NH Committee to Study Cryptocurrency – 2017 Meeting Video

New Hampshire’s Committee to Study Cryptocurrency meets for its required 2017 meeting. They question state regulators after the Cryptocurrency Protection Act has been in place for a few months. They ultimately decide to recommend no further actions against or for cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. Here’s the full hearing video:

I explained to the panel that Bitcoin businesses had opened or moved to NH because of the buzz about the cryptocurrency protection act that passed this summer. Regardless of whether the statutory change would have affected those businesses, the publicity surrounding it was good for NH’s image in the crypto-sphere.

Looks like it’ll be a while before New Hampshire has financial freedom across-the-board. When I offhandedly suggested to the panel that all money transmitter regulations should be repealed, they unanimously acted like their rules somehow stop terrorism and drug dealers. Pointing out that South Carolina has no money transmission statutes made zero impact.

It wasn’t the place to take the discussion any further, but it’d be great to see a libertarian state rep introduce such a repeal. South Carolina doesn’t have any more drugs or terrorism than anywhere else.

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  1. How did I miss this? It must have been while I was away. Well, good news for now I guess. Good work guys.

  2. First you are for bitcoins and then you are against them and now you are for them again. Your “offhanded” remark wasn’t needed at this meeting or anywhere else.

  3. You tell him, Jacks! Bitcoins are volatile and easy to manipulate, and don’t you let anyone tell you otherwise! Boy, it’s a good thing democracy is in the hands of good people like you! I don’t know what I’d do without the opinions of ill-informed bureaucrats and voters like yourself to guide us!

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