Bureaucrats Circle Jerk to Deny Gun Freedom

I got a sad letter from my attorney this week. He informed me that the Supreme Court of NH upheld the lower court’s decision to deny my application for a license to carry a handgun discreetly. You can read the decision here:


Well, that was fun. “Thanks for playing. Please remember to tip your waitress on the way out.” $5,000 in legal fees, endless hours spent in and out of various courts, for what? A goose egg. Nothing. No justice, no rights, no freedom. This sucks.

These cross-dressing lawyers claim that I am unsuitable to conceal a firearm because I had been involved in two “scuffles” with law enforcers. Never mind that they attacked me. Never mind that I have always been peaceful. Never mind that I can still legally own and carry a gun. I just can’t put it in my pocket, wear a coat over it, or step in my car with it. Sure, that makes sense.

My only takeaway from this 15-month ordeal is that so-called “rights” are a lie. If your freedoms can be restricted by state agents because of personal prejudice, then they are not rights. The whole point of a license is to restrict a person’s natural freedom and then sell it back to him–or in my case, refuse to sell it back at all. The ruling doesn’t have to make sense — the judges have the power of infinite force on their side, and while they may claim that “might does not make right,” that is precisely how they operate!

These people have no shame, no dignity, and no honor. If they did, they would respect my right as a human being to defend myself, and they wouldn’t stand in my way of exercising my natural freedoms. But they do. At every opportunity, when I’ve asked permission of a bureaucrat, the answer undoubtably comes back, “No, you can’t.” Why? Because I am a bad man? No, simply because the people with the power don’t like that I don’t respect their supposed authority.

So what now? The answer is obvious to everyone with a freed mind in his head. Ignore these sociopaths who imagine that they own me, and peacefully do as I please. Gandhi said, “The only tyrant I accept is the still, small voice within me.” Does their ruling mean that I can’t discreetly carry my gun? Certainly not. I am a free man, free to live my life and use my property so long as I am not infringing on the rights of others.

“But Derrick,” you ask, “Why did you apply in the first place, if you were only going to ignore the ruling anyway?” Answer: Because I was lied to! I was told that NH is a “Shall-issue” State. That it would be easy. “It’s just 10 bucks and a trip to the police department,” they said. That, you can see, is not true. I fit the criteria for a concealed carry license, except that the man who called himself “the chief” used his moment of power to deny me on his way out the door, as a final “F- you,” before retiring. There will be no consequences for him. Nor will there be any consequences for the criminal judges and law enforcers who allow this type of evil to continue–not just against me, but against the countless others without a voice–without the $5k to drop on an attorney–without the popular blog–without the verbal skills or the time to spend articulating their story of injustice.

Well then, let this be my consolation: that you have not stopped me, you have only fueled my passion for justice. I will long outlive you grey-haired tyrants, and I will spend every single waking second of my time on this earth influencing and inspiring young minds with my courage, creativity, and undying commitment to human freedom until the world recognizes you for the thoughtless controlling brutes you are. You may beat me, cage me, and deny me the freedom that is my birthright, but you will never have my obedience.

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  1. Derrick J. Having seen your videos and behaviors not too mention the number of jail sentences, I agree with the supreme court. You haven’t taken any responsibility for your actions. You come out with this DVD you continue plugging that shows why you were denied for concealed carry. You point the finger at the justice system and everyone else but you fail too see your part in this. Your rights were never violated. You obviously need to brush up on the law. You were never lied too. Why don’t you take responsibility for your actions? You did this to yourself.

  2. Are you going to concealed carry in San Fran?

    I not sure why you moved to Cali if you love freedom so much.

  3. Actually, self-defense is a human right, and that includes the right to keep an bear arms (in whatever way one desired to do such bearing). A right which is guaranteed by the NH Constitution (not that human rights have to be enumerated, but it’s nice). The NHSC is participating in a direct violation of human rights.

    Fortunately, this is just a last gasp from the criminal-empowerment brigade; the General Court already passed a repeal of the RSA requiring licensure, and only the fascist governor prevented that from taking effect, but it will pass again either this year or next, with sufficient votes to override a veto (given that it was only a handful short, last time).

  4. aigledu59 – What are you talking about?

  5. Flint – According to New Hampshire law, Derrick doesn’t qualify because he has multiple arrests and convictions. He is not a victim, he did it too himself. I’m glad he doesn’t get to carry a weapon. Criminals don’t need weapons. He decided to blow off the future consequences for his previous actions. Now it’s come back to haunt him.

  6. @Jumping Jacks

    You said a few weeks back you were runningwolfkenpo who owns 4 drug and alcohol rehabs.

    Why arent you using that screen name here. Can you explain?

  7. An unconstitutional law is no law at all.

    And he’s free to carry a weapon. He can walk down the street with a crew-served machinegun for all NH cares. He can walk down the street with a bandoleer of grenades, for all NH cares. Landmines? Sure! Claymores? You bet. Bazooka? RPG? Tactical nuclear weapon? All cool with the State of NH, as long as they are carried openly. But if he lets a jacket cover a .22 popgun, that would be a crime under their ridiculous theory.

  8. Flint. No, he can’t. He has multiple convictions under his belt. If he could do that, he already would be doing that.

  9. Yes Jacks, he can. In yet another example of your many failures at logical deduction, you’ve erroneously derived the incorrect conclusion from your premise. The state of NH is not, nor has it ever obstructed Derrick J’s right to open carry within the state. Only Derrick J’s approval for a concealed carry license in NH was in question. You’re also deliberately ignoring the essential element of Flint’s counterargument. If the cornerstone of your own argument concerning the licensing of concealed carry is safety, then in what way is concealing a firearm in any less safe than carrying it openly?

  10. Flint, you must not be fimiliar with the laws in NH. People are not allowed to carry around class A high explosives. See RSA 159:32

  11. Derrick J made an ass out of himself with all of his arrests and confrontations with the police, city hall, the state liquor store etc etc…. I’m a combat veteran who has my conceal carry, and I’m a huge 2nd Amendment supporter, however I have to say that I’m glad that he was denied a conceal carry. Derrick is a child and has no business playing with firearms. I hope he gets busted for carrying a concealed weapon.

  12. @JJ: “Convictions” don’t disqualify someone from being able to carry a firearm. Only felony convictions and certain specific domestic violence convictions do so.

    This is NH, not Fascististan or wherever you actually live. Heck, even if someone is convicted of carrying a concealed pistol without a license, that isn’t considered justification to prohibit him from carrying that very same pistol. The cops aren’t even allowed to require that he undergo a background check before they return it to him as soon as his sentence is complete. (see State of New Hampshire v. Pessetto)

    @Blackie: It’s called hyperbole. And you’re looking for 158:32, not 159:32.

  13. You cannot be a supporter of the Second Amendment, based upon what you just posted. You sound like Sarah Brady.

    And if you actually are a veteran, then you took an oath to defend the Constitution, which you apparently believe should be treated like toilet paper. That makes you an oathbreaker.

  14. Drac Vermell – No, he can’t carry a weapon. Period. He has been arrested and convicted of too many crimes in one year. He did it too himself. You obviously believe he just like yourself, are above the law. You are not. Outside of the freekeeners, no one cares he didn’t get his concealed permit. If the citizens of Keene found out, they would support the fact he didn’t.

  15. Under what law do you imagine that he cannot carry a weapon? Post it. Here ya go: http://www.gencourt.state.nh.us/rsa/html/nhtoc.htm

    The case in question is whether he can legally carry a pistol or revolver which is both loaded and concealed. The relevant statutes are 159:4 and 159:6. Carrying an unloaded pistol or revolver is not prohibited, whether concealed or openly. Carrying a loaded pistol or revolver openly is not prohibited. Carrying a loaded or unloaded long gun (rifle, shotgun, etc.) either openly or concealed is not prohibited.

    159:4 prohibits one thing, and one thing only: carrying a pistol or revolver which is both loaded and concealed. And 159:6 provides an exception for those who obtain a license, which is what Derrick was denied.

    So, he can still carry anything he wants, openly. And he can conceal anything he wants, as long as he unloads it first, if it happens to be a pistol or revolver.

    159:3 and 159:3-a prohibit convicted felons from carrying firearms. Can you list any felonies of which Derrick has been convicted? No? Then they don’t apply. Misdemeanors don’t count, no matter how many of them occur within a year.

    So, unless you know of some law of which no one in the entirety of NH is aware (including every lawyer, prosecutor, and judge), you’re just spouting irrational nonsense. Care to list this magical, secret law?

  16. @Flint: Thanks for correcting the RSA. I fat fingered it on my phone.

    Maybe saying DJ can’t carry a weapon in NH is just hyperbole.

    Kinda like how DJ says he is being denied his right to defend himself because he isn’t legally allowed to concealed carry in NH.

    He an concealed carry in VT, and will also be able to in ME after Oct. 15. So DJ has more gun freedom in VT and ME than he does NH.

    If people want to have a rational argument/discussion, they need to stick with facts. I am guessing that is too much to ask.

    I am pretty surprised that DJ thought he had a chance at getting the CCL. I thought he was flushing 5k down the toilet.

  17. You can certainly open-carry, so your whiny insistence that your rights have been diminished and/or violated is a bunch of bullshit.

    Justice prevails for the community at large once again as another proven scofflaw is denied a concealed carry permit.

  18. Because he is – and always shall be – a walking, talking, hypocritical asshole who likes to stir up controversies where there are none and make sure the spotlight is shining on him.

    All these FK losers should buy t-shirts that read “It’s always about me, me, me” . They don’t give a shit about the community and our society. They just take and give nothing meaningful back.

  19. Flint stated: “He can walk down the street with a crew-served machinegun for all NH cares. He can walk down the street with a bandoleer of grenades, for all NH cares. Landmines? Sure! Claymores? You bet. Bazooka? RPG? Tactical nuclear weapon? All cool with the State of NH, as long as they are carried openly.“.

    Um yeah – that’s obviously not correct.

    See, this is the problem with idiots like yourself: you pick-and-choose parts of laws you like and then use them to try and attach a greater, more general meaning to them. Wrong.

    Dipshits like yourself remind me of what many Christians like to do: they twist and paraphrase their precious make-believe book to justify all of their idiotic beliefs and opinions as well.

  20. @Flint stated: “You cannot be a supporter of the Second Amendment, based upon what you just posted. You sound like Sarah Brady”

    The NRA is all for legitimate background checks on people before they are allow to own a firearm, and also not allowing convicted people to own firearms at all.

    LoL … man, you really are a special kind of moron, aren’t you?

  21. JJ: none of his crimes were felonies, so he can legally open-carry. That stated, however, I would not be surprised if this dipshit eventually hits the jackpot and ends up being convicted of a felony. Let’s just hope it won’t involve a firearm.

  22. @MikeAB: The NRA is anti-gun. You’d know that, if you weren’t utterly ignorant.

  23. @MikeAB: Actually, no, that’s not “obviously incorrect.” Other than the joking about landmines and such, it’s actually precisely correct. NH does not restrict machineguns. And, since the concealed carry license only applies to pistols and revolvers, if he wants to wear a trenchcoat and conceal a machinegun, that’s completely legal.

    So, which would you prefer? Him carrying some little pocket pistol concealed, or him carrying a machinegun concealed? Because he can legally do the latter, while you whine about the former.

  24. That’s like stating that someone’s right to free speech hasn’t been violated when the government confiscated and burned his book, because he can still stand on a street corner and yell his ideas.

    Uh, no, both are violations.

  25. @MikeAB: Actually, he can legally carry concealed, as well. Just not pistols and revolvers. Which are defined as any firearm having a barrel length under 16″, in the relevant statute. So, anything with a barrel in excess of 16″, he’s free to conceal, without a license. So, if he gets himself an AR or AK with a 16.1″ barrel and a folding stock, he can carry that under a coat, and be just fine as far as NH cares.

    Which would you prefer he carry? Tiny popgun, or an AR-15? Or a Kel-Tec RFB, for that matter – 18″ barrel and 20 rounds of 7.62x51NATO (let’s give him armor-piercing, just to make it extra fun). Your beloved law doesn’t complain about that, so you must think it’s a great idea. But society would clearly collapse if he had a little .22 derringer with four rounds of ammunition.

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