Driving for UBER on New Years Eve in the Shire


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I’m one of New Hampshire’s newest UBER drivers, or “partners” as UBER refers to us. I’ve been a fan of UBER’s innovation and open challenging of the status quo of transportation for a long time, and we’ve covered their various conflicts with state and city regulators on my talk radio program, Free Talk Live.

More recently, UBER has been featured multiple times here on Free Keene in the context of the Portsmouth, NH showdown between Free UBER activists committing ongoing civil disobedience versus the city enforcers who are protecting an oligopoly. With Portsmouth police openly threatening New Years Eve charity rides – the city is now scraping the bottom of the barrel, and it will be a real feat for them to look more embarrassing and ridiculous than they do now, but they might figure out a way. Give ’em time. Maybe Portsmouth will file a stupid lawsuit like Keene did against the Robin Hooders and shoot the free publicity for the new Arcade City ride-sharing app to the moon.

UBER NH Territory 2015

The actual coverage extends north of Concord and as far west as Peteborough and Hillsborough.

On New Year’s Eve I logged in to the UBER partner app in the Concord area and was able to help a bunch of somewhat intoxicated, very nice people get home safely! Plus, we had some very interesting conversations. I’ve only given six rides for UBER thus far, but my clients have all been under forty years old. I asked some tonight what made them use UBER in Concord, given that it’s not even officially operating there (click to see UBER’s currently inaccurate coverage map), and their responses were that they knew it worked in other big cities and wanted to try it rather than deal with the apparently awful cabs. There were plenty of unprompted complaints about terrible cab experiences my passengers have had in New Hampshire.

For one passenger tonight, it was his first time taking an UBER. He said it was the best possible UBER first time experience – wow, what a compliment! The guy tipped me, too (not required with UBER, but still appreciated!) During our conversation we were talking about the crackdown in Portsmouth on Free UBER (which he’d not heard about), and he was totally onboard with freedom, at least in the area of transportation. He even commented about how competition makes everything better.

Free State Project

What are you waiting for?

When a different couple was in the car, the girlfriend asked why I’d moved from FL (she was from there as well). I said the Free State Project and her NH-native boyfriend instantly reacted positively. He knew what the FSP was and did a good job of describing it. Then he went on to espouse some very clear understandings of the ideas of liberty, including discussing (without prompting from me) the idea of leaving people alone so you can be left alone. Many NH natives understand this inherently. They definitely see the FSP as a welcome addition to NH. Tonight’s UBERing was just another reminder of the solid, freedom-friendly people here in the Shire. These freedom-loving natives are why the Free State Project is going to work.

Don’t let the few NH natives who love the state and hate activists get you down. Liberty will win in NH, and eventually many of the haters will change, or leave.  Their ranks will not grow as more peaceful, good free staters become part of their daily lives.

NH State Rep Cynthia Chase

NH State Rep Cynthia Chase

The next step is the completion of the FSP goal. With the recent news of the acceleration of the FSP signups, the haters are attacking, claiming the Free State Project is ineffective and unimportant.

Of course, if that were true, they’d spend their time doing more important things than wasting it attacking such ineffective people. NH liberty activists know the truth. State representative Cynthia Chase was right when she said, “Free Staters are the single biggest threat the state is facing today.” It was true three years ago when she said it, and it’s still true today.

Happy new year! Onward and upward! Please join the Free State Project and help us reach more freedom sooner, rather than later. See you on the streets!

P.S. Since you’ve read this far, here’s a link to get your first ride on UBER for free! If you want to drive for UBER, use this link to sign up and we’ll both get bonus cash when you complete a certain number of rides!

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