Keenevention 2016 Canceled Due to Federal Threat

Ladies Panel @ Keenevention 2015

Sadly, Keenevention 2016 is not going to happen.

It’s with a heavy heart that I write this. As you may already be aware, Sunday morning the FBI, along with state police and Keene police raided my home, the LRN.FM studio here in downtown Keene. While I don’t believe that anyone in my home did what they are saying was done, I would not put it past the FBI to manufacture the evidence that they or I did. Look no further than the rampant corruption in the Ross Ulbricht Silk Road case or the FBI’s previous attack on Free Keene blogger Rich Paul for proof of their desperation to destroy peaceful activists.

Anyone who has ever been under active threat by the tyrannical system knows the burden it creates. Even though no charges have been leveled at anyone thus far, the FBI stole thousands of dollars in computers that were critical to the ongoing 24/7 radio network I program, LRN.FM. Now the waiting begins as they use forensic tools to comb through dozens of electronic devices including computers, SD cards, flash drives, and phones. Will they come back with false child porn charges or something else entirely? It took them most of a year to finally come back and arrest the owners of Phat Stuff head shop on Main Street after stealing their store’s inventory, their truck, and cleaning out their bank account.

All that time you wonder what is going to happen next? What else are these aggressive men and women calling themselves “the state” going to do to you and your family? Meanwhile, everything you might have wanted to do or create turns into a question mark. Why start a new project or business when the government gang might just swoop in after you’ve just gotten started and throw you into a cage?

That’s where I am with Keenevention 2016. I really have enjoyed creating these intimate conventions three years in a row, but they cost thousands to put on and that money could be used instead to rebuild my more important mission of broadcasting the ideas of liberty and peace seven-days-a-week.

In short, due to the hanging threat by the criminal gang known as “the state”, I feel it’s irresponsible to push forward with this year’s event. If you have purchased a ticket, I’ll be contacting you for a refund. Perhaps Keenevention will return in the future, but for now this website and its dozens of videos will stand as a living record of the amazing speakers and panel discussions we’ve had over the years.

If you were an attendee, I’m grateful. Thank you for being a part of the fun.

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  1. Major bummer, buddy. Keenevention will rise again.

  2. So Ian is looking for sympathy? This is another damage control article. You did something to get yourself in this situation. The reason why you are cancelling your propaganda get together is you may not be there but in jail or prison.

  3. I can’t imagine why the FBI or anyone else would manufacture evidence to persecute you. This is delusional and narcissistic thinking.

    It may be that the town full of good people that despise you has demanded action. Kudos to the FBI for making strides toward removing degenerates and child predators from our community.

  4. Read your article…watched your video…the positions and examples are so contradictory that it would be impossible to even attempt a dialogue, bye.

  5. “What else are these aggressive men and women calling themselves “the state” going to do to you and your family?”

    LoL … they’re not doing it to me or my family … they’re doing it to you, asshole – and well-deserved I might add.

    They’re going to have a nice spot picked out for you in prison, Bernard.

  6. “Sunday morning the FBI, along with state police and Keene police raided my home, the LRN.FM studio here in downtown Keene.

    “Your home” … interesting. It’s odd how you an Darryl “Gomer Pyle” Perry gave the same but completely different address from “your home” when recently participating in the Keene school committee meeting. So which address is your “home”?

    You have spun so many lies that you cannot keep track of them anymore.

  7. Yes Eddie, Ian Bernard has used a church in Surry village as his residents in the past. They are good people and have been informed of him doing such a thing.
    Also the best Western and the elks club was informed by multiple locals, of the deviant behaviors of free keene, and how last years keenevention was described by one of them as “sex, drugs, and anarchy “. Is there a possibility that Ian has been getting push back by the owners of these establishments, and they are wavering in their commitment to them, especially in view of the FSP cutting ties with them and the FBI raid? Of course these things that I’ve said has been nothing but lies to people who post here on a regular basis like flinty the sicko scumbag, and draccc the 90 year old entitled Romanian.
    How you like me now yah fuckers, I told you so!!!

  8. No, Shylock dear. Now don’t by naughty. You’re being willfully dishonest once again. The only thing you’ve ever done was repeat what was already common knowledge while at the same time portraying yourself as being an important part of it. You played absolutely no significant role in these events, lamb. Your role in this has and always been that of a bystander. You really shouldn’t be trying to forward the contention that you’re anything other than that.

  9. Draccc, shut the fuck up. You have no idea what I’ve done in making sure these asshats get the proper exposure to their deviousness. The only time you chime in is when your name is brought up. Get over yourself, and wake up!
    Either that or get in your Buick and drive your libertard ass over here and support your devious friend from the “men with guns”! Is
    everyone getting what draccc is trying to put down here? It’s fucking pathetic.

  10. Like I said I fucking told yah so! Remember draccc, and flinty? Remember?

  11. Of course I know what you’ve done, Shylock dear. You’ve done absolutely nothing. Nothing of course except bleating about how important you were in precipitating these latest events. But we both know that outside of your games of “let’s pretend” your only role in this was to watch from afar where it’s safe, right dear? You just love to watch, don’t you?

  12. Damn, I was hoping to attend Keenevention this year. I have never been able to attend any Free State Project events so this is disappointing news to me. I will probably be to busy to attend Porcfest. Oh well, maybe next year.

  13. I think the next time the Keene School Committee has it’s deliberative session, I’m going to make it a point to stand up and challenge Ian Bernard’s & Darryl Perry’s right to speak since they gave a false address of their place of residence this time around.

    They both gave the same address (“63 Emerald Street”) which is a business address. I believe that according to NH law (RSA 659:34), they committed voter fraud. This needs to be addressed. It is all on video, so the evidence is there for all to see.

  14. LoL … Keenvention is not and never was a FSP event.

  15. DracDouche is getting desperate now, B. Notice the stepped-up name-calling.

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