Keene Police Lieutenant Advocates Mask Civil Disobedience

Jason Short Dodges DEA Questions

Jason Short, in 2014 outside Phat Stuff DEA raid.

In the most pleasantly surprising news of the year, the Keene Sentinel has broken a story about Keene Police lieutenant Jason Short advocating mass civil disobedience regarding the city’s recently passed mask mandate. Though the Sentinel piece appears to want to shock readers with Short’s opinions, those of us who have engaged with him over more than a decade of peaceful civil disobedience activism are proud to see his evolution.

The Sentinel reveals that Short posted the following to his facebook account:

“Remember the bad guys in movies don’t know they are bad, they think they are doing the ‘right thing’ for the benefit of society. It is only when the ‘good guy’ stands up to them that they realize they are wrong. Citizens need to stand up and stop simply complying to this nonsense mandates.”

The rest of the Sentinel piece is designed to gin up outrage that a police officer dared to openly speak against the city gang’s precious mask ordinance. However, surprisingly, Keene Police chief Steven Russo actually covered for Short rather than throwing him under the bus, explaining to the reporter that it’s Short’s right to express himself as Short doesn’t lose the right to free speech just because he works for the state. Russo claims, “Lt. Short will enforce the Ordinance consistent with my guidance and in the same spirit as all of our Officers regardless of his personal feelings”, but doesn’t say what his “guidance” is. There is a good chance Russo’s “guidance” is to encourage Keene police to use discretion regarding enforcing the ordinance.

Many people, including those railing against Short online for expressing independent thoughts, simply do not understand that all police officers have discretion. Discretion is the ability for each officer to decide whether to enforce any given statute or ordinance, with few exceptions. As I understand it, generally, police officers are only obligated to enforce certain violent felonies. So, even if Russo tells Short to enforce the mask mandate, Short can still use his discretion and the worst than can be done to him is he’d likely get a stern talking-to or perhaps reassigned to the night shift.

Keene Police Officer Jason Short

Keene Police Officer Jason Short, Civil Disobedience Advocate

City mob boss Elizabeth Dragon was even approached by Sentinel reporter Caleb Symons for comment on whether Short could be disciplined, but she wisely refused to return his calls, as she probably doesn’t want to admit there’s nothing the city council can do if the police refuse to enforce their ordinance. From what I understand, Short isn’t the only police officer who feels as he does.

A decade ago, Short was the antagonist during Derrick J Freeman’s “Victimless Crime Spree“, arresting Free Keene blogger Derrick J in Central Square for open possession of cannabis. In 2014, as the DEA was raiding then-Main Street business Phat Stuff, Keene police were running cover for them and I confronted Short outside the business about his role in the situation. During the conversation, I asked him how he feels about a productive downtown business being destroyed by the DEA, and he told me, “what I feel don’t matter”. I responded that it does matter, which is why I asked him for his opinion.

Now, more than half a decade later, Short appears to have changed his tune, and for the better. He’s not only expressing his opinion about bad law publicly, he’s also taking the correct position – that the mask mandate is evil and needs to be disobeyed. That’s because good people disobey bad laws and good cops refuse to enforce them.

If Jason Short can go from bad guy to good guy, maybe there is hope. Whether or not activists like Derrick J have had a positive influence on Short over the years, kudos to Short for taking a stand.

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  1. This is one bad dude too. When I picture a cop beating his wife Jason Short comes to mind. While I generally think it’s hopeless to try and get non-libertarians to become libertarians I’m not of the opinion people can’t mellow out a bit. Maybe Jason Short is just one of those guys who beats his wife and kids less- or maybe he’s even tried to stop. In either case I’ll support that. I will forgive Jason for assaulting me this past year if he’s willing to change his ways for the better- or at least try. Nobody’s perfect, but I can commend him for maybe trying here.

  2. Nice job Ian. I’m glad to hear there is an officer greenlighting civil disobedience in Keene.

    My money is on the fact that a large number of Keene cops are of a similar mind and he was somehow selected for the role of spokesman.

    Hopefully that’s the case.

    Let me know of the next event in Keene concerning this.

  3. So an off duty officer stands and says his feelings about wearing masks. He is against it. OK. But, he will enforce it when he is on duty as a police officer. Nowhere in this article does he say he would endorse people to practice civil disobedience.

    You talk about this “police discretion ” If you are outright breaking the law, you are going to get a ticket. I believe you need to read up about how officers use “discretion”

    With the covid variations and the USA’s rising covid cases, Keene isn’t going to be the only city to do this. Why you people make such a large stink about this is beyond me. There are far more pressing issues in this world than wearing a mask for public safety.

    You really grasp at straws don’t you..

  4. Glad to see that some, or hopefully all of the Keene police are correctly nullifying this silly law. I will use “people nullification” to defy this silly unconstitutional ordinance myself and if enough people refuse to comply with it, then the ordinance will be effectively nullified by “We The People.”

    The problem with forced masking is much bigger than just masks though as the next step if we foolishly comply with this small masking tyranny will be forced vaccinations so it’s best to defy the mask nonsense now before the tyrants, who think they own our bodies, move to their real goal of forced COVAIDS vaccines for all. And even that wouldn’t satisfy the tyrants as they would then demand boosters after each fake virus fake variant is computer invented. And if they can force COVAIDS vaccines on us, then they’ll try to push many other vaccines on us. For me and many others, forced vaccines are a line in the sand that would lead to a civil war as if we don’t even own our own bodies, then we own absolutely nothing as in communism. I myself would fight to the death to defend myself from any forced vaccination. Sic Semper Tyrannis!!!!

  5. Why is this post tagged as “victimless crime”?

    I can see an argument that you think it’s your right to endanger others – I understand that position. But just as with drunk driving, believing you have a right doesn’t mean there are no victims. (Same for the Free Staters who want a class of vehicles they can drive without license or registration, right?)

    This is very, very different from the victimless crime of pot smoking.

    I worry that you’re hurting your own credibility with the masses you want to convert, when you say mask refusal has no victims.

  6. I agree with masks

  7. They’ll probably put shorts on a short leash now.
    Because of saying things

  8. I think Dereck J did have a positive influence on Jason Short.

  9. “I can see an argument that you think it’s your right to endanger others – I understand that position.”

    No, its the other side who thinks they have a right to endanger others. With mask mandates for example.

  10. Them are words of a confused person: masks don’t “endanger people”

  11. Don’t be fooled by this man. Jason Short is willing to destroy lives, because he is an abuser, he is sick and he believes that a false reward system that disingenuously rewards them more egotistical positions and promise and empty prominence. That’s not to say that he doesn’t have value. It means that he’s been groomed unconsciously by other deviant minded people in that same exact system. They have taken him because he COULD have been special. He COULD shave been a human that can use that special gift to actually help as he and they lie about that they actually do. The world has squandered a man that HAS GREAT potential yet made him into a low level violent thug willing to perpetuate sick and twisted means for shortsighted and empty ends. I forgive him for that because I see clearly what made him into a piece of human garbage. That doesn’t not excuse his behavior. If it’s not true, I encourage anyone to prove they point otherwise.

  12. Laurence you sound high-falutin

  13. Prove me wrong or “prove they’re otherwise” (please forgive sloppy typo). You can hide behind your fear mask all that you like, but please one request, to keep it on topic. If you wish to challenge those statements, poorly typed or not, by all means I encourage you to do so. Thank you and Merry Christmas.

  14. By the way Dave, I also don’t believe in global warming. Wanna fight me?

  15. No


  16. Jeepers, Dave. And here I was totally looking forward to owning you for Christmas and stuff. Thanks for taking that away from me ya friggin’ grinch.

    Anyway, masks shmasks, am I right Dave? Turns out if you do this, though, you’ll totally be protected from Omicron. It’s true. Hand to God. Just ask the school board.

  17. Besides, I said mask mandates endanger people, for multiple reasons I won’t get into here because you’ve already decided that covid is the bigger threat. But yeah what you said too.

    I’ll just say that viruses have always been around killing people and… *Yawn* you’re boring David to borrow some of your words lol.

    Don’t read this though because its anonymous ok 😉

  18. A mask is a good choice
    Everyone should wear one.
    A mandate for masks is turning out to be mandatory.
    Because of you all.

  19. Laurence, you talk like you know Jason Short.
    Are you a Keene person?

  20. Replying to this comment – it’s hard to know who’s who –
    > Ya know Dave, it’s funny you should say that. Cuz guess what?

    I’m not a troller, I’m just here to better understand modern libertarian thinking, because it’s a lot different from the folks I knew in college. Anyway:

    Funny you should say THAT (the Snopes photo URL), because it’s from an article that says the claim is false! 🙂

    Before I even dug that up, I noticed in the photo itself that it says it’s a GENERAL PURPOSE mask, not a surgical mask etc.

    I doubt that anyone will change their opinion on masking or anything in the comments section of a blog, but I hope to contribute at least to the thinking… nobody will get insults or fights from me.

    Side note: Ian, this is a pretty competent WordPress site – it might help the clarity of the dialog if you enabled replies to comments. Up to you of course!

  21. Good people disobey bad (not)laws!

    It’s nice that a cop has the balls and brains to do the right thing, wish more would consider doing the right thing.

  22. To the one that posted as “Dave” last time…
    I dont care

  23. Good people also impose good laws

  24. to that person who posted as Dave last time : i would respond to you but…you’re not interesting

  25. its not my fault: people should up their game

  26. David Crawford, You have lost the virtue required for competence. Perhaps you are lonely, stuck hiding in fear, hidden away from the world in a place you can’t complete your thoughts; therefore trapped in a place where you can’t see the light of reason. Just a wild guess. Based on how you approach these topics. If you read this again, perhaps imagine that your name is the other guy’s and let’s say that you are replying with his words… maybe that will allow you to see that position that’s wrecking your abilities, perhaps like you say, you don’t care. Either way, you suffer. We suffer. Ain’t nobody got time fo dat. I certainly do not. Enjoy that state check that keeps you quiet and subservient.
    To Myself & Other Folks Speakibg with David Crawford, Wr are basically at the end of things. There is bo more waking people up. They don’t want to be. As sad as it is, when the S hits the fan, as many times as we have tried, he and others like him will look around and say “Why didn’t anyone warn me?”… unvest where you already are and leave these kind to die as they choose. Harsh words, but we tried. Move on and don’t let his illness spread to you and your posterior. Best wishes for a Merry Christmas. Sincerely, Lawrence aka a guy David Crawford’s question to was asking if I was from Keene, as his takeaway.

  27. laurence….why u so high falutinh….

  28. you guys dont talk like a normal person
    …thats the problem…
    you think your smart but, your not that smart

  29. David is drunk when he posts. 90% certain. Because when I’m drunk, my posts look like his. Hehe

  30. Uh huh. So Snopes says that’s totally false, huh Dave? Wow. An organization of libtard weirdos whose sole job is to determine whether things other people say are true or not. I’m sure they’d never abuse that kind of power.

    Anyway, guess what? Ever notice that most people wear those sorts of general purpose masks? That’s what makes those things totally dangerous and stuff.

    That means Intrigare was totally right and you were totally wrong, weren’tcha Dave? Don’t worry, once you sober up, you’ll see the truth. Oh, and when you do, I expect an apology – to all of us.

  31. Hehe oh I’m sure he’ll get in line right behind Jumping Jacks on that apology for being wrong all the time, Silvia.

    Until that time we can sit back and continue to watch the comedy unfold 🙂

  32. Yup, Intrigare. It’s gonna be a good week for sure. 🙂

  33. You guys talk like you think your smart, and you’re not that smart;
    that’s transparent.

    And you act flippant

    That’s why you’ll not get a good reception.

  34. Who needs masks and vaccines for a fake virus???? Dr. Brian Tyson easily cures near 100% of his patients from whatever COVAIDS really is (I suspect it EMR poisoning from some of the 5G frequencies being rolled out around the world) with just some simple nutrients and some very safe drugs, including aspirin.

  35. Jingleheimer Schmidt :

    You can do whatever you want to do.

    We will just bar you from places. 🙂

  36. You and the rest of the medical communists out there can bar me all you like David, but if you try to force vaccinate me, then I will use whatever force is necessary to stop you, even if I have to kill you in self-defense.

  37. Jingleheimer

    No ones going to “force vaccinate” you; I think you know that.

    I think you just said that part to do macho bloviating.

    You’ll just get left alone, don’t worry 🙂

  38. “Dave on December 24, 2021 at 5:02 pm
    Why is this post tagged as ‘victimless crime’?”

    Wearing a mask does not protect anyone from anything. Germs slip right though the masks.

    The threat from COVID-19 is wildly exaggerated. Most people have less than 1% chance of dying from it. The death statistics have been greatly inflated by the inclusion of people with co-morbidities, who actually died from heart attacks, cancer, and even things like car accidents or gun shot wounds in some cases, but who had a Coronavirus in their system, or who were suspected of having a Coronavirus in their system. Even if you believe what the government says that the death count is, it only comes out to about 1.5% of the population, but when you take into consideration that this number has obviously been inflated with people who really died from a co-morbidity the real death count is much less than that, easily less than half of what the government claims were COVID deaths.

    It is also interesting, and quite suspicious how deaths from the flu and pneumonia have mysteriously dropped by around 90% Could it be that the government has reclassified the flu and pneumonia as being COVID-19 in order to pump up the sickness and death numbers and get people scared, so they can use it as an excuse for a money and power grab? They would not do that, or would they?

  39. Andy!
    The people who are more informed and smarter than you on the subject, have said otherwise.

    You’re just a contrarian and you want people to go by what *you* say .

  40. We see the world as we are… not, as it is.

  41. “David Crawford on December 30, 2021 at 4:25 pm
    The people who are more informed and smarter than you on the subject, have said otherwise.”

    What you just did is appealing to false authority.

  42. > Andy on December 30, 2021 at 11:34 am
    > Wearing a mask does not protect anyone from anything. Germs slip right though the masks.

    Well, no. There are different types of masks. Doctors, nurses, firefighters, people with jobs in chemical plants, etc etc all use different kinds of masks.

    As I said, I’m not here to argue – I’m here to learn about libertarian thinking – but that reply to me is dangerous so I just want to explain my thinking.

  43. Youse are both incorrect

  44. The “false authorities” are doing my bidding
    Thus, they make youse do things that I want your to do

  45. Oh look, he thinks they are doing his bidding… Hehe.

  46. ? can someone say interesting things..

  47. Interesting things, huh Dave? M’kay. How ’bout this?

    1. Cloth masks are ineffective against covid.

    2. Vaccinated people can both get and spread covid.

    3. The covid death rate is comparable to the flu.

    4. The process of natural selection is the reason why Omicron is more infectious but much less virulent than previous variants.

    5. RT-PCR testing kits should not be used on people who are not presenting covid symptoms.

    6. Many people are entering hospitals because they tested positive for covid, not because they have symptoms of covid.

    7. Covid policy should focus on hospitalizations and deaths, not case rate.

    8. Children are not at risk for covid infections so there’s no reason why schools shouldn’t remain open.

    9. We have to take into account societal needs when considering health policy on the population as a whole.

    10. Covid is predominantly an illness affecting the immunocompromised and the elderly and governments who decide to shut down society as a matter of policy are unfit to rule.

  48. What you choose to pick as a moniker … Was more than enough for me to see… Unfortunately it was unavoidable.
    The rest was very avoidable.
    I said *interesting*
    Maybe a smart person will step up…

  49. God you’re so hot, Dave. I’ll bet you have to beat the girls off with a stick, now don’tcha?

    Anyway, didja hear the news? Apparently the CDC’s no longer recognizing the PCR test as a valid method for detecting covid and stuff. Course we’ve all been saying that shit for ages, but hey, it’s nice the “experts” are finally admitting the truth for once, am I right?

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