Feature Article on Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Runs in NH’s Largest Newspaper

Anypay founder Steven Zeiler (left) talks with Darryl W Perry at the grand opening of Portsmouth's Free State Bitcoin Shoppe in September

The grand opening of Portsmouth’s Free State Bitcoin Shoppe in September

This summer, the Keene Sentinel ran an excellent feature story about Bitcoin and the local businesses here that accept it. Now the Union Leader has joined in the cryptocurrency coverage in a lengthy story featured on their website that focuses on three cryptocurrency-accepting businesses statewide.

Journalist Melanie Plenda does a thorough job in her story and gets some really useful and insightful quotes from the business owners she interviewed.

You can check out the story here on the Union Leader’s site.

If you’re a liberty-oriented cryptocurrency fan, ask yourself if this level of positive cryptocurrency news coverage is happening in your area. If not, you really ought to consider moving to the crypto-Mecca of New Hampshire. Here are 101 reasons why you should.

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  1. Do you use Bit-coin to download underaged girls into your new computer Ian? I quess I could ask your former cleaning lady for that info?

  2. You really should take this passage to heart, OS my love – you know, before it’s too late?

  3. Another over exaggerated article. These so called “shop” owners are freekeeners. Of course with last weeks bitcoin stories showing bitcoin is still unstable and easily manipulated seems to frighten real shop owners from using it. Bitcoin has a long way to go.

  4. Do they take Visa or Mastercard? Not everyone uses Bitcoin.

  5. Bit-coin is used to buy pictures of underaged girls, just ask Ian he’ll tell you.

  6. Say OS, are you aware that our dear friend Doubledoe seems to have lost his faith in your latest campaign to stop Free Keene? Why just the other day he was intimating to me that you just might be making all of this up. I’d get him in line ASAP if I were you. You don’t want his big mouth ruining your heroic efforts here, now do you?

  7. Have you read this, Jacks?

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