City Commits Civil Disobedience Against Feds By Painting Blue Line Down Marlboro St.

Keene Signals its Support for Secession by its Recent Peaceful Civil Disobedience

Keene Signals its Support for Secession by its Recent Peaceful Civil Disobedience

In case you aren’t aware, the police have their own gang symbol. It’s called the “thin blue line” – a blue line horizontally sandwiched between two black bars. You’ll frequently see it on the back of vehicles presumably containing police or their immediate relatives. Of course, anyone can buy these stickers now, so police have other ways of recognizing their own, like these family “professional courtesy” passbooks, but regardless, the blue line is still seen on their cars, their clothing, and now flags. It helps create the “us vs them” mentality that some police have. Worse still, some people insist on treating the police as though they are better than the rest of humanity. Their word is gold in court, they get special burials when mass calamity happens, deferential treatment in many of the crimes the corrupt officers commit, and more.

In a recent Keene Sentinel piece about multiple city councilors gushing over their recent decision to paint a horribly garish blue line down the middle of Marlboro St, local commenter Johnson Rice points out that the city is actually committing civil disobedience against the federal government:

Thin Blue Line Skull

This doesn’t look like the kind of thing a “peace officer” should be sporting.

Interesting that the city decided to violate the law outlined by the USDOT & FHA when they clearly warned a few towns in New Jersey that this practice is illegal in that it creates unsafe road conditions because motorists don’t know what this line means. It could result in lawsuits for the city if the unsafe condition results in any legitimate accidents or even “accidents” involving less scrupulous people.

Good for the City of Keene though for adopting that rebellious “Free Keene” spirit and willfully violating federal law.

I think the bright blue paint is ugly, distracting, and possibly dangerous to clueless drivers. The police get far too much worship as-is, for the job of a supposed “servant” and don’t need any more blind obeisance. (They aren’t all saints. Here’s a story about a local NH police chief who also was a child rapist for several years at least.)

All that said, while I don’t agree with the issue they chose, I do appreciate the city government’s embracing of peaceful civil disobedience. Maybe they’ll see the light that the federal government is a controlling, abusive spouse and start openly supporting secession next?

Doubtful, but this does point out that the law means nothing to the state & city when they wish to ignore it. Who can blame them? Statutes and codes are just words on paper written by strangers. They are opinions backed by guns. Thanks to their “thin blue line” of police, the political class is protected from having to follow their own rules, yet the rest of us are jailed for victimless crimes in ever-growing numbers.

It might make you wonder who the police are really there to “protect and serve“, hmm?

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  1. I’m gonna have to call Papa Smurf now and tell him it’s not for his clan and to hold off on the celebration.

  2. Ian, you are so full of it. It’s not a federal issue. The city can do what it wants. Just like when freekeeners were chalking everything up and causing damage. More people support their local police then are against it. I suggest you stop puting your childish spin on things that are no big deal to anyone. You are not special enough to have your way.

  3. i live on that st and the line dont bug me that much…i see it whenever i go out me ….imo…there should be more color everywhere but…idk…i know the city whatevers have all high and mighty reasons for it but…OH that remind me ;the coppers in keene had some gunplay and shot a guy yesterday

  4. even tho ian is a liar scumbag douch

  5. they probably didnt shoot a city politician

  6. Here’s Ian again blowing things out of proportion, and trying to seem relevant.

  7. I love how the haters are all for federalism until the city agents do something illegal and then it’s “we can do what we want!”

    No principles. Thanks for highlighting this interesting example of self determination, no matter how stupid I may think it is.

  8. im not a hater…Ian is just a lying scumbag… if he was a good person id say that… you can say im a reporter…lol

  9. Answers: “your a douche, governments dont have to follow laws asshole”

  10. Jacks, Jacks, Jacks, when will you learn to study up on these topics before you decide to comment on them? You don’t relish the disgrace that comes with being made to look so unprepared all the time, now do you?

    And what’s with all this newfound support I’m seeing from you concerning the notion of states’ rights? “The city can do what it wants,” Jacks? My goodness, I don’t believe I’ve ever seen this sort of rebellious spirit coming from you before. I mean you certainly don’t have this sort of attitude when things like drugs, guns, and cryptocurrencies are being discussed. Why this sudden change in direction? Have you lost the compass you use to guide your principles?

  11. im not surrrre…i was paing attention when all the yappity yap yap was going on aboot this blue lines…im not sure but im thinking the cost of it was very little…IF i remember correctly…. i know some people will take that as a justification but …it is just a factotum facts as i remember them…maybe douchnozzle has the financials in his bulb… probably not bc …it seems like getting prices of shit from town gorveranace is like a archaeological dig only worse

  12. I thought this was an interesting read. Dave, if you don’t have anything productive to add then don’t add anything. we get it, you think Ian is a doughebag loser and probably a few other things, can we get past that and discuss the topic of the write-up.
    I wondered what the blue line on Marlboro st meant, now I know. I am curious to know if the town did in fact knowingly disobey a federal decision in putting the blue line on the road.

  13. Lester, Little evil, The article you posted a link to is from a different state and does not apply to this situation.

  14. dont worry about what i say josh…k?… if im not blocked ian will get exposed…. you can kiss his ass here… thats your prerogative…mine is telling the truth about his lying scumbag ass…i think my fb login here got blocked …im trying this way… ian is a liar…. dont tll me to stop saying it…if you dont like what i say ,dont read it… if he want hearts and flowers he can stop being a fucking hypocrite

  15. Jacks, Jacks, Jacks, you’re not really going to try and pretend that you didn’t understand the point of Lester’s and LE’s link, now are you? How is playing the fool helping others benefit from your wealth of experience and education? Perhaps you should try this all again? You know – with a cogent argument next time? That’s the only way you’re going to be able to advance your ideas here without being made fun of. Do you think you’re up to the task, Jacks?

  16. the city is doin civdis hense ian and the city are two peas ina pod

  17. becud they both do civdis

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