Bitcoin Now Buys Auto Repair and Pizza in Keene + BBQ in Alstead!

Wilder Auto & Little Zoes Now Accepting Bitcoin

Keene’s Newest Bitcoin-Accepting Businesses!

Major news from the bitcoin-in-real-life hotspot of the world, Keene, New Hampshire! Now, you can get your car repaired with bitcoin at the award-winning, ASE-certified Wilder Automotive at 384 Washington Stree in Keene. Winner of the Keene Sentinel “Reader’s Choice Award” for Best Local Mechanic of 2015, owner Steven Wilder learned he had multiple customers who were asking about bitcoin. As he looked into it further, he discovered that accepting bitcoin may also get him new business through the door, as the owner of Keene-based Linux computer internet retailer Think Penguin, has said he needs some car repair done and would prefer to give his business to a bitcoin-accepting mechanic.

As stated in the radio ads that Shire BTC has been running on the Peak 101.9, Bitcoin is an international currency, but feels hyper-local. We’ve seen multiple examples of local bitcoin-accepting businesses patronizing each other. Not only do business owners get to keep more from each sale than they do from credit card transactions, but that also means more money staying here in the Keene-area economy, rather than going to megacorporate credit card companies!

Little Zoe's

Pizza doesn’t get fresher than Little Zoe’s, now available for bitcoin!

Wilder Automotive accepting bitcoin is a major level up for Keene, which until now had several smaller-ticket brick-and-mortar businesses onboard the Keene Bitcoin Network, like Main Street hair salon Moda Suo, gift shop Route 101 Local Goods, and Vietnamese food truck Bon Vivant. The announcment may attract excited bitcoiners from around the region to get their cars and trucks repaired with BTC.

Another established, award-winning Keene business that is now accepting bitcoin at their point-of-sale is Little Zoe’s Take and Bake Pizza, located in the Center at Keene on Gilbo Ave. Originally established several years ago, the unique pizzeria makes each pizza fresh and then you take the pizza home and cook it in your oven! Their delicious pizza is available with a staggering amount of topping configurations and won NH Magazine’s “Best of NH” award for 2013.

Both Little Zoe’s and Wilder Automotive are set up with Bitpay‘s excellent point-of-sale app, with which bitcoiners who’ve dined at Local Burger are familiar. The slick app easily allows employees to input the amount of the sale in US dollars and once the customer hits send from their bitcoin wallet, the Bitpay app detects the transaction on the bitcoin network nearly instantly, emits a “ding!” sound, and the screen turns green with a “Success!” displayed.

Kirby's Q's owner Ken Urbanski...always smoking somthing!

Kirby’s Q’s owner Ken Urbanski…always smoking somthing!

According to, which shows the physical locations of bitcoin-accepting businesses globally, Keene continues to defeat the supposed number one bitcoin-accepting-businesses-per-capita city, San Francisco, and the addition of these two solidifies our lead. (SF has one bitcoin-accepting business per 8,210 population and Keene has one per every 1,672.)

Also worthy of mention, though it doesn’t exactly count as a Keene business, nearby brand-new Bar-B-Que joint “Kirby’s Q” in Alstead opened its doors in November and has been accepting bitcoin from its founding. I’ve had their food, and it’s delicious. Kirby’s is located at 163 River Street in Alstead and is open Thursday through Sunday.

Kudos to some of the best bitcoin activists in the world for helping these businesses get onboard with bitcoin. More bitcoin use means more economic freedom and strength for the Keene area! If you’re wondering how to get started using or accepting bitcoin, check out

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  1. Yay for more businesses accepting Bitcoin!
    Bitcoin is unstoppable!

  2. So this is major news because………?   Even if you paid these businesses with eggs and chickens they have to pay the tax they earn.

  3. Jumping Jacks You are an idiotic. You have a serious reading comprehension problem. The value in accepting BitCoins is in lower transactional costs relative to credit cards or even use of the banks (since many banks now charge to make a deposit a percentage of the cash deposit over a certain amount). With the wider acceptance of BitCoin it makes it even easier to spend BitCoin rather than having to convert to fiat currency. When that happens you save another 1%. So 3% a year on a small $500,000 / yr business would be $15,000 USD. That’s a significant number a business owner who might be making $65,000 / year could take home in profit. In other words they’d be increasing there take home pay from the business from $65,000 to $80,0000 / yr.

  4. Oh boy your fake imaginary currency is taken by more podunk holes in the walls. A real step for liberty.

  5. You’ve got it wrong David, bitcoin is unstable, not unstoppable.

  6. What about #Bipcoin?

  7. Milwaukee You mean the Federal Reserve is unstable?

  8. Jumping Jacks Since you brought it up Jacks, can you show me where in the tax code you’re required to pay a tax when trading chickens, eggs or Bitcoin for a service? I’ll be here patiently waiting for an answer.

  9. LibertarianLibertyEagle That so-called fake imaginary currency can be traded for real goods and services.

  10. Nope I never said that. Gold and silver is the way to go.

  11. DavidJurist Jumping Jacks Income taxes. Obviously you can’t read.

  12. Jumping Jacks DavidJurist And you obviously can’t avoid posting these endless Jacksisms of yours. Do you know the difference between earn and owe, Jacks?

  13. Jumping Jacks jumping jacks is lucky to get attention in here..with all the stupid stuff he says…plus hed never,in his circles,encounter  someone like  drak…. um…. i guess thats why he comes here because otherwise  hes just a loser pipe sucker

  14. Milwaukee BitCoin’s is sufficiently stable and has increased in value over the long run. Undoubtedly you may lose money, but you’ll also gain it back if you treat it like a currency. I don’t invest in BitCoin. That’s stupid. It works just fine for trade. I take it, I spend it, I save about 3% over other payment methods.

  15. DavidCrawford4 Jumping Jacks It would appear another freekeene troll surfaces. You and Peaches must get paid to troll the forum. I guess every forum needs a couple of trolls. Congratulations.  Remember, you will have to pay taxes on any earnings you make at this job.

  16. They both don’t have jobs for a reason, Jacks. Their both crazier than a coconut. David posts only what delusional crazy people would post, and Drac Vermell posts with some intellect, but loses his credibility by posting along with the likes of David Crawford. I mean look at the way he types. It’s borderline schizophrenic killer writing, like something out of the movie Seven. But yet this is Drac’s “support team”! Laughable at best.

  17. Thank you for you intellect here libertea, but the sure shot for banking money is threw gold or silver, not Bust-coin.

  18. Milwaukee Drac Vermell  Bahahahah.  Hey Drac, it looks like Milwaukee provided you with free material for your bio 🙂

  19. Jumping Jacks DavidCrawford4 lol.  I knew you had a sense of humor in there somewhere Jacks.  There is hope for you yet buddy!

  20. Milwaukee I disagree. Neither gold, silver, nor BitCoin are good for increasing ones worth. It’s a great medium of exchange, but not as an investment. When I want to exchange goods BitCoin works pretty well between individuals and companies and individuals and other individuals. Try that with gold, not going to happen.

  21. OK I get yah. But I agree to disagree. Good luck in your Bit-coin endeavors, libretea.

  22. libretea Milwaukee I’m sure Peter Schiff would disagree as well, libertea. While you’re correct that gold is no longer a useful medium of exchange, this has only arisen because governments have labored to make this the norm. Outside of that, gold and silver investments (certificates, mining futures, and the like) can be a fine addition to a portfolio – assuming you can afford them.

  23. Jumping Jacks DavidCrawford4 Now, now Jacks. You know very weIl that I do this for the kicks – just like you do.

  24. Drac Vermell Jumping Jacks DavidCrawford4 No, you do this because you are a freekeene troll. You more than likely live on SSDI and what ever table scraps freekeeners throw to you.

  25. Jumping Jacks Drac Vermell DavidCrawford4 Now,Jacks, if you would simply strive to be more honest when provoking discussions here, you’d never have to worry about little old me, now would you? Too bad you’re just not a particularly honest fellow, right Jacks?

  26. Milwaukee I think you’ve misunderstood my intent here, Milwaukee darling. I choose to speak down to you because you clearly aren’t composed of the same intellectual substance as some of the other posters here. The fact that you still haven’t recognized this is a strong indicator that my opinion of you is on the mark.

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  32. Drac Vermell Milwaukee Thanks Drac, but it appears Milwaukee is unteachable.  I would, however, be willing to consider it for the right price, payable in Bitcoin only.

  33. Pay up then.

  34. Intrigare Drac Vermell Milwaukee I prefer to think of our dear little friends here as unreachable, as opposed to unteachable, caro mio. After all, they’ve learned many a lesson here. The stumbling block is that they simply refuse to take them to heart.

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