Cops Escalating Violence at Pumpkin Fest: Shooting at Houses, People, & Arrest Man for Walking (VIDEO)

Matthew Bomberg and Gang Tackles, Kidnaps Man for Walking Down Sidewalk

Matthew Bomberg and Gang Tackles, Kidnaps Man for Walking Down Sidewalk

Alex Moushey’s report from the streets during the Pumpkin Fest 2014 riots reveal why the situation did not improve with the police’s unnecessarily violent tactics.

Rather than only arresting people who were causing violence and destruction, the police were targeting people crossing arbitrary lines and partying on private property.  In this excellent ten-minute video, Alex is right there when cops create all kinds of unnecessary mayhem:  (click links below to jump to that part if you are short on time)

  • They shoot pepperballs at party houses on Winchester St – completely unnecessary – those people were on private property and not in the road.  It’s arguable that pepperballs are useful to clear a crowd who won’t leave a street and indeed, blocking streets is one of the reasons the “disorderly conduct” statute exists, but the people at these houses were just enjoying themselves.  The use of pepperballs in this situation is just aggressive.
  • Guy walking down sidewalk is violently arrested by a throng of cops – This guy is literally just walking down the sidewalk.  He’s hasn’t threatened anyone and is not blocking the street.  The reason he can’t walk down the sidewalk is, well, because the men with guns say so.  The reason the cops decide to jump him like he’s strapped with a bomb is, because they can.

It’s behavior like this from police that alienates them from average people.  This is why Cop Block is so popular on campus.  Here are the students’ sensible responses to the violence that was visited upon them by the police:

“We’re not terrorists.  We love America.  We just like to drink!  Don’t shoot us!”

There’s a reason why the young ladies in the video think that the police are “pieces of shit” – because they hurt their peaceful friends – every weekend, not just Pumpkin Fest.  If all the police did was arrest people who hurt others or destroy property, it wouldn’t be as big a deal if they cleared some streets with pepperballs, but the adrenaline-hyped cops seem to have a penchant for escalating a situation.  There’s more footage showing police attacking people for walking peacefully long after the riots had subsided – I’ll upload that soon enough.  Stay tuned here to Free Keene for the latest on the Pumpkin Fest Riots of 2014.


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  1. The cops had every right to do what they did. Did you miss the tearing down of the street signs? The destruction of public and private property? There were no “innocent” bystanders, could you not hear those bystanders cheering on the ones doing the damage? The violence that was being done by them?The pepper spray guns were used to disperse the crowd, the crowd that was destroying public property. ALL that were there, participating or not, were contributing to riot. The kid that was arrested was warned. They contained the losers into an area that was somewhat manageable, keeping the Pumpkin Fest safe from those hooligans. The police cant arrest 800 people. Its not feasible. This was the best way to handle the situation! While I normally agree with many of your ideas, THIS is NOT one of them. Those kids got what they deserved!! Theyre lucky they didnt get it worse.

  2. This is when the bearcat should have been brought out.

  3. The police did a great job keeping the punks out of the main area where Pumpkin Fest activities were happening. You’re reaching if you are trying to turn this around and make the police the bad guys in this situation.

  4. Fucktard Bernard strikes again! My gosh, what an ignorant douche you are. The police were completely justified in their actions.

  5. Where was the Bearcat to stop this anarchy?

    Keene may not have enough Bearcats, may need 2 or 3 more.

  6. You’re giving them a pass for bad behavior because they allegedly did one useful thing?

  7. If they’re justified in attacking random people, how would you like it if they would have attacked you?

  8. I’f fucking love it if they attacked you!

  9. Whats the matter? Are you still upset about the time the police busted you playing with your little pecker in your mother’s garden shed?

  10. I had a good high school friend who DIED at age 18 from getting hit in the head with a bottle.

    Bottle throwers can literally KILL someone. Isnt it better to break up the violence before someone gets killed or seriously injured?

  11. Are you upset that you and your control freak gods are going down?

  12. What does this have to do with attacking random people?

  13. If anyone was attacked unjustly, they should file police brutality lawsuits in the courts.

  14. I just watched the video. The kid that got tackled to the ground brought it on himself, he wasnt stopped at random. Cops told him to stop, he didnt listen.

    Cops didnt know if this guy was high on bath salts, drugs, or drunk with a knife or whatever.

    The kid didnt listen, its caught on video. He has no case for claiming police brutaility.

  15. The only thing going down is your head as you prepare to take a steamy, sweaty, mouth full of boner.

  16. I was impressed with Free Keene, WMUR, and NHPR for asking intelligent questions at the press conference. I was a little shocked that police officials did not know that–by their own admission on their own Twitter feed–Finna Rage hosted parties both Friday night and Saturday afternoon.

  17. What a stupid headline. You would have to have a brain the
    size of an ameba to think the cops were the problem

  18. “Arrest a Man for Walkng” in the headline is a false statement

    He was arrested for Disobeying an Officer which probably a $500+ fine.

  19. Gross, you’re a rapists? That doesn’t surprise me.

  20. I agree and disagree with you Kevin. Ian I’m a supporter, but I think the police here where way more restrained than say in my state of Missouri where they use grenade launchers if you riot. They also will try to murder Cop Blockers, ask Jeffrey Weinhaus about that. Kevin I think Ian’s point is the arbitrary application of the law. Also there is no reason to shoot pepper bullets at people on private property or on a porch. Being in, or near, a disorderly mob does not mean you’re part of the mob. I agree this was a shitty situation for any LEO as they were clearly outnumbered and lacked any tools other than violence to disperse the crowd. I think a big question is why do people dislike the police? If we all respected the police then maybe these students would have responded to them better Maybe cops could reason with a mob because of the respect. Given all the laws in this nation, there is not a chance in hell your not a criminal of some sort and that is the real problem.

  21. The police were not announcing a means to leave the crowd. This happens all the time during these situations. Most police do not have a real good policy for dealing with riots like this. Its either contain, beat them all to hell, or start killing. To the police anyone in or around the area is a rioter. This is not the case obviously for everyone. I did not hear any bull horns instructing people who wanted out of the area of what to do. In theory approaching a police line during a riot should be the safest thing to do and not a trip to jail.

  22. EVERYONE there was just a ‘random’ person. Random people were destroying public and private property. Random people were filling up the streets with a mobs mentality of violence and destruction. Their actions WERE justified!

  23. Wow! The idea of rape popped up out of nowhere huh gay joints guy? I avoid putting my genitals in other men’s mouth on principal, but that’s just me. What the two of you do on your own time to get your jollies is your business.

  24. And the award for stupidest motherfucker on the internet goes to the cow fucker moron!!! “Approaching the police line is the safest thing to do” is so beyond stupid. This comment truly shows how incredibly retarded FK supporters are. The common sense action to take is to leave the area of the riot and get the fuck out of a place where you have no business being. If people are acting like scumbags and you’re standing around with them then you are no better and deserve to have some rubber bullets shot at your head.

  25. You should be able to approach police officers without fear. Police should always be wiling to communicate before attacking. Unless of course you in to the submissive stuff Slappy.

  26. Not when it’s the SWAT Team in riot gear. Their mission is to fuck you up because you and the shitheads you are around are being assholes and deserve to get hurt! If you’re too stupid to understand that than enjoy the trip to the hospital. For you personally I would hope your trip ends at the funeral home. Natural selection of weeding out Libtards from the rest of the population that doesn’t riot and destroy other people’s property.

  27. The random people getting attacked were being attacked by the rioters. Don’t let your hate for police cloud your judgement.

  28. No. Where do you see that? Don’t let the point in my comment go over your head. There were drunk college students throwing bottles, injuring people and destroying property. This was a proper role for police.

  29. Slappy you really need to start a movement to just do away with rights and liberties all together I mean who needs them? The only people who care about them are people like me. Yes I believe you should be able to approach a SWATT team with out being brutalized…doesn’t mean it wont happen but its a matter of whats right and decent. I’m curious at what point has a police officer crossed the line for you? I look forward to your finger dribble.

  30. You keep saying that, “the state is going down”, blah blah blah. It aint going anywhere. No one is getting a lawsuit out of this and people will be charged. You and Centurion can keep on with your “state going down nonsense” until my ears fall off, know what I mean. LOL No one is going anywhere except to jail.

  31. “Wahhh, Wahhh, Wahhh, I think I can do whatever I want” say’s the whining little Freetard. You don’t care about liberty. You’re just a fucking snot who was never exposed to the word “no” as a child. Your idea of right and decent is whatever meets your needs. Fugazi ass motherfucker.

  32. Slappy I can always count on you to prove that Liberty is the most hated word in the United Police States of America. Liberty for you seems to be what a guy with handcuffs tells you to do…my how catamite of you.

  33. Dribble, dribble, dribble. Was that the sound of you babbling or maybe you’re snacking on nut sacks again. SHHHHHH, keep it down you’ll wake your mother.
    Liberty is excellent. You just don’t understand that it is not guaranteed, needs to be fought every single day, and treated with respect and gratitude. If you think liberty means free parking than there is zero hope for FK’ers.

  34. So what is LIberty to you? Can you give us your definition? I want to understand you slappy I really do.

  35. Cop block is not popular on campus. Quite the opposite.

  36. Not enough time today to respond fully to the question. For a little taste if you happen to be a Cheshire County resident, get in your vehicle and drive to any state forest or private forest (but ask permission before trespassing because some people worked hard to own that property and their rights need to be respected) around this area. Take a walk, enjoy the silence, enjoy the scenery, look for any wildlife that you may come across, and find the most peaceful and relaxing scene that you can. Then think to yourself would I have this opportunity to feel at peace and free from imminent danger if I was a Palestinian in Jerusalem? Or pick any other country where you can be killed in plain sight and people will literally display your body in the street and cheer as if you were nothing more than a trophy. If you have a hard time understanding the many freedoms and liberties that US citizens take for granted perhaps take a trip to Gaza and tell them that you feel oppressed by parking tickets. Probably wouldn’t work out well for you.

  37. “Attacking” please pepper balls and tear gas isnt lethal. The kids are lucky they didnt get KILLED by a resident. Police are not who they should have feared. The rioters tore up an elderly womans fence to use as a fire and partied on her porch. If that was my grams house I would have come out with a bat and started knocking them in the head.

  38. They DID communicate first. They told him to stop walking toward them. He didnt comply. In all the chaos the police were probably more afraid than the rioters. 1000 kids against ten cops all it takes is one coming at them before the rest follow. There was no back up yet at that point.

  39. This article is a joke! The only ones who believe the cops were part of the problem really need to reexamine their morals and what “living free” really means!!!


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