Discussing the Taboo of Teens and Consenting to Sex

Age of Consent World Map

Age of Consent World Map, Courtesy Wikimedia

Once again, the liberty community is divided, this time over the issues about age of consent that have been raised by the recent arrest of state representative Kyle Tasker for allegedly soliciting a 14-year-old teen for sex.

Purported libertarians are on the warpath against those of us who believe teens are humans who can make decisions. The opinions that people in the community seem to hold are one or more of the following:

  1. People under some arbitrary, government-selected age are just children, and cannot consent. Anyone who is attracted to teenagers is a pedophile and deserves to die, go to prison, or be severely beaten.
  2. Kyle, like any accused, deserves the presumption of innocence. Reactionary libertarians should know better than to believe the police.
  3. If the allegations against Kyle are true, what he did was inappropriate, but he did not create a victim and does not belong in jail.

The first group is driven by emotion and fear and have dropped all pretense of being principled libertarians in favor of piling-on against Kyle and anyone else who doesn’t jump on their violent bandwagon. Their belief that teens are children is insulting to young people everywhere who are mature enough to make decisions for themselves. Further, they equate attraction to teens with pedophilia, which is just plain wrong. It’s an emotional, ignorant viewpoint. Here’s more on the difference between ephebophilia, hebephilia, and pedophilia.

We discussed the issues of age of consent and relationships with people under the legal age of consent on Friday night’s episode of Free Talk Live. It got real when Rich Paul revealed his first relationship was at age 13 with a 23-year-old woman. Not only did he consent but he pursued having the relationship in the first place, something that the ageists do not believe is possible. They would tell Rich that he was a victim and that his partner belonged in prison or worse. Calling teens children is a true insult that disempowers young people who just want to be respected as equals.

Here’s the full archive from Friday night’s show if you want to hear a rational, calm discussion on these matters. This link will jump you to the beginning of the second hour of the show where we began the discussion in earnest, though the first hour covers some ideas of independence for young people:

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  1. Ian you are a disturbed person. Third world countries do not apply to America. We have a longer life span, and a lot of those third world countries sell their daughters for the money because they are so poor. The sex slave trade also preys on young girls. You are just as low as those people are. You are a predator just like Tasker is. You had a 14 y/o girlfriend and you are very lucky you weren’t nailed for statutory rape. You would be sitting right along with Tasker for the next 25 years. I can see why you predators of Keene were so in favor of topless beaches. Now you and the rest of the predators can go and pick out your victims.

  2. people are mad because Ian’s voice is a loud voice being a media guy/pro…. so they are mad because you make people think liberty people are perverts and druggies … i wouldnt say “divided” i bet the super majority would prefer Ian didnt run with underage sex as a pet issue

  3. but Ian runs with such issues to be “edgy” and “controversial” and get attention and views …

  4. I like how Ian says that teenagers are humans. You sick fuck. I like how you spin and twist your words you squirmy little waste of skin. Your so vague here on your comment, but I see right through the bullshit! Babies are humans also, so would they be of right mind to consent to whatever sick shit you had in mind? See where I’m going? People will come to that conclusion by your statement. Ian Bernard probably needs some publicity stunt to help him here, I know why don’t you get Jarrod from subway to help you out. You two should be in the same cage together with a bunch of inmates that are just dying to get to you because sick fucks like you did terrible things to them when they hadn’t any power of consent! You make me sick, and you will pay for what you’ve done in your past!

  5. the majority of the world is the same as nh

  6. Shut up David Crawford!

  7. Those that scream the loudest usually have the most to hide .most people have done questionable things sexually that could land them on a list they were just never caught.

  8. “ageists”.Hilarious, Ian makes up another term that no one gives a shit about. Like calling us statists, it’s only meaningful to you sick, filthy free-staters.

    These people are far more dangerous and diseased than ever imagined. Lock up your children because the free state project is in town and they believe fucking a child is A-OK!

  9. Your full of it, no one said it was OK .just that consent laws ruin a lot of good people’s lives forever .the age at which young folks are sexually active and mature is far less than the age that big brother has established .stop bashing and hating long enough to think about how you would feel if it was your son or someone you care about , in the situation of having a sexual encounter with someone who was underage. the punishment does not fit the crime no matter how you try to make it and the issue is ment to divide us when we all need to unite.and peacefully change injustices.

  10. Daniel … STFU you retard.

  11. Why is Ian Bernard in jail or prison? He most certainly should be.

  12. Can a representative from the Free State Project please issue a press release or even post a comment here that once-and-for-all repudiates Ian Bernard and his followers?

    This would go a long way toward dispelling many of the assumptions NH residents have made about the FSP.

  13. Nah I’m just for freedom and rights and don’t suffer the same fears as your idiots. that does not make me stupid .stranger danger is a myth .the powers at be invented or perpetuated in order to make taking the rights of all more bearable.I’m not as comfortable as you about giving you the rights and freedoms that so many have fought and died for .I want the old america back the way it used to be .this junk is getting out of hand

  14. Just turn off your TV and teach your kids instead of leaving it up to some state education system .then you know they won’t take candy from strangers of get some freakish alien set of morals

  15. You want government micromanagement of every little aspect of your life ?

  16. Keep swallowing the load of crap the main stream media is feeding you hook line and sinker .nothing more than government propaganda .should look at real statistics instead .the fear is all in your head .and locking up your children away from the world will put them more in danger of abuse than if you teach them social interaction . a whole generation of kids afraid to go outside .over a few news story’s that started a social panic.like its something new .this same stuff been going on forever

  17. I have 3 daughters and they have no fear. they are wolves not sheep .my 10 year old just hit the bullseye 38 out of 40 in her archery class. none of them are socially retarded and scared of the boogie man like you people .its sick sad and pathetic that your instilling false fear in your kids same as sharks, lightning,or being struck by a meteor.

  18. Rant

  19. So, again, what about this guy? http://www.unionleader.com/article/20160301/NEWS03/160309993/1006

    Jacks thinks Tasker should get 25 years for being truthful about his age and supposedly talking a teenager into meeting him. Others have said similar things. That guy lied and pretended he was her own age and, instead of just talking about a mutual interaction, he actually assaulted her when they met and she realized he was an adult and told him, “no.” He also had photos on his phone showing children being sexually abused. So, he actually victimized a real person, and he at least benefited from the victimization of the children used to make those photos (or, possibly, actually victimized them himself and photographed it).

    For those acts, the government of Keene gave him a one-year sentence in prison, plus a half dozen years of probation. I’m of the opinion that Tasker is (most likely) actually a predator, but the disparity between how you want to treat him, and how your beloved government treats those who actually, physically assault teenage girls is rather disturbing. Where’s your outrage at Chambers’ horrible crimes? Your rush to attack Tasker and your total lack of interest in someone guilty of far worse violations makes it seem that you don’t actually care about violence against children, at all, and solely care about Tasker’s politics. That’s pretty sick, I think…

  20. Well I agree that the punishment was light. he should have got at least 15 years with no early out for that ,and also effective treatment .but 15 years in prison for that crime would be punishment enough .theya re quite hard on people with sex charges in prison.if after he goes through that and still wants to objectify a child sexually .then there is no hope .but those who do their hard time should be given a chance to make a go of it again.
    the statistics for them reoffending are very low.I think because they were lucky to get out of prison at all

  21. I wasn’t attacking just expressing a point of view I felt I was insulted and attacked .called stupid and the like.

  22. Mostly love what fsp stands for and while this issue causes some division. I hope that fsp people can agree to disagree and still work together for good.it is big gov that should scar
    e the living hell out of everyone. all this other stuff is small potatoes.

  23. Its all political and sickening its bad when those that sentence people to prison are using penis pumps under there robes and stalking children in there free time cops. are no better they are human and fall prey to the same temptations.cops are actually more likely to sexually victimize ,than a convicted sex offender.

  24. Look it up

  25. @Daniel: Chambers actually assaulted someone, and lied to even get her to show up. So yes, that’s a rather low sentence. But you’ll notice that those who are obsessing about Tasker haven’t said a word about it, have they? It’s almost like they don’t actually care about teenagers who have actually been sexually assaulted, and only really care about attacking Tasker because they dislike his politics…

  26. @flint .OK I get that .its a tricky subject .but like I said its a battle for another day .the conversation is counter productive to the cause of freedom .this post was ment to stir the pot me thinks.thank you for thoughtful engagement .

  27. “none of them are socially retarded …”

    Unlike their father, who most certainly is.

  28. @eddie I guess we both are if we are wasting our time lookin at this blog.

  29. Well I’m going to start this back up again, because I think it is needed. I’m going to change it up though.
    Look it’s the draccc and flinty show, support deviant child molesters in your community! Spread the word to get these people off the streets!

  30. @Eddie,

    Could a representative of coercion based government please post the age which they have determined that “all people” gain the ability to form consent at?

    Given the fact that the ages for consent vary somewhat from state to state and country to country it’s a little confusing. Further, in NH the ages vary WITHIN the state… since out of one side of the State of NH’s gaping piehole they say it is 16, then from the other side they say it is 14 for males and 13 for females if the state “gives permission” for them to marry.

    Thanks in advance for your attention to this confusing and arbitrary issue.

  31. Really Daniel? “Most people”? And you have some evidence that is the foundation for this claim, right? Other than it fits your twisted pedophilia-supporting narrative? I think you hit 3 logical fallacies in your two sentence post.

    Sounds like you’re projecting, based on your comments I’m going to guess you’re a kid-diddler too. But, by all means, keep making an argument for why adults should be able to bang kids. Really puts the Free State Project in a great light!

  32. As far as Tasker is concerned, I’m a bit more irritated by his other charges (heroin possession, etc.) than I am about his alleged attempt to hook up with a simulated 14-year old. Seeing as a parent that I’m responsible for my children until they are age 18, I ought to have a say in what they are and are not allowed to do. For instance, I let my kids have a beer once in a while as teenagers, at home, under my and my wife’s watch. Let them learn under controlled conditions, and not throw them in water over their heads and no idea how to swim.

    Sex has greater consequences than drinking. Having been a teenage boy, I can attest that I would have consented for sex with nearly any willing female, teenaged and up. I suspect that holds true for most teenage boys. Would not physically harm us/them, and not sure that it would cause any mental harm for that matter – a lot depends on the partner. If it’s another teenager, then we’re both pretty oblivious about what we’re doing. If it’s with an older, caring woman, then it could be a loving and instructional encounter. I’d only be concerned if it was a coercive encounter with threats of blackmail or injury, in which case the term rape would apply. Is the situation any different for teenage girls? I hear it constantly stated that girls mature mentally far more quickly than boys; if true, then they should be capable of making their own decisions better as teens than the boys.

    This IS New England and we do have a huge Puritan history influencing our choices of how we socialize sexuality (and gender choices for that matter.) The Bible pretty much states that sex if for married people, but only 25% of the world are Christians. Considering the rate of divorce, adultery, and the hookup culture in the U.S. and Western society, our own behavior argues that we’ve already chosen to eventually accept teens having their own choice in this matter. Solicitation and seduction probably should not be criminalized; but their right to change their minds and say “No” should be even more respected.

  33. One of you fukkers come after my 14 year old, you’re going to die.

  34. Bob … you’re a retard – you know that, right?

    Feel free to move somewhere that is more conducive to your beliefs about government, because NH obviously isn’t.

  35. @Eddie, your refutation was brilliant. Almost as good as “nuh uh” .

  36. Bye bye Free Keene the FSP doesn’t want you around anymore!

  37. George !Where did I say it was OK for adults to bang kids you @$$hole.

  38. Fsp has been infected by disinformation .Infiltrator’s are among you.

  39. In fact the author of this post is a known snitch.and the subject is ment to cause division.

  40. Bunch of goons!

  41. I also took an oath to defend your freedoms .and was willing to pay for them with my life .there are still good people in this world .I am for freedom with morality .not this sick and twisted shit .everyone makes mistakes .and then we grow up and don’t repeat them .if they are truly sick just throw away the fu king key

  42. Glad you brought this up, Ian.

    But it will take much more than this to bring the public to understand that this is an aspect of the violence of their pride.

    Forget this issue and move on. Support it only implicitly. Most people don’t want to hear it.

    I wish I could say this was just brave, but it was also reckless and untactful. The way to do it tactfully probably would have been not to do it at all.


    Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans, Zoo, Pedo lmao

  43. I like how all the people jumping all over Ian and people like him are just a bunch brainless retards who dont properly understand human sexually or how humans naturally sexually develop. They just believe if you are under eighteen then you cant be sexually mature or unable to properly consent which is just insane. Hell they dont ever know what the proper definition of a child even is.

  44. Wow, I don’t get the vitriol around this issue. The age of consent is a difficult issue that doesn’t currently have a clear answer. It’s also not clear what the punishment for such behavior should be.
    Is it really a big deal if a “consenting” 16 year old has sex with a consenting 21 year old? What if it were 17 instead, or 15? Should the older person go to jail? Pay a fine?
    I certainly grant that young people usually aren’t very well informed or capable of making rational decisions while in the throes of puberty, but not all young people are the same either. There are probably people that are 16 that are more mature than a typical 18 year old, or inversely a 18 year old could be less mature than a typical 16 year old.

    I’m just saying this whole thing is not an easy issue. I disagree with Ian. Teenagers are not the same as adults. Usually they are simply not capable of making rational decisions like adults are. At the same time, I don’t think there’s any reason to castigate Ian for talking about this issue.

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