AKPF #1: Cultwell

cantshootgunswellusaComing back after a break from internet broadcasts, the producers are happy to announce a new episode of AKPF #1 for cable and webcast, featuring content filmed very recently in the Keene area. IP strikes have delayed the release of some episodes and prevented others from being broadcast on youtube and other free video hosting services. Featuring almost entirely original content, this episode should hopefully remain outside of the grasp of information censors. Enjoy this week’s episode of AKPF #1, Cultwell, featuring an interview with Cantwellism researcher Ethan Glover by Garret Ean.

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  1. All subject matter can be found here: https://ethanglover.biz/politics/chris-cantwell/

  2. Awww  … the poor little douchebags got their hands slapped for using copyrighted material with their shit show on YT.

  3. was wondering about the…superimposed..stuff of johnson…why…what is it …not sure the message…

  4. DavidCrawford4  No idea what you’re talking about David. I’m gonna’ need complete sentences.

  5. eglove DavidCrawford4 26:42 
    Garret isn’t only a terrible journalist, he’s also a terrible video editor. Damn dude… how long has he been doing this stuff to fail this hard repeatedly?

  6. eglove DavidCrawford4  its ok that you dont understand…..life will be easier for you if you dont  try to  make people write the way you want them to  🙂  itsa unnecessary digression  … ..i guess i got  the answer below:i didnt know  Garrett and  Johnson  were bugged with each other …  I thought they were on the same page mostly … at least as far as Cantwell is concerned.

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