Secret Service Destroys Freedom With Keene Police’s Help

Police State KeeneIn November of 2015 the Secret Service gang came to Concord and took over the state house property, stripping all entrants (except law enforcement) of their weapons. They even took Vermin Supreme’s pony.

It seems that wherever the Secret Service goes, the supposed rights guaranteed by the constitutions, both NH and US, disappear. In December they visited Keene State College where Keene police officers were used to supplement the Secret Service agents. Ben Carson, one of the Republican presidential candidates, was scheduled to speak.

After subjecting my camera bag to a dog sniff as well as a metal detector just to get in the building, I decided to go outside and see if I could ambush interview Carson as he arrived. However, multiple KPD officers and secret service had set up a “secure zone” behind the building. Here’s the video of what happened:

Just three days prior to the Carson event, James Cleaveland had won in court after being illegally arrested by state police at the scene of a suicide in 2014. This fact did not stop Keene police officer Jason Short from threatening me with arrest for not moving back fast enough from the alleged “secure zone” outside the college’s student center.

I mentioned the state police’s loss in James’ case and Short told me that he, “won’t lose this one” as he told me to move back to the dumpsters. I began moving back, but not fast enough for his liking. He then tells me I have three seconds or else I get kidnapped. As I am currently under a suspended sentence, I complied. That said, despite Short’s confidence, I submit that his arrest, had he made it, would not have held water. Independent journalist and Free State Project early mover Dave Ridley won in a similar case where he wasn’t backing out of a Nashua hotel parking lot fast enough for the police’s liking and got arrested.

I look forward to the day when NH secedes from the United States and Keene police can focus on doing positive community policing rather than spending time protecting lying politicians.

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  1. “Destroys Freedom” ? You’re a fucking moron, Bernard.

    Who do you think you are, anyway? Let me tell you: a fucking nobody, that’s who.

    The majority of FSP are embarrassed and ashamed when they see you pull this crap and try to associate it with them, because nothing could be further from the truth.

    Face it: you’re a loser who is insanely narcissistic.

  2. Oh yeah, one more thing: NH will never secede from the US – never, so go fuck yourself, loser.

    ““Anarchists should be worried that if their desires for no government comes to fruition, the first people the lawless mob comes for will most certainly be them.” — anonymous

  3. Taking Vermin’s pony was a pretty mean thing to do.

  4. LOL @ angry Mike

    Angry much?

  5. It’s fascinating to me how you’re always concluding that you speak for everyone, Mike, even extending that presumption to those who haven’t even been born yet. But since you keep providing that quote for your readers’ enjoyment, I’ll contribute one for you to consider.

    “First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out – because I was not a Socialist. Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out – because I was not a Trade Unionist. Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out – because I was not a Jew. Then they came for me – and there was no one left to speak for me.” —Martin Niemöller

    I have a wager that you won’t be able to recognize the significance of this statement in this context and that you will lash out once again after you’ve read it.

  6. It fascinates me how you’re always concluding that you speak for everyone, Mike, even extending that presumption to those who haven’t even been born yet. Have you considered this quote from Martin Niemöller?

    I have a wager that you won’t be able to recognize the significance of this statement in this context and that you will lash out once again after you’ve read it.

  7. Why is it the “cops” always have no sense of humor and seem to love pushing and threatening people everywhere ? (its cause they look for there types to hire) .. I swear they ARE NOT the same type of people as the rest of us .. something INSIDE them must be broken to DO that job day in and day out … cops say : we need you to suck our fat one and respect our authority while we blindly .. BLINDLY do whatever were told too .. legal or illegal … Cops do what their told to even if its ILLEGAL ..they are brainwashed to do what they are told … i don’t understand how ANYONE can be proud of themselves for choosing to be a COP of any kind .. i have learned over my 50 years of life .. cops can not be trusted at all not ever and they are ALL sub human liars and thieves .. most of them easily programmable due to low IQ + alpha male and if your truly the biggest piece of shit in your town .. you might just be able to make chief … cops love cops .. but for everyone else .. i wish i could move all you “COPS” to your very own planet so you could police yourselves and leave us peaceful good time seeking humans alone forever … go oppress yourself if other words … i wanted to comment only because I see nothing but COP replies to the video and thought Id try to balance it a bit …and since I see so many of you like to add little stupid quotes to your redundant comments that like mine only wasted all our time … here is the quote im gonna retort with … ” Fuck the Police comin straight from the Underground “… NWA

  8. are you a cop?

  9. COPS should follow a mantra higher than “whatever my supervisor just told me” … but they don’t .. they just “DO” whatever they were told … I makes me soo sad to see it .. its happening in my own town right this very second … and from what I see on the internet .. Its coast to coast … the exact* same cop looking through a veil of “training” trying to decide what to do in this situation (*different person subjected to the same training producing the EXACT SAME cop out of different people ).. over and over the answer is .. DUH! uh DERP uh.. Make something up and stuck to your guns .. thats how the cops work in my town at least … one of my closest friends brother is a cop in my home town and she tells me “NEVER SUBMIT TO a vehicle search with HIM present as he LOVES to plant evidence” She further went on to say he DEALS weed … funny thing one night I got pulled over by him and let him search as I have nothing he could fuck me over for .. and he comes back with .. i found a vial with residue in it … there was no vial … so he uses this as his reason to detain everyone claiming this is a drug investigation now .. browbeats and disrobes everyone calls in 3 other cop buddies to watch and in the end .. no charges , no tickets .. and why ?? … BECAUSE THERE WAS NO VIAL AND NO RESIDUE .. lying bastard .. and this is HOW they do their job … making shit up to try fuck someone over … and due to this I say fuck them .. a lynch mob would be a better alternative to 52% of Americans in Jail may be ??? Would you rather be part of a lynchmob or in Jail ? Everyone so worried about Anarchy … Ive read the comment on that a billion times from you folks out there … but damn … Silly as it sounds I wish cop uniforms were pink and the badge was a little flower .. somehow i think just this one change could help … since Alpha male doesn’t wear pink .. you would get less programmable cop applicants … mean strong handed ex military brainwashed alpha male idiots might not want to be Police if they looked like pansies .. just a joke … just a joke … or is it … When did cops go from Blue to Black uniforms anyways … If you could find a cop wearing a “Blue” inform he might help you get a cat out of a tree … ask one wearing black and your lucky if you don’t get arrested … sign of the times I guess

  10. your easily fascinated i see

  11. MikeAB – You seem like you have a lot of hostility. Have you ever considered anger management therapy? If I were your therapist, I would advise you not to interact with Free Keene folks, because you are not doing your health any favors by making yourself so angry.

  12. Ian Bernard is an entitled little narcissistic asshole that will be a distant memory in the future. I can’t wait!

  13. Ian Bernard, why were you even there? You would not have had any chance to talk to Carson. He is a presidential candidate. You are not press but an agitator who doesn’t matter. As soon as you left the building, you went out to harass the police and secret service to the point of almost getting arrested. The officer was right. There would have been no way you would have won that court case.

  14. “The Secret Service destroys freedom…” Right.

    “Narcissistic Personality Disorder is characterized as a pervasive pattern of grandiosity, need for admiration, and lack of empathy, with interpersonal entitlement, exploitativeness, arrogance, and envy.”

    I’ll leave it to the readers to decide for themselves if the above describes Ian Bernard or not.

    You didn’t hear or see anyone else complaining about the security zone, because most rational adults understand the need for this in today’s world.

    It really would have been entertaining to see what the Secret Service or KPD would have done if Ian forced the issue, however. The Secret Service is typically not amused with agitators like this and the penalties can be steep.

    Just for balance, I would like to know what the people who head up the Free State Project have to say regarding this issue. Do they agree with Ian?

  15. LoL … I think F-ckSick has been ensconced in his parents’ basement for much too long and needs to come up for some air and a change of scenery.

  16. Oh how I wish someone would just give this tool the beatdown he so richly deserves. I’ll bet he would cry like a baby.

    Hey Bernard: NH is never going to secede. All of you freetards will be long gone, in jail, or both and NH will still be part of the USA.

  17. No need for secession yet.

    Trump has a good chance to bust up much of the Oligarchy.

    “We are witnessing an incredible movement, arising from the people.

    The events of history have aligned to give the people this fleeting chance to bust up the oligarchy – to take back control from the ‘Masters of the Universe’ return it to the good and decent and patriotic citizens of the United States.” – Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama”

  18. Trump is going to beat Hillary in a landslide.

  19. My my, Keene Parent. You have quite the short memory don’t you? You don’t suffer from the same intellectual handicaps that Jacks suffers from do you? Confirmed allegations of NSA corruption have been in the news quite frequently, especially in the last few years. News bites on the subject aren’t even that difficult to find. You don’t find it troublesome coming up with effective key words when searching for pertinent information, do you Keene Parent?

    Here’s a little more advice, Keene Parent. If you wish to look less like a moron in the future, it would probably be best to avoid quoting the DSM when attempting to support your opinions. It doesn’t make you appear intelligent, dear, It only emphasizes that you’re completely incapable of executing even the most basic of intellectual inquiries into a subject.

  20. That’s not a very courageous statement, Eddie. What you’re indicating is that you’re a physical coward, preferring to avoid risking your own neck in a confrontation by hoping that someone else will do your dirty work for you. Do you need to convince others to squish spiders in your house as well, Eddie? I wonder if you’re also afraid of the dark?

  21. @DracTheDouche: Let’s meet somewhere in Keene Drac, and let’s see who the real physical coward is.

  22. “just three days prior to the Carson event, James Cleaveland had won in court after being illegally arrested by state police at the scene of a suicide in 2014. ”

    WTF does that have to do with any of this, you moron?

    They set up a security zone and you’re not allowed to cross it. What part of that did you not understand? It’s too f-ing bad if you don’t like it.

  23. Are you challenging me to a duel, Eddie my lad? Do you really think that making anonymous threats in the comments section of a blog takes courage? I have some advice for you Eddie – if you really want to look more like a tough guy you might want to avoid the word “douche” as your go to insult. Making allusions to feminine hygiene products just makes you and your laughable threats appear even more delicate and fragile.

  24. So it looks like Drac is the coward, Eddie. Big surprise there.

  25. How do you figure that, Mike? Eddie’s the one posting threats that he’ll never follow through with. You and I both know Eddie doesn’t have the gumption to make anything happen here. That’s precisely why he’s only willing to make threats from behind the safety of a keyboard. You seem to be no different, Mike. The only boldness you’ve ever shown here is which variation of “douche” you’ll use when addressing someone in a sentence.

  26. There goes draccc again not keeping on topic. Not surprised, but I am seeing that he claims to be soooo intelligent. Doesn’t take much to dumb his ass down. So when are you going to come down in your old Buick to Keene and have this “duel “with Eddie? I’ll get the camera ready. Will call it Dracula vs Fast Eddie! Lol

  27. It’s funny how you always seem to be the only person who’s completely oblivious of the real intentions of others, Shylock. You’re not autistic, are you dear? I suppose I’ll have to explain this to you. Please try and pay attention. There isn’t going to be a duel, dear. That’s because Eddie only makes threats when he’s completely safe behind his keyboard. He doesn’t have any intention of following through with any of them, since that would require him to exert himself physically. Are you all caught up now, Shylock? Feel free to ask me more questions if you’re still confused!

  28. Draccc dear, your spinning off course and not keeping on topic here.
    And your presumably making fun of autistic people here. Shame on you!
    In the passed you’ve made fun of me for presumably being gay, which I assure you I’m not, but that doesn’t matter, does it? For being a supporter of the peaceful evolution of free Keene, you sure are not embodying that idea. Again your a fraud just like free Keene and reek of narcissism. Pathetic!

  29. No Shylock, I’m making fun of YOU. Have you already forgotten how this works? How can you still be struggling to keep up the rest of us, dear, especially after I took the time to explain the situation to you? You’re such a disappointment! It’s extraordinary that you are so incapable of understanding that I’m trying to help you here, dear. We both know what the topic here is – it’s you! Isn’t that obvious?

  30. No draccc, this blog is similar to your buddy cleaveland compromising a secure area that the police and secret service all obliged to keep safe, and again another entitled asshat Ian Bernard trying to cross over that secured area. You fucktards don’t get it,eh draccc? How’s that for staying on topic?
    Go ahead and spin, spin, spin it.

  31. The logical fallacies you chose to employ here this time, Shylock, included “equivocation”, “essentializing”, “confirmation bias”, and your usual go to when supporting unnecessary state violence – the “heroes all” fallacy. Ignoring the ad hominem remarks that always accompany your posts, that adds up to four fallacies in total, dear! That’s by no means a record for you, but keep this coming. I have no doubt that you’ll be able to beat your personal record before the month ends!

  32. What fallacies are you referring to, draccc? Your just spinning your way into oblivion, aren’t you draccc. You’ve got yourself backed into a moral corner here and you can’t scratch your way out. It’s quite pathetic really. This cult makes itself look more and more delusional each day, how long are you going to hang on? The fsp is furthering themselves away from these deviants, when are you going to fucking wake up, you washed up 90 year old Romanian? That is the biggest fallacy of them all. Next!

  33. What’s a matter draccc, given up on this page, you spineless shell of a man?

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