Robin Hood Court Update: Local Man Files to Intervene, Hearing Dates, Pete’s Status

robinAs you know from day one of the “evidentiary hearing” in the Robin Hood case, the last thing that happened in court was that Pete filed a motion to remove his name from the case, since he has not been involved in Robin Hooding.  The city’s hired-gun private attorneys filed an objection to that motion, stating that because Pete used a radio one time to announce the location of a parking enforcer and that he once had a conversation with one, that he must be considered part of the “civil conspiracy” and kept on the case.  The judge denied Pete’s motion.

The last post I made about the case was regarding free speech attorney Jon Meyer’s motion to dismiss the case.  Now the city’s attorneys have filed their objection.  They claim they have a right to sue to protect their employees and that Meyer’s motion is improperly timed.  They say they should be able to complete the evidentiary hearing before a motion to dismiss is entertained.  Of course, there are two more full days of court slated for that evidentiary hearing, so that means more billable hours to the fancy private attorneys that the city people will force taxpayers to fund.

An interesting new twist has come to the case where a local man named Matthew Phillips has filed a “motion to intervene“, in an attempt to join the case as a defendant!  Phillips makes the argument that since the city argued that Pete should stay as part of the case (when all he ever did was use a radio once and have a conversation with a PEO), that Phillips should be added as he claims to have Robin Hooded more than Pete.  The city has since filed their objection to Phillips’ motion.  They claim that Phillips has no “interest” in the case and that they should be able to pick their respondents.  It seems strange that they would object, considering their original petition to the court mentioned that there were also unidentified Robin Hooders that they also sought to enjoin.  Phillips is admitting to Robin Hooding, so why not allow him to join the case?  The judge has yet to rule.  Stay tuned here to Free Keene for the latest.

The next court dates are for days two and three of the “evidentiary hearing”. September 30 at 9am and October 1st at 10am at Cheshire “superior” court.  Come on out and watch the fun!  Here’s a facebook event for it.

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