Liberty Lobby – Week 7 – Cannabis Legalization

Liberty Lobbyist Darryl W Perry and I went to the state house this week to testify on more legislation. However it was another short week and this time I only have one full length hearing video to share, but it’s a good one: Cannabis Legalization! The NH senate judiciary committee heard SB 233 to legalize up to an ounce of cannabis and five grams of hashish. I spoke in favor, with some reservations. Here’s the full hearing video:

Will the tide change this year for cannabis? Stay tuned here to Free Keene for the latest!

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  1. Due you honestly believe these people really listened to you?  I don’t. Ranting and raving just doesn’t work on adults.

  2. Jumping Jacks My goodness Jacks! You’ve made use of that cliché in almost every argument you’ve ever made, now haven’t you dearie? It’s absolutely adorable that after all of these years of practice you’re still unable to articulate anything else of substance!

  3. The last three individuals in this video spoke from the heart and came across as honest and open. Quite the opposite could be said from Ian Freeman, as well as Colin James. They just resemble the qualities of two butthurt individuals who have been busted by the cops in the past, and want their stories of woe to be heard. Good video.

  4. keep that private prison industry health, that’s where Sessions and other Republicans get the Money! Cheap prison labor and a block of people that cannot VOTE!  Welcome to NAZI USA.

  5. Drac Vermell Jumping Jacks I suggest you look at you’re own statements before passing ridiculous statements.

  6. Jumping Jacks Drac Vermell Now, now. Sticks and stones, right Jacks? And dearie, if you’re going to be accusing others of being ridiculous here, the least you could do is check your spelling when you decide to complain about it.

  7. the last guy was good….. he was loud clear and to the point… and they could relate to him it seemed …he did great  ….actually everyone did good

  8. Drac Vermell Jumping Jacks Trust me, you are being ridiculous.

  9. Jumping Jacks Drac Vermell Jacks, Jacks, Jacks, what possible reason would I have to trust the likes of you? Haven’t you learned by now that your opinions have no currency with me? And why should they, dearie? You’re reactionary and blatantly dishonest to a fault. Perhaps if you could push these characteristics of yours aside for once, you’d finally earn some respect here.

  10. Ian looks as if he’s wearing the Garanimals his mommy picked out for him.

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