The New Secessionists Declare Independence!

This Independence Day, I am pushing the meme of New Hampshire Independence. It is its own country of 1,331,000 people with a unique set of cultural, economic, and philosophical values. It’s about time you and I start referring to NH as a country. Forget “draining the swamp” — Leave the swamp!

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  1. It’s a good idea but the moment they reject the (((Federal Reserve))) banking system the US will invade like in Iraq and Libya.

  2. Too funny. This is the only way you can celebrate something that never happened or will happen. I’m surprised you aren’t playing in the sand box with the rest of the children.

  3. Speaking of Secessions, how did the flyer handout of NH seceding at the local ballgame work out for you Ian? Did you get to change anyone’s opinions, or scam any feeble minded like individuals when you were there? Or was it like any other event that you show up to, a total waste of time?

  4. We definitely need to break up. However I’d argue we need to get more people here first. I’m afraid of what would happen if we broke up today. We’d end up with migration policies that were violent and restricted access to the country. We need more liberty-minded people to ensure a free society in this great country continued. For that we need to ensure our boarders remain open and we might not get that migration freedom that we need to maintain.

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