VIDEO: Pack of Cops Attack Hungry Students Long After Pumpkin Fest 2014 Riots

After I got off-the-air from my live Saturday radio program (on which we discussed the initial Pumpkin Fest 2014 riots), I headed back down to the college. At the time, there was a helicopter broadcasting a message to disperse or be arrested. I arrived at the gateway to Keene State College – Winchester St. to witness a huge throng of police marching down the street. I quickly pulled out my camera and began to record:


circumvent-the-copsAfter walking around the nearest building on campus, in full view of the line of police, activists walked onto campus and right back over to Winchester St.  We continued walking west on Winchester and no cops said anything to us there.  However, we again went on campus and came back out on Madison St., on the west end of the college.  Here there were several police standing around the intersection and one of them told me we couldn’t pass, despite college students walking down Winchester St. immediately behind them.

circumvent-the-cops2The solution, (visible on the graphic to the right) was simply to walk 30 feet south and cut through the parking lot, back to Winchester St., wherein we were easily able to walk right past the same officers moments later.

What the hell was the point of these chokepoints anyway?  The riots had been over for a while by now.  It seemed the police were just enforcing arbitrary lines, and not very effectively or consistently.  After checking out the police staging area, which the BEARCAT never actually left (thankfully), we came back to Winchester and Madison, where a very large group of armored and other police had gathered despite nothing at all happening there.  It appeared they were preparing for transport elsewhere, however, before they could take off, three guys walked up from the dorms in search of late-night eats at the Campus Convenience store on the southeast corner.

Despite them being in the exact same place I was just minutes earlier, these young men were told to “GO HOME!” over and over with the demand being shouted by multiple officers.  Within moments, the officers swarmed and attacked the guys (jump right to that part of the video), who had stated they were hungry.  Did the officers behave differently toward them than they did me because there were more of the police present when the guys walked up?


“Alpha Dogs” John MacLean and Ken Meola

This action by the police, like the arrest of the guy walking down the sidewalk earlier in the day, was completely unnecessary and outrageous.  These guys wanted some munchies, not to eat pavement.  They had not hurt anyone and had not threatened anyone.  This is pure escalation.  Not long after, city boss John MacLean and police chief Ken Meola are seen laughing it up across the street, ironically in front of “Alpha Dogs” eatery.

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  1. In your wet dreams loser! The only thing this video is evidence of is that the police don’t take shit from bitch made college pussies. Mr. “I think I can do whatever I wan’t, like walk into a police area where it took hours to break up all the bullshit that was happening because of my spoiled college classmates and go to the store because I’m hungry” got a first hand taste of being put in his place where he belonged. Kiss the nightstick you little Sally. When riots happen you no longer have the right to go wherever you want. It’s called punishment. The only thing more disappointing than this video itself is that the police didn’t punch him more times in his thick head.
    P.S. – If you wan’t to claim police brutality get it on tape. All this video shows is the cops telling these twats to go home, the snot nosed scumbags continue to walk towards the police ignoring what they were told and crying about wanting to go to the store, and then it ends with them getting put down like crying babies. Too bad no one actually captured any of the alleged beating on tape. Just another pathetic FK lie.

  2. Right because some spoiled ass kids can’t behave themselves, nobody else should have rights. Murica!! You’re a fuckin’ mouth breathing moron.

  3. they are unable to assault people without providing a chance to comply with their demands. As soon as the officer yelled “GO HOME” he was pushing and shoving the kid. That is assault plain and simple.

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  6. Not sure about that one. That was clearly assault

  7. That’s exactly what happens, welcome to real life! Have you ever thought about the idea of KSC students owning up to the bullshit they started? Perhaps KSC can start by paying the bill for the L.E. time & resources so the taxpayers and real residents of NH won’t have to. Having the nerdy kids (who probably weren’t involved) pick up bottles is a half assed start and more of a redemption publicity attempt than anything else. I guarantee you today anyone can walk around KSC campus and the surrounding streets with zero police presence or interference. Try harder with your comments hillbilly pig poker.

  8. I’m suprized you are not just blaming this whole thing on FK. Seems like KSC is the biggest problem Keene has as a community.

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  13. the cops seems to be more aggressive as they outnumber the students

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  18. Try watching again. At the 2:39 mark the cop said “where do you live? go home, where do you live go home, go home.” All three college losers continued to advance towards the group of police who also joined in telling them to “go home”. They had been clearly given a directive at the scene of a riot 12 times and continued to disobey. No one gives a fuck if you are hungry, and you can’t do whatever you want. That is clearly disregarding a police officer’s request and it’s on film. Listen closely as they were told 12 times to go home before the officers began to physically push them in the direction they came from. Even then two of them tried pathetically to hold their ground like spoiled children disobeying a parent’s orders. Now, notice the kid in the blue sweatshirt immediately stood still, placed his hands in plain sight, & didn’t yell or act confrontational. Did you see any officers act aggressive towards him or even touch him? BINGO. That is a great example of how to deal with police who have been dealing with your college classmates bullshit behavior for fucking hours and are sick of the shit. Plain and simple the college kid’s disrespectful action got caught on tape so great job of filming because this will clear the police easily in court.

  19. The FBI has definitely sent agents to investigate FK. Phil Christiana is an FBI agent that tried to gain access to Ian’s house. He’s on the Joint Terrorism Task Force as a bomb technician and is based in Boston. He’s was involved with the Boston Bombing trial but when the shit hit the fan down there, he was up here, investigating a weed dealer while the actual terrorism was being planned and executed. What a hero.

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