Vin Armani’s Epic 15+ Hour Broadcast from Liberty Forum 2019

Vin in Nevada. He's gonna need more than that hoodie now in NH!

Vin in his Nevada days.

The Free State Project‘s wintertime convention, Liberty Forum, happened this weekend and they had the good fortune of having the talented Vin Armani perform a broadcast throughout the event.

Vin is the host of “Destination Unknown” a weekly podcast with co-host and FSP early mover Dave Butler. Both Vin and Dave headed up the epic live video feed that aired for over fifteen hours spread across the three day event in Manchester, New Hampshire.

The broadcast featured various interviews of speakers at Liberty Forum including Lyn Ulbricht, Stephan Kinsella, two-time Liberty Legislator of the Year winner Mark Warden, Derrick J Freeman, and Free State Project founder Jason Sorens. They also interviewed movers to NH both new and old. It’s a lot of content.

The live video streams, archived on the FSP’s YouTube channel, also featured the excellent documentaries, “101 Reasons Liberty Lives in New Hampshire” and “Derrick J’s Victimless Crime Spree“.

Here are the streams. The first video is under two hours, as it was just for the evening of Thursday, February 9th:

Day number two, Friday, featured two streams, one over seven hours long:

The other stream from day two, was just under an hour:

Finally, on day three, Saturday, over seven more hours of streaming with multiple interviews:

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  1. If only I had the time to watch 15 hours of video!

  2. i appreciate, very very much, the effort that ‘F.S.’ puts into protecting/enhancing our Liberties. I just ‘wonder’ if the ‘time & $$$$$ spent, could be more effective if it is spent on the ‘Very Local” level”. There are MORE ‘Liberty Haters’ in Town Hall, than the State House.

  3. Oh Vin darling, could you please shut off all that noise and just walk on the stage again…yes that’s good, now turn, now move your hips, yes.. that’s good. Now bend down…yeah that’s better.

    So much noise, I would have had a throbbing headache no doubt if I had to listen to that in the background. Visuals please, visuals are your specialty Vin, not content. Like so much else libertarian. Content light.

    In all honesty, how in the hell can the libertarians claim they have something for regular people when all their boost and support comes from the very rich? Seems to me something smelly is going on…jabbering rich people trying to sell us all some scam.

  4. does he wear Armani clothes?

  5. Another BS show. Yawn……………….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  6. And yet Jacks, you’ve managed to match these singular instances of BS with literally hundreds of posts that contribute nothing of value. One would think that after years and years of this, you’d have at least tried to broaden your purpose. But you never tire of this theme, do you pookums?,Or your hope that you’ll somehow eventually hurt your political rivals feelings with this nonsense. It’s absolutely tragic.

  7. great article, I was very impressed about it, wish you would have stayed next share

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