VIDEO: Vermin Supreme’s Pony Protest Outside Hillary’s Book Signing in Concord

After filing a federal lawsuit against the city of Concord, NH for trying to oppress his free speech rights, the city agreed to a settlement and Vermin Supreme’s pony protest was a success!

He and supporters gathered outside a bookstore in downtown Concord, NH with signs and a real, live pony to protest the evil Hillary Clinton who was inside doing a book signing.

Here’s what happened.

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  1. This was absolutely the funniest protest I’ve ever seen. Good job everybody!

  2. They only paid him off because he is a joke and the little chicken feed they threw his way is easier then sitting in court for something so ridiculous.

  3. Maybe Mr. Supreme should do a little bitcoin trading with that settlement money, eh Jacks? After all, in a few weeks one bitcoin could easily be worth $20,000.

  4. Vermin reading aloud his book was hilarious! Looks like the crowd couldn’t handle it.

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