AKPF Debuts Electronic Revenue Program

The Democratic People’s Republic of Keene has invested great times and energies into the parkingcardmanufacture of a technology which city leaders hope will revolutionize the act of paying for parking as we know it. For a small fee, citizens of DPRK can remotely pay their dues to the AKPF for services of the department via cell phone in certain designated metered parking area. An article in Friday’s Sentinel announced the technological advancement which will function on top of existing AKPF infrastructure. Printed on a card delivered to one of the Merry People through one of the democratic people’s republic’s enforcers, numerous benefits of the city’s new endeavour are envisioned, including the option of vehicle locator and remote payment. What government entity wouldn’t love new means of capital collection? Best wishes to DPRK officials as they sample their new system.


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