Bitcoin Embassy NH’s Presentation/Discussion Regarding the First “Hash War” Starting Today

Bitcoin Embassy NH Logo

Bitcoin Embassy NH Logo

It’s been in the cryptocurrency news over the last several weeks, but many do not know what the world’s first-ever “Hash War” is all about. Thankfully Bitcoin Embassy New Hampshire is now here and Head Ambassador Chris Rietmann scheduled an event that happened yesterday afternoon to talk about it.

What is the history of the conflict brewing between rival factions of the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) community, and what might happen in the all out “Hash War” that’s supposedly to begin this morning at just before high noon today (11/15), Eastern time? If you watch the video, you’ll find out all we know:

The event was attended by several local cryptocurrency advocates and ended up being very informative and a learning experience for all. I brought my camera so those who didn’t attend the one-time event would be able to learn, though if you’re holding BCH, time is of the essence – I recommend you watch the video ASAP. Even if you’re not, if you’re holding any altcoins, you really should be aware of what is happening and the potential longterm dangers to all of cryptocurrency. I do not want to spread FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt), but there are some very bad potential outcomes of this “Hash War”, and you ought to know about them.

Kudos to the brand new Bitcoin Embassy NH for providing timely, useful information. I’m glad to have been able to share it with you, no matter where you are in the world. (If you’re not in New Hampshire and you love crypto – you’re missing out!) If you are in New Hampshire, drop into the brand new Bitcoin Embassy NH at 661 Marlboro St. in Keene Tuesday through Sunday and check out the space. If you’re new to crypto, sign up for a free “Bitcoin 101” class! Or, drop into the Bitcoin Embassy NH website at!

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  1. Sounds scary, but I’m not worried. This will work itself out.

  2. You know Jacks, I can’t tell you how blessed we are to have someone like you around to keep us updated on the state of the crypto markets. Too bad you forgot to mention that the gold and equity markets have taken a hit as well. I wonder why you left that part out? That seems like a pretty important thing to note, don’t you think pookums?

  3. he should get a job with the NYSE :”it’s down now” “its up now”… but…

  4. Boy Jacks, it sure is a good thing we have you around to help the rest of us remember that markets fluctuate. What would we do without you, pookums?

  5. is the hash war gonna be at the Pot Shop in Northampton?: Hash vs pot… I’d vote for hash……

  6. Jacks: It makes little difference what the price of bitcoin is at any given point. What matters is it can be used to exchange value. As long as we see long periods of stability as is the case we’ll be fine. It’s been quite stable for most of this year and long term it’s still up. A year and a half a go it was a mere $2,000. Anybody who has been in the game long enough has nothing to fear and little to lose. It’s dumb asses like you who may or may not have bought $10 a year ago that point these things out. It goes up! But we all know it can come down too.

  7. Isn’t it odd how unhinged Jacks gets whenever the subject of bitcoin comes up, kk? I mean really, he has this great life and all – which of course he lives to the fullest. Plus he’s all set to retire by the time he’s 50! Yet he obsesses constantly about the financial successes of his political rivals. I wonder what that’s all about?

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