School Board Arrests Libertarian Party Chair for Refusing to Sit in Segregated Section

Six months after arresting a grandmother and Sunday School teacher Kathleen Bossi for not wearing a mask at their meeting, the Timberlane School Board once again has arrested another peaceful parent. At this week’s meeting, Nolan Pelletier, who is also the chairman of the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire, was arrested for “criminal trespass”. Why? For sitting with his wife in the main seating section instead of the segregated seating section for unmasked people. Here’s video, including some of what happened before and after his arrest:

Pelletier has been to every meeting this year and was witness to Bossi’s arrest in May. He and his wife Jessica have a child in the government school district and are not happy about the mask mandate being forced on the school kids. In an exclusive interview for Free Keene, Pelletier told me that at school board meetings, they even have a separate, segregated entrance for maskless people, who are then told they must sit in a segregated area of the auditorium.

Dr. Kimberly Farah, local sociopath

Dr. Kimberly Farah, local sociopath and head of Timberlane School Board

The Pelletiers and some other freedom-loving parents refused to enter via the “separate but equal” doors and eventually were allowed in the front door, and then rather than sit at the “back of the bus” – as one woman referred to the segregated zone – the Pelletiers sat quietly in the main seating section, where no one was seated anywhere nearby.

Within moments of the start of the meeting, the chairman of the school board, Dr. Kimberly Farah, issued a threat to the audience, saying that anyone who in unmasked and not seated in the segregated section will be charged with “criminal trespass”, which is a misdemeanor that could carry up to one year in jail. After issuing the board’s threats, Farah said, “We sincerely hope to avoid taking the above actions during our board meetings, as we believe that such a decision would not serve the district.” Seconds later, board member Sheila Lowes requested the meeting be halted, “until people are complying with what we are stating”. Farah then “asks” that unmasked people move to the segregated area. Fifteen seconds later, she “asks” again, as no one had apparently moved.

Clearly she wasn’t just asking, as nine seconds later, she says to the mask-free people that she is going to order them to leave the premises, and tells the police present that she wants their assistance removing unmasked people as she “considers those to be in criminal trespass”. The two police make a beeline for the Pelletiers, focusing on Nolan. The masked, armed men continue to use terms like “asking” and “guidelines”, though obviously these are not simply kind requests. One officer attempts to get Pelletier to claim he doesn’t want to follow the “guidelines” before turning back to Farah and asking if she wants Pelletier criminally trespassed. She affirms and moments later the officers tell him if he doesn’t leave on his own, he’ll be charged with resisting arrest in addition to criminal trespass. Beating a resisting arrest charge is quite difficult, so Pelletier understandably complied with the threatening gang members.

Nolan Pelletier Arrested at Timberlane School Board Meeting

LPNH Chair Nolan Pelletier Arrested at Timberlane School Board Meeting

Strangely, Pelletier told me the officers later claimed that he was never under arrest despite being handcuffed outside, put into a cruiser, and transported to the police station for booking before being released on “personal recognizance” bail. His arraignment is set for November 29th, 8am at Salem District Court.

Also, none of the other maskless people in the main seating area were charged, including Jessica Pelletier, who was seated right next to Nolan and left sitting there by police when they removed him. Others in the segregated section spoke out, including a man who told the school board they are slimeballs who belong in Massachusetts. He promised they would be publicly shamed and told them that they are disgusting. I hope he is right. People like these scum need to be shamed so much they quit their jobs and move out of New Hampshire. Eventually the government schools need to be ended entirely, but for now the best choice for freedom-loving parents is to get their kids out of the government schools, as soon as possible.

Stay tuned here to Free Keene for the latest on the sociopathic school board and the Pelletier case as it develops.

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  1. Shame them? How about criminally trespassing them from the Land of the Free? BTW, Epstein didn’t kill himself and Brandon didn’t win that election. Oh, and Curtis Dunn didn’t cause that woman to run the stop sign and suffer the resulting death of her and her daughter (who was mercifully spared taking showers with her dad).

  2. Interesting act of civil disobedience (?). I’d need to watch it again as I’m not 100% sure if you watch it carefully he actually broke the law. But it doesn’t matter if he did or didn’t. He clearly was standing up and that is ultimately what we need more people doing. If we could get all 20 or 30 of the people who attended and didn’t wear a mask to migrate to the privileges mask-required section it would severely undermine their threats. They already didn’t arrest the wife so…. and in fact what would have been really cool is if the people who were segregated for not wearing a mask proceeded to migrate to the mask required section. There are only so many spots for trial dates and there are only so many cages that they can throw us in.

  3. I was there and this guy was trying to get arrested. He put on quite a show. The officers didn’t even put cuffs on him. This whole story is performative and fake. He walked out and no arrest was made.

  4. I was under arrest. I was detained, processed, and let go on personal recognizance. But, I bet you know more than I do. My arraignment is the 29th for criminal trespassing. Video speaks for itself, no spectacle. They just didn’t want to cuff me on camera. They told my wife to bring bail money.

  5. Ignore the loser Nolan. It doesn’t matter what lies an officer says during an arrest. The courts will look at what the officers did when they deny having arrested someone and in this case would conclude you were in fact arrested in spite of the claim to the contrary. You don’t get a court date if there was not some sort of crime being accused. Yes-even a speeding ticket is a crime in this sense legally speaking. An arrest though is effectively “being booked” so the fact that you were taken to the station, fingerprinted, etc suggests an arrest took place. The handcuffs aren’t what determines whether or not someone has been arrested. Though… if you are handcuffed you were unquestionably detained regardless of whether or not you were arrested. It was disgusting that they threatened you with resisting arrest too. It suggests an obligation to help them with your arrest and that shouldn’t exist. Resisting arrest to whatever extent it exists only makes sense as a criminal charge where a person is attacking the arresting officer. You explicitly said you were NOT refusing arrest but something amount to not wanting to partake in assisting them with the arrest. The arrest being moving your physical body through the booking process.

  6. Government school administrators are the worst kind of pompous hypocrite. They almost all proclaim, “we teach kids not to bully” . They almost all self riteously claim to be rabidly for “gun control”.

    Yet, you never hear them complain about the guns that are used to extort home owners to pay them. People who derive their pay from confiscatory means, rather than voluntary and mutual exchange, have zero argument to rebut their blatant hypocrisy. They love guns, not for defensive use, which is the right of everyone. They love guns being used in an offensive manner to make sure they get paid.

    The solution of course is to pull your kids from government schools and organize to stop funding them if you don’t want or use them. Then the people that do want them can still be bossed around and indoctrinated if they want to by the likes of the tyrannical hypocritical pompous ass adminstrators, while no longer threatening their more kind hearted neighbors with violence.

    If you derive your pay from threats for noncompliance, you ARE a criminal, not because I say so, because logic says so.

  7. Ignorant people trashing Massachusetts… Is so pass’.. And brainless..

  8. Some activism is dumb. Not so with this IMHO
    Imo this should catch fire..
    The damn auditorium is empty!
    And they have a segregated section!!
    This is bonkers
    The schools use the lions share of taxes . There is so much wrong with this idiocy perpetrated by those who lay claim to teaching..
    Idk lol ?

  9. Some activism is dumb. Not so with this IMHO
    Imo this should catch fire..
    The damn auditorium is empty!
    And they have a segregated section!!
    This is bonkers
    The schools use the lions share of taxes . There is so much wrong with this idiocy perpetrated by those who lay claim to teaching..
    Idk lol ?

  10. Thanks for the entertainment, Ian. You chucklefucks always know how to get a laugh out of me. A real Rosa Parks here, lol. I’m surprised they even accommodated you. Was this really easier than wearing a mask?

    Hey David, I’m sorry that the public school system failed you. You must have had bad English teachers, huh?

  11. Uh huh. Hey Karl, didja know that former Vice President Joe Biden was engaging in a bit of mask theater himself last week? Apparently he was in MI congratulating himself over how he single-handedly built an EV assembly plant in Detroit with his own two hands.

    Anyway, it turns out that while he was shaking hands with all sorts of plague-ridden deplorables, suddenly, out of nowhere, one of those deplorables whipped out a camera to take a selfie and stuff.

    Oh, did I mention the Joester wasn’t wearing a mask?

    Anyway, you’ll never guess what happened next, Karl. And no, the Joester didn’t shit his pants. That was at the Vatican. But that’s neither here nor there.

    What he did do was put his mask on faster than green grass through a goose. Pretty quick thinking on his part, huh?

    Now here’s the rub, Karl. It’s not that you, Joe Biden, or the Timberlane School Politburo give two shits about masks. We all know you don’t. The only reason you libtard weirdos push them on the rest of us is because you know there aren’t going to be any real-world consequences for doing so. I mean, who’s calling you guys out on this bullshit besides Ian and Rand Paul anyway? Certainly not the fair and independent media, am I right?

  12. Stupid fucking school board. They won’t even let me come in without pants or underwear. Something about how it’s unhygienic to have my butthole on the seats. You know what though, if you are so worried about my butthole poops then why don’t YOU wear pants to protect yourself. If you do that, then what’s the problem? Why is it my responsibility to cater to YOU?. It’s not right that I am being treated as a second class citizen, like Rosa Parks.

  13. Ya know Peter, for some reason you libtard weirdos are under the mistaken impression that we libertarians have some sort of moral obligation to extend our principles to you folks even when you’ve made it abundantly clear you’ll never, ever, ever reciprocate. What’s the deally yo with that, anyway?

  14. Hey now, libertarians have a moral obligation to abide by the NAP, even to people we disagree with. Are you saying that you aren’t willing to do that, Slivers? Are you some kind of commie or something? Why don’t you go back to obsessing over Joe Biden. I know he’s your guy.

  15. This is ridiculous. They give people the right to choose wearing a mask or not wearing a mask. They are doing their best to keep people who are not wearing masks apart from those who do.

    Leave it to idiot libertarians to try and mess this up and make people feel uncomfortable. Most people don’t have a problem with this. Unfortunately their always has to be some liberal idiots trying to create drama.

  16. That’s nice, Pete. The thing is you libtard weirdos won’t reciprocate with the NAP and stuff, so we’re under no obligation to extend said principles to any of you, now are we? It’s funny how that reality totally chaps your flat, flabby libtard buttcheeks, isn’t it?

    Anyway, speaking of the Joester, didja hear the skinny about that caboose croissant he laid out in the Vatican? Word is it weighed almost 2 lbs and was pinched out neatly into an almost perfect three-ring coil. Gross, huh?

  17. Whatever Slivers. Keep talking about your Joe Biden poop fetish as if people want to hear about it. Whatever floats your boat. Why don’t you move out to Commiefornia already and be with the other butt-sniffers. Stay away from NH if you can’t follow the NAP.

  18. Hey JJ, The liberal idiots do seem to create drama. For them, it’s all “wear a mask, wear pants, don’t masturbate” or else.

    Ridiculous control freaks, that’s what they are.

  19. That’s nice, Pete. Say, do ya think all the Joester’s fudge pops look like that? If they do, it’s probably because of all that ice cream he eats. Ya know, he should eat more vegetables like you libtard weirdos keep telling us to, am I right?

    Oh, by the way, didja hear what happened with the Faucinator about a week ago? Turns out he had to admit to the NYT of all people that those covid vaccines he wants everyone to get injected with don’t actually protect against serious covid symptoms or death and stuff. It’s true. Hand to God. Apparently all that vaccine data coming outta Israel is making it really, really hard for him to keep lying about it.

    Anyway, here’s what he said: “It’s waning to the point that you’re seeing more and more people getting breakthrough infections, and more and more of those people who are getting breakthrough infections are winding up in the hospital.”

    Wow. There’s a lot of weird, wacky, and wild stuff coming out of the Faucinator’s mouth these days, huh Pete?

  20. You’ll listen in anticipation to every word out of his mouth, won’t you Slivers? Typical commie. Who cares about fauci? I don’t even capitalize his name. Only stuck up liberals and other normal people who don’t want to get the “china virus” pay attention to what he has to say. Morons. Why don’t you go back to Massholechusetts already if you’re going to spread bullshit. Take the gay communist ghost and the soon to be “doctor” with you.

  21. This whole event could have been avoided if the FBI had raided this LP State Chair’s home in advance of the school board meeting. Afterall, this man is clearly a threat to the public health and safety.

  22. Yup. Karl and Jacks and the Faucinater are such total liars, aren’t they Pete? Anyway, my point is that you libtard weirdos violated the NAP first by trying to coerce others into taking ineffective, unwanted, and ill-advised vaccines. There’s no way any of us are gonna cooperate with you tools now. You can see why, right? Ha ha. Just kidding. I know you can’t.

  23. Yeah, Karl, Jacks, and fauci are all saying stuff I don’t want to hear, so they must be lying!

    Slivers, we can’t go down to their level, that would make us no different then them. We have to continue exercising our freedoms and upholding the NAP. It’s the Libertarian Way. If you think the initiation of aggression is appropriate, then you aren’t a libertarian, you are a commie.

  24. Are you sure you want Jacks to go to Massachusetts, Peter? Come on, Jacks does have his strong points. For instance, he does like to play Doctor 😉

    Oh I know! Maybe he can examine your “long schlong” and come up with a medical explanation for it. What do you say?

  25. That’s nice, Pete. Thing is, you think those guys are all liars too. That’s why you took the time to put the word “doctor” in quotes and stuff.

    Anyway, this morning I was catching up on the latest adventures of the Faucinater and guess what else I found out? Turns out that Fauci and his fellow vaccinators were doing everything they could to keep information about the vaccine’s lack of effectiveness concealed from the public and then, rather than coming out clean when the truth came out, helped spread more misinformation about booster shots in hopes of covering things up.

    Boy, that was a pretty shitty thing to do, huh? Doogie Howser, M.D. would never try to pull a fast one like that, am I right?

  26. Idk something fishy about that Doogie Howser too IMO. Supposedly the youngest Dr ever but conveniently stopped practicing once he reached the standard age of a real Doctor. Highly suspect

  27. Oh yeah, those guys are definitely liars. I bet that ghost isn’t even a real ghost, but instead a living person pretending to be a ghost! I’ve never seen a ghost go on the internet. What an asshole. I guess he could be a guy named Karl Marx though. I’m not sure.

  28. Uh huh. That’s nice to know, Pete. Really. I mean that. Thanks a bunch.

    Anyway, speaking of assholes, didja hear what Steven Colbert had to say about the Rittenhouse verdict the other day? Apparently, Colbert is of the opinion that if the government can’t use the law to convict people who didn’t break it, then that law should be changed. That way we can have even more criminals and stuff to throw in jail. Wow, what a smart fella, huh?

  29. Oh, and Intrigare? I’m gonna pretend you didn’t say any of that. If any aspersions need to be cast, it should be towards that shitty Doogie Howser reboot on Disney+. I mean those libtard weirdos over there won’t stop till they ruin everything, am I right?

  30. Intrigare: Jacks does like to play doctor, but it wouldn’t be wise for him to go to Massachusetts as they require medical licenses in the state. Pretty sure they do in New Hampshire too, but it’s more likely that we’ll get rid of that pesky requirement and replace it with something better which would permit Jacks to play doctor legally in coming years.

  31. Silvia sounds like you’re a glutton for punishment. Disturbed about the trash laying around at the landfill much? 😉

  32. kk I’m sure JJ will be okay… If the law doesn’t recognize him then then there is always black market demand from unstoppable market forces… Like our friend Peter here 😉

  33. Nah. Everything’s cool, Intrigare. Everything’s cool. Just thawing the turkey and having fun owning the libs as usual. Glad to see ya back, by the way. 🙂

  34. I trust that’s not tofu turkey, right Silvia?

  35. What? Screw that tofurkey bullshit, Intrigare. It’s 20 lbs of Shady Brook Farms Grade A all the way for this trophy wife’s family. Looks like I got lucky with the giblets too. Two of each of hearts, livers, and gizzards. Looks like it’s gonna be a good day. 🙂

  36. Haha nice. See that Peter? And you thought Silvia was a commie…

  37. Turns out Pete doesn’t know how comments sections work either, Intrigare. He’s tried to show me his Magic Mike like three times already. 😉

  38. I got a turkey too. Won’t be eating it though.

  39. That’s nice, Pete. Say, I’ve got some more news about Steven Colbert. Actually it’s the same news but I thought I’d go over it again on account that it’s the holidays and stuff. You’re gonna love this.

    Anyway, it turns out the Colbertster’s the first to admit that he doesn’t understand laws, particularly the ones allowing self-defense. Still, he wants them changed anyway. That way, the next time some peaceful guy putting out a dumpster fire finds himself under attack by violent rioters and stuff, that guy can be killed and the rioters can keep on rioting like libtard mayors intended them to. God that Colbert guy’s the best. I hope CBS never fires him.

  40. Who cares about Colbert? Slivers, your fascination with liberals is kind of weird. It’s something a commie would do. Focus on more important things, like what I’m about to do to this turkey.

  41. Ha ha. Yeah. I think Colbert’s funny too.

    Anyway Pete, this Rittenhouse situation is really getting under you libtard weirdos skin, huh? Ya know, I was watching the news the other day and saw Peter Doocy ask Jen Psaki if the Joester intended to apologize for calling Rittenhouse a white supremacist and stuff and ya know what she said? That all this is totally Donald Trump’s fault! You believe that? Boy, talk about having your head in the sand, huh?

    Oh well, I guess Kyle will have to wait until after Thanksgiving to get his apology. I’m sure the Rittenhouse family is thankful he’s home with them for the holiday. Suing the pants off all you libtard liars can wait until next week, am I right?

  42. Slivers, how many times do I have to tell you I’m not a libtard? It seems that I’ve told you about as many times as I’ve basted this turkey with my own special brine, which is a lot of times, let me tell ya.

    Anyway, as I’ve always said, everybody should carry as many guns as they can carry out in public. You never know when you might encounter people trying to take your guns away, and then you’d have to blast em.

  43. Uh huh. That’s cool. That’s cool. There’s one big problem, though. Turns out libertarians tend to get angry when they’re lied to. Especially by government employees. But libtard weirdos like you? Well you’re the guys who get angry when you’re told the truth. It’s a real dead giveaway, Pete. Remember that for next time.

    Anyway, have ya heard the latest news? Turns out hundreds of universities across the country are offering their students counseling services and safe spaces in lieu of the Rittenhouse verdict. Apparently, they’re totally scared shitless of today’s societal norm that allows peaceful people to defend themselves – especially against libtard weirdos who set dumpster fires and have miles long criminal records. Whatta bunch of dopes, am I right?

  44. Reminder: all birds are government drones, including the turkey on Pete’s table.

  45. Getting vaccinated and even wearing a mask at times is a small price to pay to keep people safe. And I am not a “libtard”. I am a Republican and a Conservative.

    Pelletier is no hero. The endless selfishness and narcissism is sickening. Maybe military service should be mandatory. Some of you might better understand “shared sacrifice”. Wearing a mask at times indoors to keep other people safe is not unreasonable. I just read today about at 27 year old mother of 3 who died of Covid. She wasn’t even an anti-vaxxer; she was just too busy to get a shot.

    Meanwhile, the childless Freeman rages against “government schools” calls volunteer school board parents “scum” and wants people who disagree with him to leave New Hampshire.

    No, since we have no Federal Prisons here, it is Mr. Freeman who will be leaving New Hampshire. His first stop will be in Brooklyn, New York. Enjoy.

  46. Boy LFoD, you Branch Covidians sure are milking this covid thing for all it’s worth, now aren’tcha? I mean SARS was over and done with in like 8 months, wasn’t it? Where’re we with covid, now? Two years into two weeks to flatten the curve?

    Anyway, nice post, by the way. If not a bit lengthy and stuff. Say, how about I shorten it for you – you know, like into one simple sentence? Try this one on for size:

    LFoD remains retarded.

    There. Quick and straight to the point. Much better than what you posted, am I right LFoD?

  47. What’s the latest with Ian durys.. is he going to jail, if so, for how long..
    JJ need not reply
    Monsieur Freeman should do a update post

  48. ‘Some of you might better understand “shared sacrifice”.’

    Mmmhmmm like all the active duty military that wouldn’t take the jab on their own but are now being forced to or face disciplinary action or discharge. Yeah that would teach us some valuable life lessons there eh?

  49. And don’t get me started about Talibanistan…

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