EXCLUSIVE: Free Stater Alleged to be Silk Road Admin, “Inigo”

The Silk Road

The Silk Road

Free State Project participant Andrew Michael Jones of Norfolk, Virginia was arrested in December of 2013 along with others accused of being the operators of the Silk Road underground marketplace. Andrew is alleged to be the longtime site administrator, “Inigo”. Thus far, almost all of the news headlines about the Silk Road arrests have gone to Ross Ulbricht, who is accused of being the infamous site’s creator and head admin, “Dread Pirate Roberts”. Andrew is accused of similar allegations as Ross, “conspiracy to commit money laundering, narcotics trafficking, and hacking” and is facing spending the rest of his life in federal prison.

While Ross Ulbricht was not offered bail, Andrew was able to get out on $1,000,000 bail thanks to his parents, who did not have anything close to that amount of money, so they put up their house and retirement incomes to secure a bond. His bail conditions include 24/7 house arrest at his parents’ house and being strictly forbidden from using any internet capable device. His girlfriend, Birdie, (who is also a Free State Project participant) is the one who reached out to me and she and Andrew’s family have set up a website to accept contributions to his legal fund, as they can use all the help they can get.


Birdie and Andrew

Andrew’s mother, Judy Jones, 68, told me this about him, “He’s very bright, kind, generous and has always been an idealist. When he first told me about bitcoins, he helped me envision a world where the central banks are no longer in charge of money. If it were instead a peer-based monetary system, so much good can come from that. I have hope for a better world thanks to his generation (the Millennials).”

Unlike Ross’ case, Andrew does not face the “kingpin” charge. Plus, he has not been libeled with allegations of murder for hire, as Ross has. Hopefully, that will help with this fundraising ability. He has retained the services of attorney Samuel M. Braverman and the bill will likely be very expensive.

As have many activists looking at moving to New Hampshire, Andrew and Birdie made the pilgrimage to Keene in December of 2012 and came to visit Social Sunday. I met both of them there and truly hope he can get through this difficult time with the minimum damage possible. If Andrew did not administer the Silk Road, then he’s a man wrongfully accused, but if he did, he’s a hero. The Silk Road was (and is) the most important development to happen to the black market in our lifetimes.

Donate Bitcoin to Andrew

Donate Bitcoin to Andrew

It has reduced harm caused from unscrupulous dealers selling bunk product in the streets and has reduced violence by making both sides of each transaction anonymous, and separating them by distance. No one can get beaten or killed in a Silk Road transaction and the underground marketplace has a ratings system, ensuring the quality dealers are easy to identify. This open, yet anonymous competition for international business results in product quality and selection going up while prices come down from what one would pay on the streets. The Silk Road has literally saved lives, both of dealers as well as users who would have overdosed on bad street drugs, but instead were able to get good quality product from the Silk Road. If Andrew Jones was involved in the Silk Road enterprise, he should be given an award, rather than prison time. Of course, that would be in a just world that understands the insanity of drug prohibition, or any prohibition for that matter.

If you love liberty, please support Andrew’s defense by contributing via BTC or credit card/paypal (I just sent them a whole bitcoin.), and sharing this story via your favorite social media and online forums. Also, please share his defense fundraising site, DrewsDefense.org.  Finally, consider joining Andrew, his girlfriend, and Ross Ulbricht’s mother Lyn (she signed up at Porcfest!) and sign up now for the Free State Project. People who love liberty are moving to New Hampshire and getting active to build liberty-oriented community. Over 1,600 are here in NH already and nearly 16,000 are pledged to move once we reach 20,000 signers. We need you! Please read the Free State Project’s “Statement of Intent”, sign it, and start making your plans to move and get involved with the most exciting and successful migration for liberty in the world.  Stay tuned here to Free Keene for the latest on this case.

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  1. Thank you so much for your support. It means the world to us!

  2. I’m happy to hear of this. In my opinion, this is PROOF that the Silk Road folks are some of the best that civilization has to offer!

  3. lol, silly government! I’m Inigio, and I am not a member of the FSP. They better let that poor guy go.

  4. Our society will eventually incarcerate every single one of you fucking degenerate drug dealers and freetards. Drugs are a scourge on our society and anyone that encourages or participates in dealing drugs should be made to pay a heavy cost for doing so.

  5. “our society”

    Says it right there. The individual matters not to fascists like “Bane”.

  6. Drug warriors should be hanged for the public good.

  7. What a pathetic excuse for a human being.
    Willing to enslave and murder his fellow man for doing things he doesn’t approve of to themselves.

  8. It’s against the law, you moron. We have laws in our society and everyone must answer for their crimes. Go find another country that’s more to your liking if you’re not happy here.

  9. So Greg, tell me: we should not prosecute people who break the law? If you think drugs laws are unjust, then work to change them, although I can tell you that no one really gives a fuck what people like you think.

  10. Spot on! People who sell and consume drugs like alcohol, nicotin, caffeine should be incarcerated for life!!!!

  11. “It’s against the law, you moron.”

    Exactly! It’s a bad thing to justify breaking a law just because you don’t like it. It’s a tragedy that today law-breakers and criminals like The Underground Railroad gang, Rosa Parks, M. Gandhi and others are celebrated as heros.

  12. What society?

  13. Who’s law?

  14. Bane is the kind of guy who would turn the run away slave back over to his master BECAUSE ITS THE LAW. Again who’s law Bane? Show me where I signed up for this crap. Grow some balls and stop being afraid of people.

  15. It was once a federal crime to help escaped slaves. Everyone who participated in the underground railroad was committing a federal crime. Would you support the enforcement of those laws too? Throw Harriet Tubman in jail?

    Here’s an idea: grow a conscience of your own. The opinions of politicians are not the definition of right and wrong.

  16. You live in this country, you abide by its laws. You don’t get to “opt out”, you ignorant douche.

    Leave and go somewhere else where things are more to your liking – if you can find it.

  17. Not the same thing, you ignorant fucktard.

  18. Saying that your issues with drug laws are on par with slavery shows the absolute ignorance and sheer arrogance of the freetard movement.

    You’re pathetic.

  19. Could you explain how it’s not the same thing? I don’t understand.

  20. It used to be against the law for black people to sit in the front of busses, I’m sure Bane would have been there holding a dog or firehose to protect his precious laws.

  21. That is as simple as it gets I always hear from Free Staters I didn’t agree to this or I don’t agree with that, well then move somewhere else none of us agree with all laws or ordinances but Bane is right when enough people tell their reps and senators they want them changed then it can happen! Just arbitrarily not following laws is not the right way! Comparing todays laws with the civil rights mistakes of the past is just plain stupid you people gotta be smart enough to find this society you wish to create somewhere other than Keene it should be obvious by now you people are not wanted here because of the way you act!

  22. LoL … Get a clue, you stupid cunt.

  23. Oh no alcohol, cigarettes and caffeine are ok because the government says they’re ok! Anything the government says must be the truth! You guys are super dumb for thinking for yourselves and disagreeing with our benevolent overlords. You should be sent to jail for life just for thinking such blasphemy! how dare you question the law! Some guys in suits made those laws! We must obey…

  24. HOW’S THAT WORKING WITH MEDICAL MJ AND MJ DECRIM? Oh yeah, that’s right, despite the people’s wishes, there is one despotic tyrant holding it up in NH so she can continue getting campaign donations from police and prison worker unions. It doesn’t work as you say it does and anyone who’s actually tried to effect change knows this. Also, the federal gov’t is totally disregarding the will of the people on this, even in states where it’s been put to a vote and legalized. Just write your representative to change the world sentiment is about the most naive thing I’ve read today. Why don’t black people just write their reps so police will stop harassing and shooting them?

  25. You do have a right to put whatever you want in to your own body so long as you are not harming another person. It is a civil rights issue because my body belongs to me, not the state and therefore they have no business in deciding what substances i may consume or not. There is a reason that the federal gov’t saw it necessary to amend the constitution to institute alcohol prohibition and it is because they didn’t have the authority to prohibit any product unless they amended the document from which any powers they did have were derived.

    Not to mention that police are using drugs (specifically MJ) as an excuse to violate peoples rights (specifically the right to be secure in ones home, automobile, computers, cell phones and other effects) in every community across the nation and disproportionately using it to target young black men.

    And the NH RSA regarding residency specifically states that you can claim residency in any state for any reason.

  26. “It is a civil rights issue because my body belongs to me, not the state and therefore they have no business in deciding what substances i may consume or not.

    You can certainly consume whatever you want, but if you’re arrested with substances that are illegal under current law then you will be prosecuted. Just because you think otherwise doesn’t make it so.

  27. Move to Colorado or Washington State, then – the people in NH don’t want MJ fully decriminalized.

    I just love how freetard morons like yourself act like selfish, spoiled children. It’s amusing and sad at the same time.

    “Despite the people’s wishes” ? Which “people”? Where are the angry hordes of citizens marching on the statehouse demanding the governor decriminalize MJ? I’m talking about real citizens – not the rag-tag contingent of freetards and other freeloaders with nothing else to do all day.

    The “people” don’t want it – “you” want it. Big difference.

  28. I’m all for being in control of your own body but think about the argument here for a minute! Drugs what can possibly be good about having the right to use them freely? Why can’t we just be happy without them are they really needed to function? I think not it’s tough to convince the millions of non users what would be good about them! How stupid do you people sound saying oh it should be legal to posses and use drugs! I keep asking this question over and over again and non of you freestaters answer: Why if this country is so bad and you don’t agree with our laws and you know you are the minority why then don’t you find another country to call home? We need productive people here who want to work and pay taxes not bums who want to fight every law they don’t agree with! Remember nobody just sat around and said hmmm what laws can we just invent to piss off the people these laws were all put in place because their was some type of problem or obvious reason why it was needed. I know this allot more people than you think are growing very tired of your antics here in the SHIRE as you call it! trust me stop free Keene is the least of you peoples worries they are a very small group that is very active. You peoples actions are very un-American at times and while I believe in our Constitution and your rights to free speech I also believe that the abuse of your rights to harass other people just because you can will end up being a major problem that nobody wants or needs! So go to Canada or Mexico or anywhere you want and see where your defiance of their laws you don’t like gets you cause we all know the defiance of the laws and the lack of respect for those who took the oath to uphold them here is 2 easy on you! I find it so funny how you people hide behind the Constitution and laws when you need them but choose not to acknowledge or follow the ones you don’t like! I don’t think we have what you need here maybe you people could buy an Island somewhere and have no police schools or fire dept’s just like you want combined with no laws or taxes and then we would find out if all these great things you people want creates the perfect society and we could all try to beg you for your acceptance of us into your wonderful happy place, or maybe we will be happy to stay home!

  29. The people do want it though. It keeps passing the house (the people’s house), with support from both republicans and democrats but our tyrant governors are too addicted to that sweet campaign cash from the cops, to let it through.

    And, for all this talk about non-productivity, what do you call trolling an “irrelevant” blog? I pay a lot in taxes, probably more than both of you. I don’t use the public schools here, my kids are homeschooled. I’m not on welfare to any extent and I’m looking to buy even more property in this state.

  30. I’m a native. You leave. I like it here and my new friends are awesome. You should leave now while it’s still bearable and your chains are securely fastened because those chains are disappearing and you don’t seem too enthused.

    And regarding drug policy, you’re asking the wrong questions. The question you should be asking is; How much harm has the prohibition of drugs caused to our economies, societies and families? How much more harm can it do (border violence, where do cartels get their money, where did al capone get his money)? Why on earth are you so attracted to people using violence on your behalf against people who do things you don’t personally enjoy? Why can’t you leave you neighbors alone and let them pursue their version of happiness and their American dream?

    You are just nosy busy bodies the way I see it.

  31. They can override her veto, dumbass, if there are enough votes – so obviously the people DO NOT want it badly enough.

    And btw: your kids are homeschooled with oversight by the state, so don’t pretend you can just do what you want – you can’t.

    You’re a moron.

  32. But you don’t like it here. You’re bitching left-and-right about “unjust laws” and other moronic topics that the vast majority of people in NH could care less about. You don’t like our laws: then either change them or leave.

    Oh, btw: since people like you are in the extreme minority in NH – you would have better luck getting pigs to fly then getting laws you don’t like changed. Bye-bye, freetard.

  33. Oh, so you’ve witnessed my children and their homechooling program and the registration thereof? Just because you found an RSA that states that I must do something doesn’t change the fact that they are simply words written on paper and I can assure you that there is no state oversight of my children’s education. Nor will there be at any point.


  34. Again, I don’t follow your rules. I’m not registering my children with anybody. Now you’ll call for my imprisonment, right? People like me belong in jail. How dare I take full responsibility for my own children and their educations. How dare I educate them in a non socialist fashion for 1/20th the cost of public ed. in Keene, How dare I provide them with a better education without your permission.

  35. BTW….We are changing them. Court precedents are being set, laws are being changed legislatively and protests are now common occurrence. That’s why people like you are bothered enough to post here everyday. If we weren’t having an impact, you wouldn’t bother.

  36. So then would it be fair to say that the whole basis of your argument is “Because I/we said so”, and if we don’t just have blind faith in “because we said so” then your whole argument falls apart, or do you have any actual empirical evidence proving any political laws apply to anyone?

  37. Democracy is a system by which a minority special interest violently imposes its agenda on the majority. The notion that democracy is majority rule is one of the biggest myths of statism.

  38. Who cares what is legal or not? The real question is: are there any facts proving constitution/ legislation/ political laws actually apply to anyone?
    Or is this belief in those scriptures purely faith based? If your laws are religious scriptures taken on blind faith, then what gives you the right to violently force your religious scriptures onto others who are not adherents to your state religion?

  39. What is the “state”, factually speaking, that has “oversight”? An idea in your mind or is there an actual physical referent to this term, the “state”? When you use the term “the state” in such a context, to what are you referring?

  40. Fallacious appeal to violence.

  41. Can one break a law that does not apply to them? Doesn’t your conclusion that one has broken a law imply the presumption that the law applies to them in the first place? Is there any evidence proving “the law” you speak of actually applies to anyone in the geographic area of New Hampshire?

  42. I also don’t license my dog and I burn fires without permits and during the bans. Come and get me. Make sure you spend millions in pursuit of “justice” on this one.

  43. What is this “law” you speak of? Is it just an idea in your mind, or is it an actual physical item? If it is a real physical object, is the “law” a solid, liquid, or a gas? How much does it weigh? What color is it?

  44. I seriously don’t care how you want to justify your belief the laws in this state or country don’t apply to you people or anyone for that matter if what you’re saying were even remotely true there would be nobody in our jails! I wonder how much you people would seriously want there to be no laws just think about that for a little while! You Liberty freaks wouldn’t last 2 days on an Island all together with no laws the peaceful road you supposedly speak of would be littered with trouble and peace would be the last thing on you peoples minds! You people are just so full of crap it makes me sick! Just keep breaking laws and using the argument that they don’t apply to you and please let me know how it all turns out! Meanwhile i’ll just keep obeying all of them and stay out of jail and the papers! I know your way is better because the other 99.9% of the population sure do it your way right?


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