DPRK Denounces Robin Hood Ruling

akpf_dprkappeal1xIn a followup to their previous two videos, one published to youtube and another to their official website, the bureaucrats behind the Democratic People’s Republic of Keene have crafted a new video message denouncing a Cheshire superior court judge’s ruling in their lawsuit against the merry people associated with Robin Hood of Keene. The ruling that was handed down on December 3 determined that no civil claims were legally actionable given the protections granted in the first amendment of the US lanekendall_bestmayordprkconstitution. The judge declined to elaborate on implications which may or may not be granted by the more eloquent NH state constitution.

The new piece of content by the City people is brief and to the point. Commemorating the re-elected person who won the mayor contest, the video also serves as a new year’s update from the officials and to the civilianry that is claimed representative dominion over. Meanwhile in DPRK, Robin Hooding continues unabated.

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