New & Improved Bitcoin Vending Machine Launches in Keene!

Lamassu BVM

The Lamassu’s First Customer, Lauren Canario.

Keene’s 101 Deals Thrift Store is now home to New Hampshire’s first public Lamassu Bitcoin Vending Machine! If you’ve tried the previous machine at 101 Deals and had a frustrating experience, the Lamassu will solve that. Come give it a try! 101 Deals is open seven-days-a-week 10a-6p Mon-Sat and 10a-4p Sundays and is located at 661 Marlboro Rd. in Keene.

Not only is the Keene BVM New Hampshire’s first public Lamassu, it’s one of only two publicly operating Bitcoin Vending Machines in all of Northern New England!  Once you’ve got your bitcoin, check out CoinMap to see several local businesses that accept the exciting, international, decentralized cryptocurrency.  (Or spend it at thousands of online sites like Dell, Wikipedia, Overstock, and countless others.)

Want to meet with other bitcoiners in the area? Maybe you’re new to bitcoin and have questions? Join us at the Keene Bitcoin Network online on facebook or in real life at McCue’s at 5:30pm, on the first Sunday of each month. Next meeting date is May 3rd – here’s a facebook event for it.

The Keene Bitcoin Vending Machine is provided as a non-profit service to the community by the Shire Free Church.

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  1. Jumping Jacks Is there a point to that?  I’m sure they’ve also traded them for dollars, or precious metals, or alcohol, or cigarettes, or cars, or any of thousands of other things.

  2. Gonna’ need this soon. So much better than depositing with a bank. Thanks. 🙂

  3. Jumping Jacks FlintNH Yeah, ’cause no criminals ever used prepaid cash cards from WalMart, before…
    Anonymous electronic transactions were here long before Bitcoin.

  4. Jumping Jacks It isn’t money’s job to regulate transactions.  It’s just money.

  5. FlintNH Jumping Jacks Yes they were. Right now bitcoin is still in the hot seat as a very unstable currency that is easily manipulated by the criminals who know how to set up false fronts.

  6. TemriGiovia Jumping Jacks It’s not really looked at as money. It is too volatile in an unstable and stable market. As you could see, bitcoin is easily manipulated by criminals who set up false fronts.

  7. Jumping Jacks TemriGiovia Anyone who thinks bitcoin can be manipulated, doesn’t really know much about bitcoin.

  8. Jumping Jacks FlintNH How would one go about “manipulating” Bitcoin?  It’s just electronic currency, no more subject to manipulation than any other EFT transaction.

  9. Jumping Jacks FlintNH Notice the question marks?  And all of the veiled innuendo?  Hardly proof that anything significant happened.  Plenty of other markets fluctuate, as well – someone invested millions of dollars to move things a few percent, if there was actually intentional manipulation, at all.

    And all of that is completely unsupportive of your claim that criminals can manipulate it for the specific purpose of setting up “false fronts.”  Manipulating a particular currency exchange is not the same as manipulating the currency, any more than rigged bidding at an art auction would be the same as forgery.

  10. FlintNH Jumping Jacks Criminals have and will manipulate the bitcoin.

  11. Jumping Jacks FlintNH You haven’t supported your claim that the sort of manipulation you claimed (that they will manipulate it in ways which somehow enhance their ability to create “false fronts” for their criminal activity – and particularly in ways which cannot be done with dollars) are occurring, or even possible.

  12. FlintNH Jumping Jacks I already posted a number of links that explain my statements.

  13. Jumping Jacks FlintNH No, you posted links which don’t support your statement in any way, and I just explained why they don’t.  At this point, I think anyone with sense has to assume you’re just making up false claims and rushing around trying to find any things that you imagine will support then.  Which, since the claims are just invented falsehoods, they do not.
    You’ve claimed that Bitcoin is easily manipulated for the specific purposes of illicit activity (you gave the example of pedophiles using it).  You have not supported that claim in any way; Bitcoin is, in fact, no more (or less) anonymous than prepaid cash cards.  You keep claiming that there are easily manipulated aspects of Bitcoin which specifically enhance its utility to criminals, but the evidence to support that claim is lacking.  In point of fact, you haven’t even articulated which aspects of Bitcoin you think qualify as being easily manipulated in furtherance of anonymous criminal exchanges; even if we ignored the lack of evidence to support the claims, the fact is that you haven’t even made a coherent claim, at all.

  14. FlintNH Jumping Jacks You obviously didn’t read the multiple links I posted about bitcoin. What you have written are rants and raves. They have nothing to do with bitcoin or this conversation. Again, read all of the links I posted.

  15. Jumping Jacks FlintNH I read each and every one of them.  None support your claims.  Sure, they support the claim that some criminals have used Bitcoin, but not that Bitcoin is in some way more prone to such use than other, existing methods.

    Claiming that others are ranting is rather amusing, from you, given that you are posting unsupported and ludicrous claims, and being met with calm, reasoned responses.

  16. Jumping Jacks FlintNH No, they don’t.  You’re linking things which question Bitcoin’s stability.  Not things which support your original claim that Bitcoin is somehow ideal for criminal use, because criminals can in some way manipulate it in a way which enhances its utility for illicit purposes.

  17. I opened my eyes and even used the “find on page” feature in my browser. Only two of the supporting articles have variations of the word “manipulate”. Both of those articles mention government actions and then cite “most media sources agree or believe” rather than direct statements from the government agencies. Poor reporting, horrible blogging, misleading comments by @Jumping Jacks. Of the two articles that mention manipulation, one attempts to instill false suspicion in the reader by conflating the word “manipulate” with the valid concept of the use of bitcoin as a medium of exchange and the equally valid concept of large volume trades. The reader is deceptively led to infer that a large volume trade is somehow unusual and therefore suspect as manipulation. The article explains how this constitutes manipulation for those without a financial education. It just states the opinion and moves on. This is a terrible article to cite as a source for your opinion. I forget the details of the fourth article. I expect it to have been of equal quality to the others. A lot of “he said she said” and vain appeals to the money/morality complex.


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