VIDEO: Police Threaten Peaceful Protestors at NH Governor’s House with Arrest for Chanting & Speaking

After multiple weeks of peaceful protests outside the home of the NH governor, “HIS EXCELLENCY”, Chris Sununu, the number of state police suddenly more than tripled. Unfortunately, the number of protestors was also down from around one hundred to a couple dozen. Likely due to the numbers, the predatory uniformed agents pounced. Video here:

Though previous protests were louder and larger, it was this one where they openly threatened anyone with arrest. First, they targeted Sununu’s 2020 primary opponent, Nobody, with a threat of a “disorderly conduct” arrest for speaking through a PA system. The cops claimed a neighbor complained about the noise and so they say NH RSA 644:2 III applies.

Since only Nobody was threatened with arrest, other speakers continued to use the PA system. None of the subsequent speakers were threatened. However, after most of the group participated in a relatively quiet chant of “Live Free or Die! We will not comply!”, several of the armed goons came and threatened the entire group with “disorderly conduct” specifically for the chanting, again claiming a neighbor complained.

While the state agents might have a case regarding the amplified sound, they would probably have a tougher time convicting an entire group of peaceful protestors for simply joining their voices together in the one place they can reach the “governor” with his office, the State House, completely closed “due to COVID”.

That said, no one felt like getting arrested this time and putting the police’s case to the test. Rumor now has it the town of Newfields, where Sununu resides, is considering a ban on residential picketing. Stay tuned here to Free Keene for the latest.

After this protest, we made a second stop to see if the NH Attorney General, Gordon MacDonald, was home and sang some “Chronic Carols“. Video to come!

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  1. I have seen all of Ian’s articles and videos. If freekeeners find this violent offender “interesting”, I would have no choice but to believe freekeene, just like the proudboys, are violent people. If he resists arrest, the prosecution will have a solid case. If he takes a plea deal then he is guilty and a hypocrite as well like all freekeeners.

  2. Pretty obvious those cops standing shoulder to shoulder know the masks and social distancing is a pants load of crap.

    Yet they obey. Somehow they are psychologically able to remove themselves from being responsible for their own behavior.

    But, but “muh oath” .

  3. Ha!!! Ian got his feathers ruffled. All of your constant threats of BS lawsuits fall on deaf ears. Hardly anyone showed up to this little get together. The only people who made sense were the officers.

    Such an immature display by Ian and his minions.

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