New Bitcoin Vending Competitor Installs Machines in Keene, Manchester!

Corner News' owner Roberta Mastrogiovanni poses with her store's brand new Bitcoin Vending Machine!

Corner News’ owner Roberta Mastrogiovanni poses with her store’s brand new Bitcoin Vending Machine!

Big news for Bitcoin fans in Manchester and Keene – we’ve got competition in the bitcoin vending space! As of yesterday, Blackfrog became the first real Bitcoin Vending Machine company to install units in New Hampshire!

As one of the admins of the existing non-profit Shire Free Church-run Bitcoin Vending Machines in Keene and Manchester, I’m super-excited about the competition. Why? Simple. The goal of the Church’s bitcoin outreach project is to get bitcoin into more people’s hands. The new company in town (which also operates more than 20 bitcoin BVMs across Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Maryland) is making bitcoin even more accessible in New Hampshire than it was before!

While we’ve had a Bitcoin Vending Machine at Route 101 Local Goods in Keene for years, it’s only been available Tue-Sun. Therefore bitcoin was not available in Keene on Mondays, or after Route 101 Local Goods closes at 6pm each day (5p Sundays). Now that the Blackfrog BVM is online at Corner News, bitcoin’s availability in Keene expands to all seven days a week and late into the night, as Corner News is open until 10pm Mon-Thu, until 11pm Fri and Sat and 9pm on Sundays. Corner News is located at 67 Main St. and is a Keene landmark, established over 100 years ago. It was also the first brick-and-mortar business in Keene to accept bitcoin, way back in 2013!

Corner News’ owner, Roberta Mastrogiovanni, who recently was able to pay for her hotel stay during a vacation with her bitcoin, when asked why she’d decided to host the new BVM told me, “Corner News has been accepting bitcoin for several years without any problem, in fact we have seen a huge gain in the last year, so when asked whether we would consider renting out a small square foot of our store for a Bitcoin ATM we thought why not, especially since the coins can be spent right in store…just seemed like a good addition.”

The Manchester Blackfrog Bitcoin Vending Machine is 24/7 and it's two-way!

The Manchester Blackfrog Bitcoin Vending Machine is 24/7 and it’s two-way!

Manchester’s first BVM at Murphy’s Taproom has been available seven-days-a-week from roughly 9am to 1am, which is awesome, but Blackfrog has now made bitcoin available 24/7 in Manchester via their new location at Budget Gas at 445 South Willow St! Plus, the new Manchester BVM is also two-way, meaning you can both buy bitcoin AND sell your bitcoin for cash. That’s another first for New Hampshire!

This expanded availability of bitcoin in New Hampshire is perfectly in line with our church mission to foster peace, in this case through giving our community access to a form of money that can’t be controlled by the evil, violent, warmongering governments of the world.

For that, I’m grateful to the guys at Blackfrog for coming all the way up here to compete and keep everyone at the top of their game. Turns out, they are some pretty cool guys too, who love liberty and are considering moving to New Hampshire as part of the NH Freedom Migration. Company spokesman Joey Langenbrunner told me that in addition to their personal interest in migrating to New Hampshire, they wanted to support the bitcoin community here, primarily. Profit is only a secondary motivation to them.

Thanks to Blackfrog, New Hampshire now has six publicly operating Bitcoin Vending Machines.

These are exciting times to be in cryptocurrency in New Hampshire! As more libertarians move here to make this their home, it just keeps getting better. Here are 101 reasons why if you love liberty and cryptocurrency, you really ought to make the move here and join us.

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  1. So much is happening here in New Hampshire! I’m proud to call it home. From dozens of new stores accepting crypto to these vending machines. It’s amazing. The movement is really just getting started too. Besides all the new people moving in we’ve got people settling down for the long haul- just this past month or so I’ve talked to a bunch of people who have purchased a house and others are starting families. While there may be people coming and going still as is the case with any community you can really see for the first time large numbers of people today fixating themselves within the landscape. Where we had a handful of people before owning property and businesses we’ve probably doubled our home ownership numbers in the past year. And I mean within this little area of Keene that I live. There are a lot more people who homes and property elsewhere in New Hampshire.

  2. You are again back on to bitcoins? You call yourself nonprofit but that is a sham. You are always coming up with something to scam people.

    You said, “While we’ve had a Bitcoin Vending Machine at Route 101 Local Goods in Keene for years.” No, that machine has been there only a short time. Isn’t that the address for your mosque?

    You said, “This expanded availability of bitcoin in New Hampshire is perfectly in line with our church mission to foster peace, in this case through giving our community access to a form of money that can’t be controlled by the evil, violent, warmongering governments of the world”. You are so full of it. Since when does a church advocate for a cryptocurrency and then tie in a bunch of freekeene propaganda to justify it? Didn’t Jesus say, ” Pay Caesar what belongs to Caesar and pay God what belongs to God.” Nowhere in the bible does it say not to pay your taxes or use currency to thwart the government. Most people who use bitcoin are the freekeeners. A church will not promote a currency based competition. This is just typical freekeene propaganda.

  3. thats a good picture of her. My usual questions:Whats the charge for the coins and two;Where does the coin price come from?

  4. Now Jacks, maybe you should read the bible a little more carefully. Jesus really did have a very dim view of taxes, you know. Particularly the Temple tax:

    When Jesus went about having Simon Peter collect the tax payment through a fish, Jesus was letting him know that the Temple tax was not a tax they were obligated to pay. This view is reinforced by the fact that the fish’s mouth had enough coins to pay for Simon Peter and himself, but not enough for the rest of Jesus’s disciples.

    Jesus expressed this dim view once again when he ransacked the money-changers’ tables in the Temple of Jerusalem’s courtyard:

    Jesus even went so far as to call the Temple authorities “thieves,” because this tax placed especially difficult burdens upon the poor, particularly poor widows.

  5. Jesus is a figment of the imagination of imperfect humans that think they are right.

  6. It looks like Blackfrog’s machine requires an SMS confirmation and an ID to transact not even half a bitcoin? I guess they must have a market for that?

  7. Perhaps, Ernesto darling, but don’t you think it’s also a figment of peoples’ imaginations that government works best when it’s compelling these “imperfect humans” of yours into becoming the perfect beings you so desire them to be?

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