Redneck Muslim & Family Leaving TN for Move to NH!

In a recent article, I broke the news that Will Coley and his family would be moving to Keene to start NH’s first full-time mosque. Now, that move is underway. Here’s a video Will streamed to his facebook profile yesterday. Will updates his facebook constantly, so if you want to follow along with their move, you can follow his profile here.

There’s one day left in Will’s fundraiser to help them remodel the property being donated to them by the Shire Free Church. Can you help? Please contribute to this awesome project here.

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  1. Yay!

  2. Ian Bernard doesn’t believe in anything except his own ego and he’ll take advantage of whatever faith in order to feed it.

  3. Your fundraiser isn’t even to half yet. Just another freekeene fiasco and Ian Bernard trying to ride the coat tails of somewhat else until it all explodes as usual.

  4. you guys are really putting a neg spin on it… thats all

  5. Are you trying to attribute selfish motives to Ian’s actions, Marcus? Our dear friend Jacks here has a naughty habit of doing the same. He never bothers to substantiate any of his accusations with evidence, though. He’s funny that way.

  6. Taking a rent-generating property and donating it to another religion is “taking advantage”? Boy, Marcus, you’ve got a real warped sense of what that means!

  7. Tax scam

  8. Ian, you don’t o anything without getting something in return. Obviously the renting of this building isn’t paying the bills and you don’t want to pay property taxes so you are handing the building over to a religious organization.

  9. My goodness, Jacks, you’re not actually trying to forward the notion that it’s morally questionable for someone to organize their property holdings for the purposes lowering costs, now are you? Considering how you’ve bragged in the past about how successful a businessman you are, I find this conviction of yours to be quite puzzling. Perhaps you should try again? I know that you’re better than this, Jacks.

  10. imo paying for wars you dont want is a “scam” .. Isn’t it? Are you just mad that you arent taking the power way from those that would take your money for war? “double duh” Maybe you should do something about the wars ,”Double Duh”

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