Concord Council Votes 11-4 For BEARCAT

BEARCATJust like happened in Keene, the Concord city council voted 11-4 tonight to accept the Department of Homeland Security’s grant for the BEARCAT. When a similar vote happened in Keene’s city council in 2012, there were also four votes against it (and 9 votes for it – one councilor was absent and another had to abstain due to a conflict of interest).

As in Keene, the Concord councilors did not care what the people thought, despite over 1500 petitions signed against the BEARCAT and a huge outpouring of public opinion against it. The BEARCAT meetings were packed with concerned inhabitants and many more contacted the councilors outside the meeting to express their opposition. I cannot discern whether any councilors actually changed their minds on this vote, as the initial approval for the police to seek the grant happened a year ago and it was on the “consent calendar” of the council, which means they really didn’t vote on it at all initially. (As I understand it.)

Thanks to all the activists who spent so much time and effort on this – despite the council not caring, it was still good for outreach on the issue of militarization of police as well as lots of free press coverage. If you want to join the best liberty activism movement in the world, join the Free State Project, and move to NH ASAP!

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