Robin Hood of KeeneRobin Hood and the Merry Men and Women are victorious over the lying, corrupt “City of Keene” in BOTH Robin Hood cases!  The first civil case was filed by “the City” back in May seeking a preliminary injunction against the six named respondents, in hopes banning them from being near, speaking to, or recording video of the parking enforcers.  It was heard over three full days of court “evidentiary hearings” later in the summer and afterwards, heroic free speech attorney Jon Meyer filed a motion to dismiss the case.

Attorney Meyer’s motion has now been granted in a 17-page notice of decision from Cheshire “superior” court judge John C Kissinger Jr., which also dismisses the second civil case against us that was filed by “the City” in September,  seeking monetary “damages”.  The second suit proved what we all knew and the city people had originally denied with their first lawsuit – that ultimately this was about their lost parking revenue.

Ultimately, the Robin Hooders have been completely vindicated.  The city people were lying (as is typical of governments) when they claimed Robin Hooders were harassing, intimidating, and threatening their parking enforcement agents.  Again, the proof that they were lying is that no Robin Hooder has ever been arrested for “harassment”.  Even if Robin Hooders were saying nasty things (no evidence of that was presented in court, and I’ve never seen it happen), the job description of the parking enforcers makes it clear they must put up with “mental and verbal abuse” from members of the public.  The city people tried to illegally oppress our right to free speech and to hold government agents accountable for their actions, and the court made the right decision and dismissed their frivolous, aggressive, unconstitutional cases against us.

In the notice of decision, judge Kissinger notes that the free speech rights of the Robin Hooders outweigh all of the claims of “the City”:

The Court agrees with the Respondents that their free speech rights under the First Amendment of the Federal Constitution will be violated by permitting the City to move forward on any of the claims in this action or the more recent action or by granting the requested preliminary and permanent injunctive relief.

In the rest of the notice, Kissinger defeats the ridiculous claims of “the City”, rejecting the claim of “tortious interference”, denying their request for an injunction, and dismissing the second suit for damages from “intentional interference with employment contractual relations and negligence”.

Will “the City” appeal the case to the supreme court?  Given their past history of blowing taxpayer dollars on frivolous appeals, there is a good chance they will.  They don’t know how to handle taking “no” for an answer.  Speaking of wasting your tax dollars, we’ll be digging into the financials of this case to see just how much was spent hiring their fancy private attorneys to handle the Robin Hood case.

Meanwhile, Robin Hooders are still on the streets of Keene, saving countless motorists from the aggression of the parking enforcement bureaucracy!  We won’t go away until they do.  So far, one enforcer quit over the Summer.  Will the remaining two follow suit?  Will “the city” be able to find anyone willing to fill the empty position?  Will they come up with some ridiculous ordinance against Robin Hooding?  Stay tuned here to for continued updates on the Robin Hood saga.

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  1. that is awesome… good work guys!

  2. Surely this has cost the city more than the $30,000 they make a year from parking fees…

  3. Awesome news! Keep up the good work!

  4. Outstanding! Seriously, I knew that this would be the verdict, and it’s a great chance that the city will appeal because why, – because they are not utilizing THEIR MONEY! They are using the peoples money, and by doing so they will be steering those monies to other ventures that will throw kick-backs back to their pockets. It’s all one big full circle racket. Keep up the great work and don’t stop The Robin Hooding!

  5. This will be good all-around for relations with the parking enforcers. Now that they know that the Robin Hooders have the law on their side I’m sure they will start being friendly. I look forward to some victory video of the first post-verdict Robin Hooding shifts.

  6. Congrats on the victory to you guys down there. ????

    The city will surely appeal the decision as it is not their money they are spending.

    Looking forward to read here how much this fiasco costs for the taxpayers of Keene and who decided.

  7. Keene residents are getting fleeced by these City bosses and their racketeering schemes.

  8. If you can’t stand meeting the public, don’t be a “public servant”.

  9. Great job guys!

  10. Congratz! You won the lottery. 😉 Now remember be smart with your winnings and don’t blow it all.

  11. Interesting. You win, and you stop referring to the judge as the ‘man in the black robe’. Why the change of titles to ‘judge’?

  12. coincidence – I still put “superior” in quotes.

  13. Certainly the correct outcome. That said, I can’t help but point out that the First Amendment of the United States Constitution starts with, “Congress shall make no law … “

  14. You smarmy assholes know what you’re doing is textbook harassment and gloating about this just makes you look fucking stupid as well. The judge dismissed it because he knew any other ruling would be overturned in a higher court and that would look bad on his legacy. It had nothing to do with legitimacy of your claim and saying as much is just a bunch of bullshit.

    It’s a shame the city employees can’t go about their day without having to deal about some dickhead with an afro and his friends playing “anarchy”. “Laugh at the aggressor?” LOL.

  15. So angry … 🙁 try smiling. 🙂

  16. Coincidence? Bullshit.

  17. That’s one of the stupidest things I’ve seen someone say, this week.

    If their claim was illegitimate, then it /wouldn’t/ be overturned in a higher court. He dismissed it because the City’s claim was illegal. Those who caused the case to be brought should be personally sued and forced to pay restitution to the city treasury and to the court for the taxpayer funds they wasted, and to the individuals against whom they fraudulently brought this action.

    Also, if it was “textbook harassment,” then they would have been charged criminally. Harassment of public servants is a crime under RSA’s 642 and 644 (and possibly others). They were not charged criminally, because it isn’t harassment.

  18. Wow, Eric, how in the world did you get that smart? The “gloating” make the winners look stupid, huh? Do you mean to others besides yourself? I am really trying to see your point of view but I guess that I lack your mental powers. Instead of “playing “anarchy””, I see people (remember Christ’s admonition to love your neighbor? Course not) helping people obey “the law”. Anarchy would be doing the Paul Newman thing in Cool Hand Luke and cutting the heads of the parking meters off. “Dickhead” would be (you and) Strother Martin in that film.

  19. Robin Hood actually never existed, it was all a legend. One day Parking meter wardens will also become, “Only a legend!”

  20. Ian, assuming that you have done the research, is that $30 K from both meter AND fines?

  21. congratulations

  22. Geez, you authority-haters can never be happy, can you. You win your stupid lawsuit and all you can do is complain that Ian didn’t insult the judge! Hey Zimmy: if you hate authority so much, why don’t you move to Mogadishu? I hear anarchist freaks like you can live there without being oppressed by parking meters and men-in-black-robes.

  23. Keep spinning that bullshit about how this about lost revenue as if a lack of parking tickets will bankrupt the city. You fucking idiots will throw any old shit at the wall to see what sticks, won’t you?

  24. You’d find it hard to smile, too, if your city is full of arrogant cocksuckers who think annoying and harassing people is “activism”.

  25. Hey, look. You managed to impress a couple of your retarded internet pals with this half-baked screed.

    “Anarchists” invoking Christianity. Lol.

  26. I think the government force is annoying and harrasing. Why is resisting government force annoying and harrasing? I thank the robin holders for moving the ball down the field a few more yards. They are hero’s working towards a society without violent/forceful coersion as its foundation. You still seem angry. I would guess that you benefit financially from the theft/taxation, but that is only conjecture.

    The eternal struggle between liberty and controlling/slavery battles on. I’m smiling. 🙂

  27. I have no right to judge my own mental abilities but you still come across as a dickhead.

  28. That doesn’t even make sense. Have I ever said anything like that? I don’t think anyone here has said anything about this bankrupting the city. It seems to be about saving folks from tickets.

    The city has flat-out admitted that this is about lost revenue, from their side of the equation. But the Robin Hood folks don’t seem all that interested in revenue – they seem interested if protecting folks from getting threatened by thugs.

  29. Jesus was an anarchist. No doubt about that. He did much the same things that the Free Keene folks are doing.


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