Keene’s Bitcoin Vending Machine Celebrates One Year of Operation!

Keene Bitcoin Vending Machine

Keene’s Bitcoin Vending Machine

On November 5th, 2014, the Shire Free Church launched Shire Bitcoin Vending when we placed our first Bitcoin Vending Machine at 101 Deals thrift store in Keene at 661 Marlboro St.

In April of 2015, the Keene machine was upgraded to the Lamassu brand Bitcoin Vending Machine. Lamassu is based in the Shire and run by Free State Project early movers. The original unit, the Skyhook brand, is used for special events.

Now, I’m happy to announce we have passed the one year mark of having a publicly-accessible BVM operating in Keene!

Our customers range from young to old from all across the Northeast, because sadly, the Keene BVM is the only publicly accessible BVM (or ATM) in all of ME, NH, VT, MA, CT, RI, and Upstate NY. New York, the Empire State, has cracked down on the bitcoin industry there, resulting Albany and Buffalo losing their machines in 2015 and for some reason all the units listed on the Coin ATM Radar site for Boston are shut off or gone (at least that’s what the customers who drive to Keene from Boston have told us.) Hopefully this will change, as not everyone is willing to drive for hours to purchase bitcoin.

Map of the NorthEast BVMs and ATMS.It’s important to note that the Keene Bitcoin Vending Machine is not an ATM, though many confuse the two terms. The machine vends bitcoins for cash. It does not do the reverse. The machine is stocked with bitcoin (click to see our wallet’s status and all transactions) and sells from that stock. The BVM is not making buys on an exchange. Machines that do that have ridiculous identification requirements. Your bitcoin is your business and as a customer of the church, your privacy is respected. (While our machine does not require identification, there are security cameras monitoring the store premises.)

Come on out to the store and try the machine at 661 Marlboro Street (Route 101) in Keene, six days per week. Hours are Tuesday – Saturday 10a-6p and Sunday 11a-5p.

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  1. Ian, you are a stupid poopy head! Bitcoins aren’t real money, pieces of paper printed by the government are. Quit scamming people by putting a gun to their head and forcing them to buy bitcoin against their will. The government rocks with all the free goodies they give. They are like Santa Claus, but you are a libertard who doesn’t understand that when the GOVERNMENT spends money, it creates jobs, whereas if you leave that money in the hands of the PEOPLE they will do anything to avoid creating jobs with it. People would probably burn the money instead of trying to create jobs with it.

  2. After one year of service and all 10 freekeeners using it because you told them too, it must feel like some kind of victory to you. The rest of your statements are your words.

  3. The mysterious creator of bitcoin has been nominated for the Nobel Prize in Economics….

    http://www dot businessinsider dot com/bitcoin-inventor-satoshi-nakamoto-nominated-nobel-prize-economics-bhagwan-chodry-2015-11

  4. No one has yet to figure out what happened to all the Bitcoins that went missing when Mt. Gox went under; it will happen again.

    I’m looking forward to the day when someone figures out how to hack the blockchain and fucks all of these people over that are holding this Internet pretend money.

    Say … how big is that blockchain now, anyway? It must be at least what, 30+ GB by now?. Another weakness of Bitcoin: inability to scale as the blockchain grows to an unmanageable size.

  5. You are correct: Bitcoins are not real money.

  6. You are just mad cuz you can’t get huge discounts on amazon like the people using bitcoin. It must suck paying full price for everything.Perhaps your boot licker money will gain in value someday… probably not. Have fun with hyper-inflation! 🙂

  7. … better then “real” money actually. Please keep using the old stuff. Statists don’t deserve the benefits of this new technology.

  8. Lol. Unimaginable size apparently equals a microsd card from the Walmart bargain bin.

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