whom had been pinned down by a random shooter. Ask Henniker Police about the 3 town shoot outs brought on by drug related. Ask UNH about their college experience when the students started a riot. Ask the New Hampshire State Police about the in-state militia and their presence. I lived and worked in New Hampsire for 30 years and most residents aren’t aware of the real crime statiistics.

  17. Typical… anyone who doesn’t roll over and let the State do as they please is a terrorist. Last I knew the law of the land still allowed a person or group to be critical of the government, even to the point of sedition. I guess using the “T” word really is the new way around the Constitution…

  18. Infinitely more than some cop’s life. Lots of skunks are killed on the roads, each year; I suppose we could armor them, too. It would be more worthwhile.

    However, even if we imagine that it would be manned with individuals who /aren’t/ complete scum… my points remain. It would serve no purpose, because it would be offering “protection” against circumstances which do not occur, here.

    Let’s get a nuclear decontamination vehicle, too. Just in case someone shoots off an atomic bomb, eh? It’s meaningless, because that never happens in NH.

    However, this isn’t just a fancy paperweight. The scum who run it can’t just let it sit there because it’s wholly un-needed. They will find excuses to use it, /escalating/ situations and creating /more/ violence, just to satisfy their infantile fantasies. Half the Concord PD is probably at home masturbating over the thought of getting something like that, and all the violence they can start with it, while being “protected” from the repercussions. Only a scumbag starts a fight, but it takes a special sort of cowardly scumbag to start a fight from inside an armored vehicle, attacking and murdering people who can’t even fight back.

  19. Why don’t you provide us some actual references to these events? Unbiased, third-party references. I’m sure if I go ask a cop, he’s certainly going to say that he needs all sorts of equipment so he can go attack innocent people. So that would be a futile exercise. Let’s see the facts of these cases.

  20. Militarizing police is happening everywhere. WHAT TERRORISTS??? DO WE HAVE A MINE PROBLEM IN NEW HAMPSHIRE???? WTF?

  21. I would sue concord for slander if I was a free stater in NH. They basically called all of you terrorists. If this is not slander then I don’t know what is. The same thing happened here in Missouri were Libertarians and Ron Paul activists were listed as domestic terrorist by the states police think tank. The state quickly changed this once it was leaked to the public. I have a feeling that when local governments say hey look at all the domestic terrorist groups in our state they get more federal funding to their Police State.

  22. I disagree. Since it’s written down, it’s libel, not slander.

    Other than that, I can’t disagree with anything in your post 🙂

  23. What next, tanks? How much will it take for you to see that the state has taken too much power, and infringed upon our civil liberties. the same vehicles that the department is asking for is being used to commit war crimes overseas. Just wait for those crimes to come to a town near you. Our police forces have become more abusive, cowardly, and enemies of the people they claim to serve. They serve the American wealthy elite.

  24. Why would you reply to an obvious troll? And if it wasn’t a troll then the guy is a total idiot and you and I both know you can’t fix stupid.

  25. You have to name the individuals who are domestic terrorists… I’m pretty sure that naming organizations as an professional opinion is protected speech sadly to say… And even if it were not – qualified immunity would cover them. 🙁

  26. Actually, it’s the “professional opinion” that makes it libelous. If Jim Bob walking down the street says, “that guy’s a turrist!,” it’s not meaningful, because no one is going to take him seriously. Ergo, no damage is suffered by the party so accused.

    If someone who’s professional position involves identifying terrorists makes such an accusation, then the specific fact that it /is/ a professional opinion and, therefore, is likely to be believes, is what makes it harmful to the individual or group that was accused, and makes it slander or libel.

  27. They are creating the terrorists by labeling them as such and going after them. If you dont leave people alone, they are going to start pushing back.

  28. WOW! These cops up there are pussies! Afraid of a few hippy chicks and their boyfriends wanting to be free and not bothered by the police. That’s a major threat to these girlie men with badges in N.H.? Too friggin’ funny! They should be embarrassed and ashamed….lol

  29. Pussy!

  30. In VA, you must name an individual person and make malicious statements that impute alleged criminal activity on the individual. Groups such as FSP are public and wouldn’t be able to make a case for defamation. Most states defamation laws are very similar. Maybe yours is not.,. So I digress

  31. And if they ID’d individual citizens… And labeled them DT… Hen its game on unless they have been padding a file to support allegation…ie have constructive evidence.

  32. The rub is going to be what constitutes DT. From a police state perspective… GROUP THINK AND DYNAMIC will define the acts

  33. guy with the beat cat, runs off with it and destroys a town

  34. That’s statutory law. NH’s criminal defamation statute (RSA644:11) is similar – the victim must be a “living person.”

    However, libel and slander are torts, not criminal offenses. No one gets arrested for them; they just get sued for damages.

  35. Or maybe the police recognize that those protesters are nothing more than a bunch of losers and want the (free) vehicle in case they have to deal with real bad guys.

    Don you really think that anybody cares about those losers? This article is nothing more than a desperate attempt to attach some kind of importance to themselves. Here is a clue for the clueless: Unless you are actively trampling on the rights of others with your protests – nobody cares.

  36. Of course that is assuming that the police department was thinking about those losers when they got the vehicle. It is amusing ho desperate they are for attention that they claim that any random act by the police is about ‘them.’

  37. This article is little more than a desperate attempt by the losers who go to these protest to think that anybody cares. If you really think that the police got an armored vehicle to deal with a bunch of loser protesters – I got a bridge for sale, cheap.

  38. Actually these things are war surplus and the government is giving them away for free. IMO the most likely explanation for them getting it was because of the word: ‘free.’

  39. Actually I find it amusing that those ‘free staters’ actually think that this is about them at all. This requires a huge stretch of the imagination – and the fact that they probably believe this is an example that they are not living on the same planet as the rest of us.

  40. I agree the concord police chief, listing the free state project members as terrorists as a reason they need a tank requires a huge stretch of imagination. I also agree it’s an example that the concord police department is not living in the same planet as the rest of us, because of their bogus claims of false terrorist organizations.

  41. It’s easy to see that you did not read what the police department wrote down for the reasons they need a bearcat, in the document that is linked to this post. The police department specifically named the free state project. It’s not a random act.


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