NH Supreme Court Rules Fully in Favor of Keene’s Robin Hooders!

Robin Hood


More than three years after the City of Keene filed suit against Keene’s “Robin Hooders” (the activists who’ve saved motorists from thousands of parking tickets by feeding expired meters), the case has finally come to a close – at least within the New Hampshire court system. In a short four-page order issued just before Christmas, the NH supreme court affirms the Cheshire superior court’s decision to deny the city’s request for an unconstitutional injunction they’ve been begging for since 2013:

taking into consideration the governmental interest that would be served, the trial court weighed the benefits of the requested relief against the effect that relief would have on the respondents’ constitutionally protected speech, and, based upon the factual record before it, exercised its equitable discretion to deny the proposed injunction.

We won! (Again!) Presuming the city gang does not decide to continue lavishing taxpayer dollars on their expensive private attorneys to take the case to federal court, it should end here. We’ve yet to see the total cost of the several court appearances the city has made, but then-city-manager John MacLean admitted in 2013 that the first round (of four) cost about $20,000. Their private attorneys billed them so much, that on this final round at the supreme court they were claiming to have taken the case “pro bono”. Another way to say that is that the city paid tens-of-thousands for the first three rounds in court and got the fourth free.

James Cleaveland, Attorney Jon Meyer, Ian Freeman

James Cleaveland, Attorney Jon Meyer, Ian Freeman

All the while free speech attorney Jon Meyer of Manchester truly did take the Robin Hooders’ case pro-bono, the entire time. His talent is legendary and he not only brilliantly defended the peaceful activists but proved without a doubt that the city’s parking enforcers were dishonest and ridiculous. There was never any evidence presented that the accused Robin Hooders had “threatened, intimidated, or harassed” the city employees. As if to prove how ridiculous their claims were, parking enforcer Jane desperately stated that anything Garret said, even talking to her about the weather, she considered to be “taunting”. It was laughable but also very serious – the city gang was lying to try to get the judge to order us to stay 50 feet away from the enforcers.

Eventually the city whittled their 50 foot request down to 30, then 10-15 feet, then down to anything they could get the court to give them. They also whittled down the number of respondents over time from six to two. At no point was an injunction issued, though Robin Hooding dropped off in frequency during these cases, as most of the respondents had moved away from the area due to life changes.

I’ve been asked to predict what the court would do, and I’ve never claimed to know. Frequently courts do not side with freedom, but I’m grateful when they do. In this case, at every step along the way, the courts of New Hampshire have sided with freedom of speech, over-and-over again denying the city’s request for injunction that was clearly intended to violate our rights. Hopefully the city gang will give up on their futile, expensive quest to stop the peaceful Robin Hooders from continuing to save innocent motorists from the King’s parking tariff. If they appeal to federal court, you’ll find out the details here at Free Keene.

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  1. Congratulations Ian and friends. Keene “gang” has lost and hopefully will end their foolishness. Keep up the good work. 
    As you know I don’t always agree with you, and that is alright, we are not meant to agree on everything, that is what makes the world such a wonderful place. This however, I fully agree with you on. 
    Good going guys.

  2. Way to go!! Now you should sue the city to recover the attorney’s fees for the people!

  3. ScottCole1 Our attorney was pro-bono.

  4. FTL_Ian ScottCole1 rite, I meant the money Keene spent on an attorney, should be deducted from something else in the municipal budget, becasue the 20,000 that THEY spent on defending themselves should NOT be a burden to the tax payer.

  5. To bad it is going this way. I believe the city of Keene will somehow step up and protect it’s meter maids which will be more confrontations for you people. In the future, I believe the city will install parking kiosks and then you won’t be able to harass meter maids.  You said this ruling came about for New Hampshire. I’m sure the city of Keene has some more surprises right around the corner. freekeene’s numbers are dwindling all the time. Soon there won’t be anyone who will go out and harass meter maids. Especially the female ones.

  6. Why don’t you go after the real enemy of freedom and liberty: large corporations that buy governments: oh that’s right. You (FSP, CopBlock) work for the corporate overlords. Maybe the Koch Bro’s will send you cupcakes for your petty little victory making honest hardworking Keene employees do their job. That’s big stuff! It takes a bunch of tough guys to follow around and harass female employees of the city.

  7. Was Cantwell compelled to speak in court because his behavior is well recorded by FSK as being FAR from peaceful towards the city workers.

  8. Does Disney know that you have used their trademarks? Hmm, I think a call to them is in order.

  9. You can find this on fr33mantvraw You Tube Doubledont. The Free Keeners call people all kinds of terrible names for years.

  10. Jumping Jacks Always waiting for someone else to step up in your stead, eh Jacks? If you feel so strongly about this, then why don’t you go out and protect these parking enforcers yourself instead of merely virtue-signaling about it from the safety of your keyboard?

  11. Milwaukee My goodness! Another one of these silly threats of yours, Milwaukee darling? How dramatic! You know poppet, I’m very surprised that you’re still struggling to comprehend the conditions that comprise the legal doctrine of fair use. You might want to consider reading up on this concept before you pretend to make your phone call, sweetums.

  12. DoubleDont  Because the real friends of freedom and liberty allow themselves to be bribed. /sarc

  13. You Free Keene tools love to pick on the ‘little people’ like meter agents and school crossing guards because you twisted little southern swamp things can’t come up with anything else to justify why your so – called movement is nothing more than toe sucking the rich and powerful corporate masters with bullshit ‘anarcho-capitalist’ libertarianism. Keep trying but we are not going to let your paymasters, the Koch Bros, take over our state.

  14. Well – since you southern swampthings use that violent unhinged racist misogynist Chris Cantwell to scare small town civil servents then i think we all should keep up the counter measures to keep pushing you losers to the margins.

  15. <3

  16. Drac Vermell Jumping Jacks Peaches, are you still trying to gain hypocritical  attention?

  17. Laws ought to pass constitutional muster BEFORE being signed into “Law”.

  18. DoubleDont I have no personal knowledge of weather Chris Cantwell is either racist or misogynist so I will not take issue with that point. However you seem to be missing the point, which is that the FSP(to whatever degree it is still functiona) is opposed to governmental innitiation of force. The most egregious form of this force is when it is used to punish non violent “offences”.If governmen agents(read employees) choose to initiate a conflict where non is otherwise present, then some course of action to mittigate the unjust and uncostitutional abuses being perpetrated by said agents is called for. To the degree that no natural law is violated (nor “force” initiated) these actions should be (and are) welcomed by the people who’s lives and property are saved from governmental confiscation or abuse. That and I think you may need to return to a basic level of English education; for in no way are they “civil” or “servants” by definition.

  19. Jumping Jacks Drac Vermell Now Jacks, if you really want to even the score here, you really should consider getting someone to help you out with your writing. As a person trying to present himself as being highly educated and successful, I would think that you’d want to avoid submitting such nonsensical posts.

  20. Trolling, trolling, trolling.

  21. You know damn well of Cantwell’s issues with women and minorities. You whine about ‘force’ but you let that fat fuck strapping a gun harass people on the the street – how is that ‘peaceful’?, jackass?

  22. So, even though no one is Robin Hooding any more due to “life changes”, the FKers claim this as a great victory?

  23. DoubleDont nope, dont even know who Cantwell is, I am simply arguing that ANY action(which is legal) to advance or promote liberty is beneficial totthe cause. Because you may not agree with his tactics(which you are free to do) does not mean that any action taken on his part to advance the cause of freedom are in any way negative. That is for the courts to decide. If they have ruled on the side of the libertarian activist, so be it. To content ones self with the vebal attempt to tar and feather someone whos actions have been vindicated by the court, is indicative of a small minded nature andtthe inability to arrive at a differing conclusion based on a new (or substantially altered) set of relevant facts.

  24. Milwaukee Socket wrenches and knives, poppet. Socket wrenches and knives.

  25. powertool Since the City of Keene’s parking authority spent a sizable portion of their department’s revenue trying to erect additional barriers to public criticism, it’s obvious that this was an unprofitable venture on their part, now isn’t it powertool? Understanding that, don’t you think it would be more suitable to direct such quibbles towards the architects of this boondoggle rather than to the victims of it?

  26. So, let me see if i understand this correctly: With a gun, a hostile confrontation to another person who is low level local city goverment employee is ‘peaceful’ activity for freedom. Wow! Huge Stuff! As a KSC alumn – that city had allot more freedom and peace before the Koch Bros brought the dregs up from the southern swamps.

  27. there hasn’t been robinhooders for like 2 years……. and though there were a few  bad videos  like cantwell and  the stupid one with Ian ….. most of robinhooding was Garrett and he ….  …  hes  NICE … anyway… whats my point: i guess my point is that its much money  spent about much ado about nothing…. and the money was spent just because some  city people didnt want to admit defeat…… the badness of  robinhooding was grossly exaggerated

  28. Drac Vermell  I have great sympathy for the victims, and by victims, I hope you’re referring to the city workers who were endlessly harassed by this little band of unemployable bros.  

    I repeat: So, even though no one is Robin Hooding any more due to “life changes”, the FKers claim this as a great victory?

  29. There will be kiosks in the near future, technology will hopefully eliminate the need for meter maids to be harassed by the Free Keene group. What is funny is that Free Keene doesn’t Robinwood anymore. I guess they wore out their welcome, or don’t need to try to bring in more libertarians to New Hampshire to “take over the state”. That is laughable at best!

  30. powertool Drac Vermell its not a victory…. how is it a victory to be dragged through the courts for 3-4 years…it isnt a victory ,when lots tax payer money is spent trying to squelch free speech; the badness of robinhooding was  exaggerated

  31. Milwaukee Milwaukee hes gonna tell Disney lmao…lol : “I’m telling Disney on you!”  wtf lmao … Maybe you’ll be able to get through to walt…let us know how that  goes

  32. powertool Drac Vermell No powertool. The real victims here are the taxpayers being fleeced by government employees to pay rent to park on property they’ve already paid the city to maintain. Funny that you leftist types won’t cry about price gouging when your public servants are doing it, isn’t it?

  33. Milwaukee And who will be stuck with the bill to pay for these marvelous little contraptions you’re dreaming about, Milwaukee darling? Such extravagant purchases would stir up quite a controversy considering Keene’s parking authority spent so much money trying to get even with their rivals, don’t you think?

  34. DavidCrawford4   High five, Crawford! You’ve finally managed to ingratiate yourself with your herd.

  35. Drac Vermell Tell us, Dreck – do you Robin Hood? Is anyone out there bravely defending the taxpayers by harassing city workers? What has become of the brave band of hoodlums? What has become of Free Keene?

  36. powertool Drac Vermell Always expecting someone else to do the heavy lifting to make the world more livable for you, aren’t you powertool? How’s that worked out for you so far?

  37. powertool DavidCrawford4 My goodness, powertool, what are you so bitter about? I should think that by now you’d be quite used to the feeling of defeat. Perhaps you should go out back later and burn the rest of your Hillary 2016 signs? That’s sure to clear your mind of all this helplessness you’re feeling.

  38. Drac Vermell  Poor Dreck. Your inability to answer simple questions is illustrative of the dishonesty of the Keene Kult. 

    An honest person would tell the truth; that no one is Robin Hooding, and that Free Keene is increasingly irrelevant.

  39. powertool Drac Vermell Now, now, powertool, I hate to rob you of the opportunity to virtue signal some more for your dear little friends, but you and I both know that there’s nothing honest about these loaded questions of yours. If you really want answers to these questions, poppet, then maybe you should consider swallowing your pride and remove the taint of presupposition from them before you start demanding answers.

  40. Drac Vermell And now we return to the regularly scheduled Dreck, doing is fauxhomo florid dialect. One can only conclude that Dreck thinks this makes him sound A) Intelligent or B) Insulting. Wrong on both counts, Dreckie. 

    All that talk of swallowing and taints must have you quite excited.

  41. powertool Drac Vermell It always revolves back to lurid sexual innuendo with you leftist types, doesn’t it powertool? You don’t suppose that’s why you sorts have lost every argument you’ve tried to make here, now do you poppet?

  42. “That’s why you sorts have lost every argument?” Looks like you sorts of lost that argument with powertool to me, eh Drac?

  43. Milwaukee Milwaukee darling, to anyone actually paying attention, the City of Keene has lost yet another case against your hated rivals. Yet, hilariously, the best responses any of you types have ever been able to muster has amounted to little more than losers’ scorn. It’s been absolutely delightful to watch! But perhaps you could be the one to make all of this change, poppet. You could start by organizing your dear little friends to try and collect some donations for these marvelous parking kiosks you keep telling us about. I’m sure the city would be very grateful for any more money you could fetch for them. So what do you think, dear?

  44. DavidCrawford4 This is not quite correct. I personally made some effort along with one other to robin hood in the past year, in Keene, when we became aware of them nearby, but the meter maid was so quick in his/her effort to run and hide I didn’t actually succeed. I wasn’t prepared and stood out with my radio that he/she ran, and they don’t stand out like they used to. This makes it more difficult to robin hood. The people who were doing it were much more experienced than I. Now they wear plain old clothing rather than the bright colored uniforms of the past.

  45. powertool Drac Vermell While there is little to no Robin Hooding there are people going out every week and performing similar civil servant accountability work. We’re cop “blocking” and numerous people have been going after the police here and elsewhere in New Hampshire. I’ve been out for several hours straight a half dozen times in the past month or two. So have seven or eight other people. There is not always worthwhile video to post as it depends on the behavior of the police. Sometimes the police actually are less entertaining even if they are still abusing people for victim less crimes.

    Check out the following link for some of the videos:


    Free Keene just posted a fairly boring video the other week involving people who haven’t been cop blocking much as of recent:


  46. Milwaukee Nobody’s stopped doing activism. You should know that. Free Keene posts about a lot of activism going on in Keene and elsewhere. It’s not posing everything. 

    You can find some additional videos of activism by some Keene area activists here:


    * Two of the people in that last video besides JP are transplants for liberty in New Hampshire. The third who was recording (we were all recording) that particular video is a local activist who pre-dates the Free State Project.

  47. Drac Vermell Milwaukee Copy”right” is bogus. It relies on violence and intimidation. Just ignore it to the extent you can. It’s one thing to tip an artist (like one would a waiter at a restaurant) and another thing to bow down the entertainment industries coercion and violence. I personally fund a lot of worthwhile Free Software projects far beyond what anybody else does and am not ashamed to say I won’t fund the entertainment industry given their violent and coercive behavior.

  48. DoubleDont I do hit the big corporate overloads every chance I get. I refuse to utilize Microsoft, Adobe, Apple, Facebook, and various other companies companies products/services. I inform people of the dangers of Skype, Microsfot Windows, Facebook, cellular phones, proposed rules for mandating car companies adopt V2V communications technology. I’m funding to the tune of $100,000+ technology projects to advance decentralized “open” computing and have helped raise nearly $200,000 in the past two years alone for just one project.

  49. DoubleDont Chris Cantwell isn’t one of us. He’s a republican in sheeps clothing if he says he is a libertarian or anarchist or whatever. You don’t have to agree with him or everything he says or anyone says to be on friendly terms. Not everybody is from the south. I’m not. I grew up in the north east United States. The people you call libertarian aren’t principled libertarians and are a disgrace to libertarianism.

  50. DoubleDont Name calling is protected speech. Being aggressive in ones speech isn’t illegal. Only the use of certain words wouldn’t be protected. They call those fighting words. Doubtful anybody used fighting words. That would be something like saying “I’m going to fuck you up”. At that point the person who those words are being directed at would rightfully be able to defend themselves with whatever means were available at there disposal [or at least from the principled libertarian’s perspective].

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