Full Video of Hearing on Female Topless Prohibition Bill

The horrible bill (HB 1525) that would enact a prohibition on female toplessness went down in flames 18-0 this week in the NH house criminal justice committee. It was a decisive move by the committee and came after a long public hearing where an overwhelming amount of people opposed the bill in verbal and written form.

Thanks to Biker Bill Alleman for capturing the nearly two-hour public hearing on video, and of course to those who took the time to come out and testify against the bill. Here’s the full video:

In the video, Chris Cantwell attacks the Free State Project in a speech where he supports the proposed ban! Thankfully, the committee was not persuaded to adopt Chris’ prohibitionist viewpoint, and unanimously marked the bill for defeat. I’m not sure when the full house will vote, but an 18-0 committee vote to ITL is the first step towards the death of this awful bill.

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