Portsmouth Smoke and Vape | Bitcoin Preferred!

The crypto-economy grew a little bit larger today when the popular downtown shop Portsmouth Smoke and Vape started accepting Ethereum, Dash, ZCash, Litecoin, and Bitcoin. Customers can now buy all the glass, incense, vaporizers, cleaning kits, tobacco products, e-cigarettes, and accessories they could possibly want — all using digital cash.

They sell online too, so if your current local shop won’t take your litecoin, consider getting your items sent right to your house instead by buying at their website! You can keep the same privacy you would get from a cash transaction as your local shop, plus you get the advantage of online shopping.

My partner and I learned that the owner was looking to take bitcoin due to increased demand from customers asking if they could pay in the digital currency. He thought it was a great idea and stopped into our shop to ask how he would get set up to take it as payment. We met the next morning, and it took less than an hour from start to finish. All it took was downloading an app and clicking through a few prompts to set up 5 different secure digital wallets. Now his business can take payment in 5 popular cryptocurrencies.

One cool and unique thing about the way they set it up is that the owner linked his store’s crytpo wallets with his phone. That enables him to see when a payment has come in, no matter where he is, plus he can then send the coins to a secure wallet that employees can’t access. Try doing that with a traditional cash register!

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  1. The only people asking to buy things with bitcoin or freekeeners. Not too mention the store sells tobacco and other products that give you cancer.

  2. Here’s an interesting detail for you to think about, Jacks. Did you know that simply growing older increases a person’s risk of developing cancer?

  3. But cash is still graciously accepted…right?
    And how much is a pack of , say….premium cigarettes at this shop in Keene these days?
    About US$63-72.00 per carton up toward the notches.

  4. You know, Jacks, I was thinking about our chat the other day. Did you know that heart disease still leads cancer as the principal cause of death in this country? I worry about you, Jacks. Your irascible nature and stubborn refusal to live and let live can’t be good for your heart, now can it? You really should consider trying to train yourself to be more forgiving. It just might reduce that blood pressure of yours and help you to live longer. What do you say, Jacks? Will you take my suggestion to heart and give it the old “college try?”

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