BREAKING: Warrant Issued for Illegal UBER Driver for WIRETAPPING!

Illegal UBER Driver Christopher David

Christopher David Delivers his Keynote at Keenevention 2015

Illegal UBER Driver Christopher David’s wife is very pregnant. In fact, she’s due any moment. What better time for Portsmouth police to issue a warrant for his arrest?

Chris posted an update to his facebook today informing us that the officer who threatened him with fines for driving for UBER in this video has now called and asked Chris to turn himself in. A warrant has allegedly been issued for his arrest on wiretapping charges. In a previous threatening call, the PPD officer, Andre Wassouf told Chris he was considering filing felony wiretapping charges, so the warrant may be on felony charges. As of this writing, Portsmouth Police have not returned media inquiries, so a copy of the warrant has yet to be seen.

Chris said, in his facebook post:

I stayed up until 4am last night setting up for the home birth of my son. I am swamped with work and preparation up to my eyeballs, and Kayla could go into labor any minute.


My interest to participate in a POLICE WITCH-HUNT designed to MAKE AN EXAMPLE OF ME by charging me with a FELONY for a YOUTUBE VIDEO showcasing EFFECTIVE ACTIVISM, and potentially making me MISS THE BIRTH OF MY SON… is LESS than zero.


To the city of Portsmouth, I opt out of your system. Leave me alone.

Sounds like he has no plan to turn himself in. Things are getting very interesting on the Seacoast. Chris has shared the number of Portsmouth Police on facebook, 603-427-1500, and encourages you to call and share how you feel about this persecution.  You can also donate to Chris via paypal and bitcoin.

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  1. He’s an idiot for sticking his neck out knowing that he has a child to take of. Find a real qualified job, instead of being a kick against the goad dirty libertard. That’s what you get.

  2. Funny… it’s because I have children that I stand up against oppression. If it was only me, I’d probably just ignore it. But reversing the evils that you and your ilk support is worth it, because it will offer my children better lives. They deserve better than the evil society that you are trying to build.

  3. Bsizzle your a spineless retard that cant see what is really going on here.

  4. People love their State. It’s an uphill battle when you’re dealing with those addicted to the status-quo. You know you’re on the right track when the state reacts this way.

  5. My child lives very freely, in a safe society not a anarchist society, ya dumbasses!

  6. Stop breaking the law asshole. Plain and simple. My job is right, and true, and has a paper trail. I sleep well at night knowing this. Stop being a lazy libertard and make your life fulfilling. You people are fucking stupid. Lmao right now!

  7. I’m imaging that while I’m sleeping so I can WORK all you asshat libertards will be all over this. Wait for it, wait for it…

  8. You obey unjust laws at your own peril, Bsizzle. I urge you to read Plato’s literary dialogue “The Crito” which depicts the exchange between Socrates and his friend Crito while Socrates was awaiting his imminent execution. The dialogue examines the concepts of justice and injustice. You should pay special attention to Crito’s argument concerning the appropriate response to injustice.

  9. Look everyone! Bsizzle has discovered a clever way to avoid criticism of his pious devotion to authoritarianism! I wonder how many times he’ll type those same words at the end of his sentences before he figures out that it isn’t working?

  10. What Youtube video?

  11. B, ignore Drac the Douche. He stays up all night looking up big words he can use here to try and impress all of us. The joke is on him because it’s not working.

  12. All you freetard assholes never learn, do you? You think you can all just run around with your video cameras and post your shit on YouTube without any repercussions. Well, guess what? Surprise!

  13. Drac the Douche … I urge you to STFU.

    What you consider unjust others find not. I guess it’s too bad that pretend-smart douches like yourself have to be subjected to the moral and legal system of laws the majority happen to agree with.

    No problem, however. There’s plenty of jail and prison space for all of you freetard assholes.

  14. Plenty of jail and prison space for all of you freetard assholes. Knock yourselves out.

  15. The system you support murdered a quarter of a billion men, women, and innocent little children in the past century. Billions more have been maimed, tortured, raped, enslaved, starved, assaulted, and oppressed. Your claim is, by definition, false. What safety exists, exists because of the ways in which this society does not meet your ideals. The closer it were to approach what you support, the more violent and dangerous it would become.

  16. LoL. Evils? No: laws. Laws that the majority of us agree with and expect all to follow. Just because a bunch of retarded societal pariahs like Bernard and his ilk think otherwise doesn’t mean squat.

    Plenty of jail and prison space for all of you freetard assholes.

  17. @MikeAB: The majority quite consistently have stated that they want marijuana prohibition to end. Just as one example of the will of the majority. Why are those laws still on the books, then? I mean, if the government represents the majority, those laws should have been repealed, long ago. The fact that they are still in the statutes and being enforced proves your claim false. Government exists to support its own power, not anything even one iota more noble.

  18. LMHO … Flint, STFU. You have no fucking clue what you are blabbering on about.

  19. @Flint: then why hasn’t that “majority” of yours voted out the people who refuse to end marijuana prohibition?

    Again: You have no fucking clue what you are blabbering on about.

  20. Draccccccccccccc what a waste of time dracc.

  21. Getting back to the real topic at hand, draccc, I’d like to thank the bouncer for making this all possible. You guys make me laugh, and laugh, and laugh…..

  22. What’s a more real job then running your own business?!? I hope you meant quality job over qualified. Chris is not an idiot for standing up against cronies in local city government. He’s quite brave if you ask me. And dirty libertard is one I won’t touch. You leftists love your name calling and bashing when you have nothing else to say…

  23. @MikeAB: Because that’s not how it works. If you have Candidate A, who favors marijuana prohibition, going up against Candidate B, who also favors marijuana prohibition, then you don’t get any voice on that issue. Because, when elected, they do what they want to do, rather than actually representing their constituents. Every time their opinion is asked, the majority says they want prohibition ended, but the government refuses, because prohibition gives them power.

    So, since it can be proved that the laws do not actually represent the majority position on that issue (and others), your claim falls flat: you can’t just say that because it’s a law, it represents what the majority wants, so absolutely any law out there is suspect as not representing the majority. Your “system” does not have the sort of majority support that you claim.

  24. @MikeAB

    Now, now, Mike. Let’s keep this civil, shall we? I see now that your repugnant personality stems from the fact that you’re embarrassed about your inferior rhetorical abilities. Flint made you look pretty stupid when he educated you about the security of Bitcoins in the last thread, didn’t he Mike?

    Fortunately Mike, I can help you. Adult-level reasoning is quite simple to learn, actually. To form a well-reasoned opinion, it’s important that the essential research be performed carefully and (more importantly) on your own time. Remember, you need to do this BEFORE you present your positions, not AFTER, otherwise you might be made to look like a nitwit. You don’t want that to happen any more do you, Mike?

  25. @MikeAB

    “@Flint: then why hasn’t that “majority” of yours voted out the people who refuse to end marijuana prohibition?”

    Flint’s explanation is correct, but this phenomenon can also be viewed from the position of game theory as well, Mike. It’s not the single-issue voters that elect politicians. Politicians in most races tend to be elected via the “lesser of two evils” principle. Since voters are usually only given two choices (third party options are often unavailable by design), single-issue voters have no other choice but to vote for the politician they think is “less evil” or choose not to vote at all. This scenario tends to favor candidates who stand for party values rather than the popular issues of the day.

  26. Obviously you are broken, like a horse… unlike Chris.

  27. WORK == SLAVERY Those in the Nazi camps had to get their sleep so they could work too. You are a slave and are acting like you are the OberKapo.

  28. @Flint – re marijuana legalization – what happened in Ohio?

  29. What does this guy’s wife have to do with anything? Look at what happened to Ademo. He pulled the same stunt and ended up with two more felonies after his name. He chose to do this crime. It wasn’t a witch hunt, it was him breaking wiretapping laws in NH. If he blows off this warrant, he will miss more of his child’s life then he would ever want to

  30. @MikeAB

    “What you consider unjust others find not. I guess it’s too bad that pretend-smart douches like yourself have to be subjected to the moral and legal system of laws the majority happen to agree with.”

    That premise is also addressed in the Crito, Mike. Maybe you should have contemplated reading it instead of simply whining about the sobering realization that there are others in this blog wiser than you?

    And as for your ceaseless admiration of the concept of rule by majority? I don’t care what the majority desires, Mike, I only care about freedom. I don’t consent to the immoral affair where the majority is duped by shiftless politicians into accepting whatever wealth and rights they should be allowed to filch from me. Nor should you. But just because you’re stupid enough to believe you’ve consented to it doesn’t mean that acceptance should be obliged from those who have not. In fact Mike, any effort to force acceptance is in itself immoral, even if politicians or the majority say otherwise.

  31. I feel bad for his wife. Not being a responsible adult for his wife and baby. That’s the mentality of a an entitled libertarian. Tear….

  32. @Richard Bauman: I’m not an expert on Ohio, nor is marijuana legalization one of my favorite issues (I simply used it as an example because the NH polls are so overwhelmingly at odds with what the government is doing), so I can’t pretend to know all the details, but it is my recollection that the Ohio “legalization” initiative failed because it was an incredibly horrible law that was engineered to grant monopoly status to a few specific producers (who had friends in the legislature). Rather proves my point: the people state that they want legalization, but the only thing the government is willing to offer is some cronyism to enrich their friends at everyone else’s expense, not what the people want. Laws are not selected from among the infinite possibilities to match exactly with the “will of the majority” – only certain specific laws are even considered, and most do not have the support of the majority of the population.

  33. I can’t believe our city has nothing better to do than arrest an honest guy for standing up for what every person (that’s not in the withering and dying generation of SAY NO TO TECHNOLOGY AND BETTERING THINGS) wants. Cabs are sketchy, they’re mean, they’re dirty, and they’re always late. Sorry Portsmouth but get your shit together. Uber is awesome. I stand by Chris.

  34. Is that sort of like the last guy you said broke the wiretapping law? The one that the court just ruled did not do so? The one who is going to be getting a rather large damage award from the cops who charged him with a crime he did not actually commit? You’re not batting a very good average on this issue…

  35. Folks talk about what the people want. The people want Uber, or they would not use it. If they people did not want it, no law would be needed – they would simply not ever ask for an Uber driver to show up. The fact is that the people do want to be able to ride with Uber, and these politicians are trying to interfere, just to enrich their cronies at the cab companies.

  36. “Enrich their cronies at the cab companies” wow that’s delusional thinking, and you’re definitely stretching it here flint.

  37. Sure, Bsizzle. Because there’s never once been any scandal in recorded history where bureaucrats and politicians haven’t written legislation or made decisions with the intended purpose of financially benefiting themselves and their corporate backers. Oh wait! Hillary Clinton was recently caught doing that very same thing!

    I have some advice for you Bsizzle. To avoid further embarrassment, you really should get someone else to review what you type before you post it here. Convincing your readers that you’re a imbecile is not the kind of argument you want to win.

  38. Seriously. It’s like he’s living in a cave. Cab companies pay for medallions (or whatever system is used) and, in exchange, the government prohibits competition, so that they don’t have to actually charge fair market prices. It’s just corporate welfare.

  39. The whole good cop/bad cop question can be disposed of much more decisively. We need not enumerate what proportion of cops appears to be good or listen to someone’s anecdote about his Uncle Charlie, an allegedly good cop. We need only consider the following: (1) a cop’s job is to enforce the laws, all of them; (2) many of the laws are manifestly unjust, and some are even cruel and wicked; (3) therefore every cop has agreed to act as an enforcer for laws that are manifestly unjust or even cruel and wicked. There are no good cops. ~Robert Higgs

  40. Pity the poor, wretched, timid soul, too faint hearted to resist his oppressors. He sings the songs of the damned, ‘I cannot resist, I have too much to lose, they might take my property or confiscate my earnings, what would my family do, how would they survive?’ He hides behind pretended family responsibility, failing to see that the most glorious legacy that we can bequeath to our posterity is liberty!” ~ W. Vaughn Ellsworth

  41. “Does it not seem a vast waste of valuable human material that the pioneers of thought, those who by their genius dare to clear unknown paths in the arts and sciences and in government, should have to conform to the dictates of that non-creative, slow-moving mass, the majority? An appeal to the majority is a resort to force and not an appeal to intelligence; the majority is always ignorant, and by increasing the majority we multiply ignorance. The majority is incapable of initiative, its attitude being one of opposition toward everything that is new. If it had been left to the majority, the world would never have had the steamboat, the railroad, the telegraph, or any of the conveniences of modern life.” ~ Charles Sprading

  42. There are no readers, dracccc just a bunch of dirty libertards chiming in. Lol

  43. Indeed, Flint. Worse still, bureaucrats in most municipalities also limit the number of medallions they make available and allow large cab companies to buy up as many of the remaining medallions as they can. Then those same companies are free to sell them to smaller cab companies, usually with the levying of interest-bearing loans. This government-created artificial scarcity was what drove up Chicago medallion prices to almost $1M apiece. With the availability of Uber and other ride-sharing services in Chicago, the demand for medallions sank and the lucrative cottage industry that depended upon them was effectively buried. Now those same cab companies can’t give those medallions away.

    Whether it’s a cave he lives in or not, Flint, people like Bsizzle steadfastly refuse to admonish the sinister role that government plays in occupational licensing. Such people seem incapable of recognizing the value that free-markets can provide in protecting customers and insist that such protections can only exist under government statute. Unfortunately, they never seem to notice that those same statutes tend the benefit the companies they’re supposedly trying to protect customers from. Buck up, though. I expect we’ll be reading more of Bsizzle’s opinions about this soon enough. Hopefully he’ll be a little more creative than he has been for the last few days. His act is starting to get a little worn.

  44. Dracccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccçcccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccçcccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc…. what a waste of time which you are surely running out of ya old bag of bones. Hey go take a ride on a Uber ride in ports mouth NH. Draccc…

  45. Are you portraying a character, Bsizzle or is this just some form of poorly-conceived performance art on your part? You seem far too dull-witted to be for real.

    Wait! I know! You’re having a contest with Mike and Jacks to see who can make the most profoundly idiotic remark! Can I be a judge? I promise to be fair!

    OK! Here are the rules! I’ll make them very, very simple, just for you. Everyone starts with 100 points. Profanity is acceptable, but I will deduct 10 points for each spelling and grammar error. I will also deduct 25 points if you copy off each other, so no cheating! I know that you’ll need to put more effort into this if you want to beat Mike, but I’m sure with these rules you’ll have no trouble sweeping the floor with Jacks! I believe in you, Bsizzle! Just let me know when you’re ready!

  46. Not really, Bsizzle. I read fast and I learn fast, so very little time is wasted on my part. I get the impression from you though that you can’t do anything very well. Is that why you’re so averse to self-improvement, Bsizzle?

  47. Your still responding to stupid posts that mean nothing. I’m proving my point. What a waste of time ya old bag of bones. Tyme to get some rest ya geriatric bastard? Huh,huh?

  48. Wait for it, wait for it!

  49. You have 60 points left, Bsizzle. Not a good start. I’m losing faith in you.

  50. This guy thrives on the attention; it’s to your advantage not to engage him.

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