Alleged Cop Shooter Believes He Has A GPS Computer Chip In Brain

Hours after the police shooting in Manchester, NH today the Department of Justice released the name of the suspect as Ian MacPherson.

The suspect appears to be the same person as this Facebook profile based upon the following facts:
1) Same Name
2) Same Location
3) A comparison of the following photos (first from police, second from his facebook profile:

Upon researching the suspect, it appears that he was convinced that he had a computer chip (Brain Computer Interface or BCI) implanted in his brain. Here is a video where he appears to be detecting the “illegally implanted […] silk BCI and a long-range wireless radio-frequency transmitter-receiver” with a “RF detector meter.” He also appears to have posted a link where to buy the detector.

It is very difficult to figure out exactly what MacPherson believed. On his page he posted multiple documents that appear to state his concerns. One document, “Genocide – Enemy Combatants in USA Witness Testimonial” is a 682 page document in which MacPherson appears to be providing a “witness statement” and reaching out to government workers to try to warn them about genocide, brain computer interfaces, surgical implants being implanted in civilians, the “Axis Terrorist Faction,” “Terrorist plans to assassinate police and military,” “Italian-axis complicity in the 9-11 Terrorist attacks,” and other concerns. In this document, he claims to have had a chip implanted in his skull, “later during 2007 : a ‘liquid Potassium supplement’ was given to me at a Hospital which later turned out to be a sedative ; this was an orange milky substance that tasted like orange-creamsicle but was a sedative. After this dixie-cup of liquid sedative was fed to me : I was Human-Vivisected by a NeuroSurgery team whom implanted a prosthetic NeuroCircuit Patch in my skull which grafted on to the surface of my brain and a Surgical-Implant Router & Battery which sum-total is a Brain-Computer-Interface.”

In one comment regarding the youtube video, MacPherson stated, “unfortunately people are going to blame the government and Obama [Editors Note: for implanting the brain chip], but this has nothing to with him. It was 5 1/2 years ago and it was done in a hospital.”

However, in the “Genocide” document MacPherson claims he believes Obama is an imposter, “During 2005, Ed Warren was overheard discussing the fact that Barack Hussein Obama was on a Genocide List and that the man was going to be replaced with an imposteur. [sic]” He further states “Currently , an imposteur is claiming to be Barack Hussein Obama and has been elected to position of office as President of the USA.”

In one post to his facebook page, MacPheron appears to advocate government running banks.IanFB3

In another post, he claims to not be a rat and to be a “law abiding citizen.”


Ultimately regardless of his beliefs and apparent mental illness, aggressive violence against anyone else, including police officers, is unacceptable. My heart goes out to both the police and their family members who this person allegedly impacted. I also wish that this individual gets the help he apparently needs.

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