State Rep Kyle Tasker Arrested for Victimless Crimes, Facing 60 Years in Prison

State Representative Kyle Tasker Faces 60 Years for Victimless Crimes

State Representative Kyle Tasker Faces 60 Years for Victimless Crimes

Liberty-friendly state representative Kyle Tasker of Nottingham is currently sitting in Rockingham county jail on $150,000 bail. He’s facing (so far) four felony charges that could result in 60 years of prison. However, he never harmed another human being. You may not want him dating your daughter, but he’s not actually created any actual victims with his “crimes”.

He’s facing three class A felony drug distribution charges for cannabis, psilocybin (mushrooms), and suboxone which were uncovered during a search of Kyle’s home after he was arrested for a class A felony count of “Certain Uses of Computer Services Prohibited”. The computer charge alleges that Kyle had intended to meet for sex with a 14-year-old female, who turned out to be an undercover cop pretending to be the girl.

According to an unsigned five page affidavit allegedly from Nottingham police, Tasker did initially meet S.J., a real 14-year-old female at a breakfast with his parents. After friending her on facebook, the police allege that he offered to acquire for her alcohol and cannabis and further requested a threesome with him and a “lady friend”. The affidavit says SJ unfriended Kyle and deleted the messages. At some point, SJ’s mother, identified as “KJ” in the affidavit, became aware of the communications and she called the police.

While the daughter, SJ, had already solved the problem by unfriending Kyle, the mother, KJ, decided to punish Kyle and the rest of society, by siccing the police against him. Now instead of producing for society by drilling wells (his day job when not serving at the state house), Kyle may be sitting in prison for up to 60 years, which we’ll all be forced to pay for. How does this benefit anyone?

Dylan Gingues and Kyle Tasker

Dylan Gingues and state rep Kyle Tasker with a big jar of primo cannabis outside the State House.

After KJ’s call to the police, they took control of SJ’s facebook account. Detective Chris Gilroy began to masquerade as though he were SJ and conversations allegedly about drugs and sex began. The unsigned police affidavit does not include any full conversation logs, and only the police’s side of the story. They excerpt certain alleged statements made by Kyle, but do not reveal any context around what detective Gilroy might have said to elicit those statements from Kyle.

Despite the conversations between the cop and Kyle, the actual teenager was never in any danger. Her mother could have congratulated her daughter for removing Kyle as a friend and if the mom wanted to go further, spread the word about Kyle’s interactions with her daughter. However, now countless police hours, court hours, and jurors’ hours will be wasted, and potentially dozens of years could be spent in jail, all because of an insane war on drugs and a system that punishes thought crime.

You may not like Kyle Tasker, but he didn’t create any victims. The police are the only ones who have victimized anyone here. They’ve victimized Kyle and all New Hampshire taxpayers by forcing us to pay for his trial and incarceration, while actual violent criminals face a mere fraction of the time Kyle is facing in prison. Selling drugs should not be illegal and neither should talking on the internet. Fraud however should be punished, but the only people engaging in fraud in this case were Nottingham police.

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  1. Yea 14 is a little young….kinda sick but 60 years is disproportionately insane. I know someone who was charged with unintentional manslaughter (cold clocked someone while drunk and killed them by accident) and got charged with 8 years.

    This guy said the wrong words and is looking at almost 8x that. Nobody in their right mind could think this is justice. He isn’t a rapist. He didn’t track the girl down after she blocked him. He got denied and went on with his life. Obviously the girl was old enough to know what he was asking and acted as she should have.

    Maybe he should have got his ass beat by this girls dad. That might be justified….but this is a crazy punishment.

  2. Pretty dismissive of this guy’s predatory behavior. I especially like the part where you say that unfriending a predator on Facebook solved the problem. That’s kind of like if a crazed killer shot at me and I managed to duck the bullet, then said, “I solved the problem, no need to arrest the guy.” If this creep wasn’t on your side of the fence I doubt you’d defend him.

  3. Except that, in this case, you’ve equated the asking of a question with attempted murder.

    If it were my daughter, while I would be happy with the way she handled it, I’m afraid attempted murder might be my response, right or wrong. However, that’s not an excuse for your ridiculously off base analogy and attempt to muddy the waters in regards to the facts surrounding this case.

    It doesn’t seem as though the girl was ever in any real danger insofar as Tasker was involved. She said no and it appears that he got the hint. Nobody has alleged that he continued to harass her after she unfriended him. Not quite the same as somebody firing a gun at someone else. I think emotion has polluted your thinking here.

  4. So Lester, let’s scrap analogies then. If the charges are true then Tasker attempted to have sex with a child. Can we agree that a failed attempt to harm someone is still a crime and that retribution is in order to prevent another attempt? If so then what would be the best way to punish him (legally)?

    And by the way, how likely is it that this isn’t his first time? How much do you know about pedophile behavior? Do you think they just try it once and then walk away satisfied forever?

  5. Having sex with a 14 year old is not pedophilia. It happens all the time and has throughout history. 14 years old is sexually mature and if you did not know the age and just saw the person, you might never know. Additionally, people are known to lie about their age on facebook, and who is to say that this girl did not say she was 16 (age of consent) or higher? Are people supposed to ask for ID and birth certificates?

  6. @Katie: According to the attached police report, the teen was known to Tasker in real life before they began communicating on Facebook, and when the detective began pretending to be that teenager, “she” repeatedly told Tasker that “she” was 14.

    Whether that’s true is a separate question, of course, but if true, then Tasker believed he was communicating with a 14-year-old.

  7. Right? You don’t even need to show a birth certificate to be the US president. Lol

  8. ian stating “hes facing 60 years” is absurd ..

  9. Wouldn’t a better course of action be a civil lawsuit for any damages to the girl and her family? While the guy may be sleazy, I have not heard of any violent activity threats.

  10. “How does this benefit anyone?” Well for one a sexual predator is off the streets.

  11. the bail is excessive…his lawyer should have been able to do better ……

  12. “His lawyer should have been able to do better”? So Creepy Crawford supports this piece of scum? I’m not surprised.

  13. I want to send him some legal stuff that might help him. anybody has his prisoner number and address. save me from having to hunt online.

  14. To the people who are surprised that Ian is defending this guy, you do understand Ian himself Is a sick puppy who also prays upon children and he himself is a predator, does it makes sense now? A Victim less crime? Does this mean children and young teens are not human and afforded the same basic human rights as adults? So if you are under a certain age and are molested and raped, it is called a victim less crime? This Free State project sure attracts a lot of sick people and criminals, no wonder why the biggest priority is overturning so many laws, I guess if it become legal to rape children it will be ok in the FSP society, is this how that works?

  15. You mention a few times that there is an “unsigned five page affidavit” but that is incorrect. The page before the text of the Affidavit (titled “Gerstein Affidavit”) is signed by Ross Oberlin and sworn to before a Justice of the Peace and states “See attached affidavit”. Granted it is the police’s version of the events but it is signed and sworn to (although not at the end of the affidavit but on the cover sheet incorporating the affidavit).

  16. ill say this once, to bwizzle so he knows:i dont respond to liars with fakes names like bwizzle…go find a hobby besides lying with a fake name…”bwizzle”

  17. This guy is no longer a representative. He is looking at serious jail time. A crime did occur when he made the solicitation. That makes him a sexual predator. No means no at any age.

    Katie – You are wrong. A crime was committed. This isn’t caveman times. Predators such as Tasker need to be taken off the street and put in prison. He forfeited everything when he did the crime.

  18. @are you kidding me

    First, Tasker is a native, not FSP. Second, there isn’t a victim because nobody was raped or molested. I’m having trouble understanding how you would jump to that conclusion. It’s not be alleged by anyone that he ever even laid a hand on the girl in question. At worst, he arrived at a meeting with police under false pretenses. You’re creating a scary environment by equating an inappropriate conversation with physical violence. Nobody in this case was molested or raped as you assert. You sound like Nancy Grace, raving like a lunatic about crimes that aren’t even in play in this case. Seems like you too, are trying to muddy the waters by alleging things that there is no evidence of, by anybody’s account, even the victim’s.

  19. @Jumping Jacks, we agree that “no means no” . Of course people should never be forced into relations they do not consent to. Could you identify the person that was forced into something in this situation ?

  20. So David in Keene is your real name? Wow your middle name is is, and your last name is Keene? Really!? Now who’s the lier, hmm Crawford. I just state the facts here DAVID CRAWFORD! You just keep on being creepy, driving around in your Chester the Molester red POS Vermont plated Chevy ASTRO van!
    Let me guess, all that detail about YOU just came out of thin air? I say nay, nay, yah lazy eyed psycho.

  21. Katie … you’re a sick fuck – you know that, right? Seek professional help immediately.

  22. Bob Constantine – Just the solicitation alone is a crime. Look it up.

  23. Hey Lester the Molester:

    Your boy Tasker is going to gladiator school, guaranteed.

    I’ll bet he’ll find a real nice boyfriend in there.

  24. @Jumping Jacks,

    You should have stuck with “no means no” and applied it to all people and entities, and situations, including the State and you’d have been making sense.

    Allowing the same institution, the State, which uses coercion as part of its systemic process to determine your morality is where you veered off the road.

    Have you found any person that Kyle Tasker assaulted, stole from or defrauded yet ? If he did those things, he owes them something. If he didn’t do those things, I find it hard to determine who he should restitute.

  25. @JJ Fuckboy – the internet tough guy.

    He’s not my boy and he made his own bed. I just get tired of the trolls here just making up facts so the stories fit their narratives’. He’s not FSP. He did not rape or molest this girl. He didn’t shoot at anyone. When he was told no, he backed off. Those are the facts.

    You need to find a better hobby.

  26. bwizzle ^make things up too:constantly. when his mouth is moving basically 🙂

  27. No adult in Keene or anywhere else for that matter would buy into your BS. Why don’t you look up the crime. He solicited sex from a minor. It obviously upset the minor enough to have the police intervene. He is a predator. Obviously you and the freekeene bunch fall into that category.

  28. Hey Lester, looks like the truth about your friend Tasker here hurts, huh?

  29. @ Bsizzle, that book throwing thing…

    You do realize that the State claims the magical power to annoint people with the ability to “consent” and gives itself the ability to grant permission for 13 year old girls to marry? Could you explain how that works to me please?

    If a judge had granted the girl Tasker is alleged to have propositioned “permission” to be married, which book would you have thrown ? Who would you have thrown it at?

    If fraud is illegal and coincidentally also wrong, why did the Agents of the State engage in it, in this scenario ?

  30. Hey Bobby your just another entitled libertard asshat that will spin words just to suit YOU. Hey Bobby you sound like you like little girls? In the words of to Catch a Predator, “Why don’t you that a seat over there.”, or keep your libertard mouth shut, yah sicko. Thanks

  31. That isn’t the sort answer I think Bob had in mind when he asked you those questions, dear. Don’t you think you should apologize to Bob for being so obnoxious to him?

  32. Where are you Bobby? Are you and Tasker rounding up some young meat, yah sick fuck? Anyone who supports Tasker’s actions thinks just like him, draccc, so I am ABSOLUTELY NOT going to apologize! You entitled asshats should be thrown in the looney bin and castrated for siding with such abhorrent behavior.

  33. So you’ve decided to employ two forms of logical fallacies this time, eh Shylock? That was very ambitious of you, wasn’t it? First you made use of what is referred to as an “association fallacy”. Then you followed it with another fallacy known as an “equivocation”. Yes, Shylock, I know, I know… It’s just so much to take in, isn’t it? But you really are quite terrible at formal deduction, aren’t you dear? What’s hilarious is that you really don’t even seem to care. Most normal people would be completely embarrassed of the sort of reputation you’ve made for yourself here, yet you’re nothing if not pleased with yourself about it. I wonder why that is?

  34. I don’t care about my reputation here, draccc. The fact that you and Bobby support these deviant people, makes your true reputation absolutely worthless and shameful. For Christ sake we are talking about little children being taken advantage of, and all you guys do is come after people that think that is sick and twisted!
    What would your grandchildren think of you standing with Tasker and Ian on this topic, draccc? Fucking shame on you, you make me sick!

  35. Views like the one expressed in this article, deflecting blame away from the behavior of a sexual predator on minor children, are exactly why the Free State Project will never be very influential in New Hampshire politics.

  36. Thank you Stephendclark for your comment here. I really don’t have a problem with the free state project, but free keene is disturbing.

  37. More association fallacies, Shylock? My, my you have an unorthodox way of organizing the world around you, don’t you? I’ve never extended my support for anyone here, I’ve only been pointing out that your deductive reasoning choices are teeming with emotional arguments and logical fallacies. You’ll never advance the validity of your positions by emphasizing how angry it makes you in having to prove them logically, dear, only the evidence you provide itself can do this.

  38. And here you have it for all the world to see! The sickness and filth that is the Free State Project and what they have in store for New Hampshire if they were allowed to have their way.

    Want to fuck a child? No problem! Want to lure a child to fuck with drugs and alcohol? As long as she unfriends you on Facebook if she says no, no problem! No harm no foul, right?

    These parasites are a far more dangerous presence in New Hampshire than I ever imagined.

  39. That is what they are George parasites. I like to use the word VIRUS, because that’s what they are in Keene NH. They have spread their delusional thinking in this community and have gotten NO WHERE! They are beyond reproach, the free state community is trying to slowly cut ties with these deviants. There truly are too many wonderful adjectives to describe these asshats it would take all day.

  40. Don’t confuse the FSP with this sick fuck Bernard and his little cult of loser douchebags.

    Bernard likes to think he’s an important figure in the FSP movement, but the reality is that the large majority of them wish he would just disappear.

  41. Some NAMBLA pamphlets, Steve?

  42. George: Don’t confuse the FSP with the sick fucks of Free Keene; completely different groups of people.

    Ian Bernard thinks he’s a “player” in the FSP movement, which is very far removed from the truth. Most of the FSP people hate his guts and wish he would disappear.

  43. So, again, what about this guy?

    Jacks thinks Tasker should get 25 years for being truthful about his age and supposedly talking a teenager into meeting him. Others have said similar things. That guy lied and pretended he was her own age and, instead of just talking about a mutual interaction, he actually assaulted her when they met and she realized he was an adult and told him, “no.” He also had photos on his phone showing children being sexually abused. So, he actually victimized a real person, and he at least benefited from the victimization of the children used to make those photos (or, possibly, actually victimized them himself and photographed it).

    For those acts, the government of Keene gave him a one-year sentence in prison, plus a half dozen years of probation. I’m of the opinion that Tasker is (most likely) actually a predator, but the disparity between how you want to treat him, and how your beloved government treats those who actually, physically assault teenage girls is rather disturbing. Where’s your outrage at Chambers’ horrible crimes? Your rush to attack Tasker and your total lack of interest in someone guilty of far worse violations makes it seem that you don’t actually care about violence against children, at all, and solely care about Tasker’s politics. That’s pretty sick, I think…

  44. Everyone should keep their kids far away from the keeniacs and people like flinty here who support such abhorrent behavior. “Your rush to attack Tasker ”
    Tasker IS a monster, I’ll rush to judgment here, and BTW flinty, the “men with guns” wouldn’t just arrest Tasker a state representative, unless the evidence was overwhelming. You make me sick.

  45. @Bsizzle: Oddly enough, I can’t seem to find anyone supporting Tasker’s behavior.

    You are rushing to attack Tasker, and I’ve never once said that you shouldn’t, but what about monsters like Chambers? Why didn’t you attack him just as strongly? Why the disparity?

    You must support Chambers’ actions, right? Sounds like that’s it! Probably, you only attack Tasker because he failed, and you dislike failures; you want only successful child-rapists, you sick freak…

  46. Your a sick fucking freak, you sick fucking freak. You support the ideas of this sham of a cult free keene, you side with some sick fuckers, so in turn you are a SICK FUCKER! Stay away from the keene area, one less sick fuck to protect my kids from your delusional ideology! You make me sick!

  47. You flinty are a living piece of shit. You should be institutionalized for such thinking. You are a spineless piece of drivel. Throw up of the mouth!
    Shame on your delusional thinking!

  48. @Bsizzle: You’re the one who’s supporting Chambers. That means you’re not in a position to comment on anyone else. Anyone (such as yourself) who would support him is obviously the lowest of the low.

  49. Now you’re putting words into my mouth, fuckface flinty. When did I ever say I support Chambers who the hell is that. You’re saying that I’m lying I said nothing about Chambers. You’ve got nothing to go on you spineless individual.
    The fact that you want to give Tasker a chance to prove himself is sickening.
    BTW have you seen the report about the fact that he’s going to resign guilty guilty guilty! I say double castration, one for Tasker, and one for you flinty!
    Its people like you that make me sick to my stomach, standing up a such deviant behavior. So again I never said anything about this Chambers character stop putting words into my mouth! At this point you should shut the fuck up, you sick fucker!

  50. @Bsizzle: I provided the link to the report of Chambers’ behavior, so you obviously know who he is. And you obviously support that sicko, by your very own standards of what qualifies as “support.”

    Given that you support that child-raping scumbag, you are in no position to accuse anyone else of anything at all.

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