Libertarian Transgender Sheriff Candidate Featured in Union Leader Article

Aria DiMezzo files for Cheshire County Sheriff as a Libertarian

Aria DiMezzo files for Cheshire County Sheriff as a Libertarian

Aria DiMezzo made history recently by becoming the first-ever candidate for Sheriff in the United States. Now, she’s making major news with the top newspaper in New Hampshire featuring her in an article about the opinions of the three candidates for Sheriff in Cheshire County.

Not only does the UL’s Damien Fisher feature a quote from Aria at the end of the article, the feature’s photo is of Aria.

It’s going to be an interesting election. Finally, the people of Cheshire County actually have a pro-liberty choice for Sheriff.

You can read the coverage from the Union Leader here. Stay tuned here to Free Keene for the latest.

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  1. She has no law enforcement experience. Was a drug addict for a number of years. Libertarian ideas, Yeah, good luck with that.

  2. Uh oh, Jacks! It looks like your hated rivals are hell bent on overturning the existing state of affairs in Cheshire County! I wonder what you plan on doing about this? Maybe you could start by finally explaining to the rest of us just what it is exactly that libertarians aren’t giving back?

  3. Here we go again with Jacks banging on about Aria being a former drug addict blahdy-blah ignoring that there’s no guarantee that any other candidate isn’t hooked on whatever drug, at least Aria has had the decency to be honest about her drug use.

  4. ZX81 – She claims to be a “former” drug addict. That isn’t going to wash with anyone. She has no law enforcement experience or a degree in law enforcement. The chances of her being elected are 0%

  5. Jacks: You do understand that going into law enforcement does not require a degree. They actually discriminate against smart people and won’t hire them. You can only become a cop if you are mental.

  6. Jacks would be a perfect candidate for law enforcement. He is obedient to the state to the same degree as an SS officer. He would probably fit right in too as an abnormally large percentage of cops beat there wives or become drug and alcohol dependent.

  7. Jacks if Aria has no chance on winning then why are you whining?

    By the way I notice you avoiding my point of not really k owing if any candidate for sheriff is a drug user

  8. Actually Homer, it’s because of busybodies like Jacks that the police state has gained so much ground in NH in the first place. Perhaps it’s best for all of us that Jacks remain exactly where he is – outside of NH and far, far away from any freedom-loving cultures.

  9. Wait- Jacks isn’t even in NH? WTF is he here? He’s more deranged than I realized.

  10. zx81 – who says I’m whining? I do not know one officer that doesn’t have a criminal law degree whether 2 year or 4 year. I suggest you do a lot of checking about the myth that law enforcement doesn’t hire officers without a degree. I don’t know of one sheriff that was on drugs at anytime of their careers or before being elected.

    kk – prove I’m not in NH. .

  11. You’ll find that Jacks can be quite an inflexible fellow as well, kk. Did you notice that he’s asking YOU to prove an accusation that was made by ME? Boy, talk about being stubborn as a mule!

    Anyway kk, if you have the stomach for a little detective work, you can see Jacks’s own admission of the truth for yourself. Just click through the short thread here posted by “Mark Wolf” at the top of the page. That’s one of Jacks’s alter egos, by the way.

  12. Oh, and Jacks? I should think that by now you’d understand that personal testimony really isn’t an effective way to establish credibility to your claims. You never really learn your lessons, now do you pookums?

    Anyway Jacks, I did a little research – you know, just like you suggested? To my surprise I found this and this! It turns out that it’s much easier to become a police officer than you thought! Isn’t that marvelous, pookie bear?

  13. “I don’t know of one sheriff that was on drugs at anytime of their careers or before being elected”

    Exactly Jacks you don’t know of any sheriff that was on drugs because it’s not always obvious that any sheriff might actially be on drugs, thus thrres no guarantee any sheriff isn’t on drugs which is a point you overlook.

  14. Wow- jacks. Your little world perspective isn’t reality. Statistically irrelevant. Cops go through a training program and the college degrees in criminal justice are not required. They are largely a waste of money. I know this because I considered getting a degree in it. I just could never bring myself to get a degree that would lead to a career where I would be utilizing violence against peaceful people.

  15. I like how jacks says he doesn’t know any sheriffs on drugs.

    Caffeine? Nicotine? Alcohol? I’ve met very few LEOs who didn’t drink. Opiates prescribed by doctors? Xanax? If you don’t think the nation’s sheriffs are popping tabs and bars, you may have missed a bit of the everything happening around you.

  16. Jacks, if you don’t think the nation’s sheriffs are popping tabs and bars, you may have missed a little bit of the everything happening around you.

    That wouldn’t surprise me. That world Nelson and Rivera live in relies on carefully ignoring the elephant in the room. It would appear you also live in that world of deliberately averting your gaze from things you don’t want to see.

    Take the bite.

  17. Hmmm, Mark Wolf, Hmmm!

  18. That’s right my darling Mr. Hmmm. Mark Wolf indeed!

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