Rest In Peace, KAC

Liberty in North Korea Presents at the Keene Activist Center

Liberty in North Korea Presents at the KAC

In 2010, the Keene Activist Center was launched. Over the years, the “KAC” has served as a place for liberty activists to gather for activism and socializing. So much has happened at the KAC including sign-making, planning sessions, spiritual discussions, community dinners, karaoke, birthday and holiday parties, and even a wedding!

Thanks to all the members and guests we’ve had over the years and especially the dedicated activists who took on the sometimes thankless role of KAC manager to truly serve the liberty community. Without you, it would never have worked.

However, in the activist world projects come and go in cycles. This project, like so many, has come to the end of it’s life. It’s been valuable in many ways and much has been learned about running an organization like this through many trials and errors – hopefully we’re all better people because of it.

As is typical of activism, it was never expected to do more than meet its costs. At that, it succeeded, thanks to the various managers. It also provided a landing and launching pad for new activists arriving here in Keene, and it succeeded wildly at that. Many of the most noteworthy activists cut their teeth at the KAC including Derrick J Freeman, Ademo Freeman, Pete Eyre, Darryl W. Perry, Beau Davis, Garret Ean, Meg McLain, and JJ Epic.

The KAC may be over, but the Shire Free Church will continue to use the property to benefit the liberty activist community to further the church’s mission of fostering peace. Stay tuned here to Free Keene for future announcements.

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  1. So basically you are taking a run down eye sore of a building and converting it to a church? Maybe you should check your zoning laws. You don’t have a tax exemption and more than likely never will. I guess what ever floats your boat

  2. Fraud. Shithole. Unwanted. Cult. I can keep going…..

  3. quit describing urself shizzls

  4. Do you want me to keep describing the shithole you got kick out off David in keene?

  5. Hopefully the bulldozer comes next to raze that flop house and general all-around eyesore from the neighborhood.

  6. Got it David? Creepy are you there?

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