UBER Grandma Ticketed Thrice More as Portsmouth Crackdown Begins

UBER Grandma Driver Stephanie Franz

UBER Grandma Stephanie Franz, courtesy CBS Boston

Two weeks ago, Porstmouth, NH police chief David Mara announced a coming attack against peaceful UBER drivers who are ignoring the oppressive city ordinance that basically outlaws ride-sharing. The city and its cops are running a protection racket for the existing cab companies and this weekend appears to be the first round of aggression as UBER Grandma Stephanie Franz has announced that she received two tickets for driving people home safely on Friday night.

Stephanie, who has become the face of the Free UBER movement, has now racked up six tickets for at least $5,000 seven tickets totaling $7,500 that she is taking to court soon with the help of an UBER-supplied attorney. All of this for helping people avoid getting DUIs.

She’s now not the only one. At least one other Portsmouth UBER driver reports receiving a ticket already this weekend and Saturday night is just getting started as I’m writing this.

Though Stephanie did not join UBER to become a civil disobedience superstar, she appears to have embraced her role and has even taken to task the four cowardly UBER drivers in Portsmouth who have obediently jumped through the city’s hoops and registered like good little slaves.  She wrote today in a post to the Free UBER page on facebook:

Why is it that 4 uber drivers have registered with the town of Portsmouth? Don’t you know what this is doing? Every time I’ve been pulled over, part of the statement from the officers has been why don’t you just go on and register…. 4 others already have. I have stuck my neck out for all Uber drivers in the Portsmouth area. I feel that you four have stabbed me in the back. You’re free to do what you want to do but I take offense to you
registering. I can call you something but I’m not. Just remember the next time you see me pulled over with the blue lights flashing I am taking one for all of us even you.
Just to let you other Uber drivers know, they are going to be pulling over Uber drivers tonight. I will be there anyway.

Stay tuned here to Free Keene for the latest on the Free UBER saga.

UPDATED: 9:30pm Eastern – Stephanie reports via facebook that she has received her third ticket this weekend, her seventh total, bringing the total fines to $7,500.

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  1. Hey Ian why don’t you use your Uber services anymore? Oh that’s right, your about to take a trip to jail all because you and your roommates couldn’t keep your cum stained hands off your keyboards.
    I hope they castrate the whole lot of you childlike adults!

  2. Bsizzle are you familiar with bible verse Ephesians 4:31

  3. There is isn’t any bitterness here G. Just a concerned citizen that has a virus in his community that alot of people want gone.

  4. Bsizzle have you read Colossians 3:8

  5. Oh please!!! She’s breaking the law!!! Frankly, the whole Uber scam should be shut down. Anybody that can’t see what’s happening with this scam has serious issues. How many tickets does she have to get before they take her license so she can’t continue to seek attention.
    And people always had and still have a choice whether or not to drive drunk. For those that do, take some responsibility. Stop blaming others for God’s sake. I’ve managed to make it 50 plus years without drinking and driving and without Uber.
    To Granny: maybe people take offense to you breaking the law!!!

  6. If she was so concerned saving lives why does she use Uber to charge them? They should be free if she cares so much. She can join a taxi company’s and do it the legal way but she is breaking the law. She is a criminal as much as the drunks on the road.

  7. Again G, I’m a concerned citizen warning of the devious ways of this cult.
    Have you ever read Jeremiah 10:23? That sums up this wayward band of misfits.

  8. She is burying herself. The so called “lawyer” supplied by Uber doesn’t seem to be able to do his/her job very well. I thought Ian began ripping on Uber and was pushing to be autonomous.

  9. “All of this for helping people avoid getting DUIs.

    You and the other shit-for-brains FreeKeeners protest DUI checkpoints that prevent people under the influence from hurting others, but then use that very same rationale for these Uber a-holes that are breaking the law.

    What a lying, hypocritical douche you are, Bernard. I cannot wait until the government hammers you down.

  10. G White … have you read Kiss My Ass? I find it odd that ChristoFascist nonsense would find it’s way onto a forum like this.

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