Historic NH Exit Constitutional Amendment Heard by Full State House: VIDEO + Dem Reaction Tweets

Statists on social media are freaking out over the thirteen heroic state representatives who voted in favor of the historic NH Exit constitutional amendment, CACR 32, which would have simply placed the question of peaceful independence from the United States federal gang on the ballot.

Of course, the lying pro-Empire reps and mainstream media are acting like CACR 32’s vote was a vote on secession, when it was just a vote to let the people  of NH vote on the question. That means the 323 reps who voted it down are telling the people of New Hampshire that, as democrat representative Tim Egan admitted in an email, “legislators can absolutely not trust voters with this decision”.

Sadly, there were a bunch of so-called “liberty reps” who had nothing but excuses for why they didn’t support CACR 32.  Nonetheless, bill sponsors Mike Sylvia and Matt Santonastaso spoke in favor of freedom from the tyranny of the evil federal goons, as you can see in the full video from the house floor yesterday:

Here are some of the hysterical reactions by the Empire Loyalists on Twitter.  Click the names above the images to find the actual post on their profiles:

NH Senator Lou D’Allesandro (D), Manchester:

NH Senator Cindy Rosenwald (D), Nashua:

State Rep David Meuse (D), Portsmouth:

State Rep Rosemarie Rung (D), Merrimack:

State Rep Sherry Frost (D), Dover:

State Rep Tom Loughman (D), Hampton:

State Rep Manny Espitia (D), Nashua:

@sophiabeetweets NH High School Democrats Expansion Director:

Timothy C @granitepolitics:

“PT – get vaccinated!” @pt35mm:







Kathy Sullivan, former NH Democrat Party Chair:

Finally, here is a list of the thirteen heroic reps that voted to stop CACR 32 from being killed:

Abramson, Max
Aldrich, Glenn
Bailey, Glenn
Bershtein, Alan
Dodge, Dustin
Green, Dennis
Howard, Raymond
Kelley, Diane
Santonastaso, Matthew
Sylvia, Michael
Terry, Paul
Warden, Mark
Yokela, Josh

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  1. Rep Tim Smith seems a bit off his rocker. This bill brought him to tears? Wow now that’s some statolatry if I’ve ever seen it.

  2. The sky is falling!!

  3. Status, Social Media? The people who voted for this doesn’t represent what the people who live in New Hampshire want.

    Let say it passed. It would be shot down as it moved up the ladder; New Hampshire doesn’t have the economy or the resources to be it’s own entity. People don’t want to live like they are in the 1800’s. Go live in an Amish community if you want that kind of life. I can’t imagine all the laws that would have to be made. The money New Hampshire would have to borrow consistently to barely stay a float. Not to mention New Hampshire would have to pay all that money back.
    Lastly, The USA wouldn’t let New Hampshire secede

    Shouldn’t Ian be working on his trial that’s coming up? When is your next hearing? Still looking forward to the trial.

  4. JJ all of those objections and more have already been answered.

    In case you haven’t noticed, the US ship is sinking and taking NH down with it. Secession from the US would be like a huge weight taken off its shoulders and it could then truly be a shining example for the world as NH has always been meant to be.

    Maybe watch the vid or try doing some research before posting? I know, castles in the air right? 😉

  5. Ya know Big L, I’m not sure I totally agree with your math on this one. Cuz as far as election fraud goes, one questionable Republican vote is waaay less than the 57K questionable Democrat ballots found in the 2021 Maricopa County, AZ audit of the 2020 election, am I right?

  6. You tell ’em, Jacks. How dare those state reps actually represent their respective constituents and vote “yes” for secession from a government whose obvious corruption is bringing about calls for secession. The nerve, huh?

  7. Intrigare – If you dislike America that much, move somewhere else. You have a whole world out there with countries you could move to. Maybe there you could get them to change their laws to something else you may like better. America is not sinking. It has it’s problems just like any other country. So if you are going to be whiny you have a number of options to explore.

    If you want to play split personality syndrome on this forum. go ahead. I hardly ever read your paranoid BS

  8. This first house hearing was truly amazing. People are talking and getting excited about this. Most seem to understand that this was just the first step and are ecstatic about the idea of actual major progress being made. I’ve been hearing random people talk about it and I’m shocked at how much support there is among the general public. It seems the only people uncertain about it are some of the reps as they just haven’t considered the idea enough and it’s just a matter of time before they come around to it. In fact many have said that they support it, but aren’t yet ready to vote on this. They want to study it and have a plan of action. In reality the plan exists, but the message hasn’t gotten through what the plan is. So next time round we’ll probably see some more progress.

  9. “If you dislike America that much, move somewhere else.”

    Thanks for the tip Jumping Jacks, but NH is already one of the freest places in the world, and if it seceeds it will be even freer.

    I suggest you stop living in the 1800s… The US is no longer the country it once was. The whole world can see it’s in decline, why can’t you Jumping Jacks?

    The sooner NH and other states secede from it, the better off they’ll be

  10. When the option of leaving a relationship doesn’t exist, it often means some form of captivity is occurring.

  11. Yea- my relationship with government is NOT consensual.

  12. Intrigare – “The sooner NH and other states secede from it, the better off they’ll be” All of this coming from you? Sorry but New Hampshire will never secede from the USA. Texas has been trying this ploy for years and years and have failed.

  13. Coming from me… And Texas then? Ok.

  14. “Nothing else in the world…not all the armies…is so powerful as an idea whose time has come.” – Victor Hugo

  15. State secession isn’t the only option, Intrigare. There’re also a thing called “regional secession.” This is where a state breaks up into two or more states or joins another.

    I’m sure Jacks would find that sort of ploy way more acceptable cuz that means no one gets to flee the sinking ship at all. And that’s what’s most important, isn’t it Intrigare? I mean we’re all in this together, am I right? 😉

  16. Would like to see a libertyish State Rep put in a bill barring individuals from marriage divorcing next session. Invent a term akin to treason, that describes people who mutually want to divorce, maybe even a death penalty possibility. Lol.

    The sponsor of the no divorce bill could use the quotes and “logic” the “no secession ever legislators” used to malign the secession vote measure.

    Maybe even an “arranged marriage” bill too, since that’s pretty much what the “you’re not allowed to secede” people are advocating. The naysayers obviously don’t mind other people from hundreds of years ago arranging future generations in a never ending human association without any consideration of the present persons consent.

    Sometimes holding a mirror up is the good way to show people what they advocate.

  17. Rep Santonastaso’s reading of the excerpt from the Declaration of Independence in regard to disbanding political ties is on target; legitimate grievances from the people have been ignored for generations, and more sinister than that, the rogue criminal elements in the District of Columbia have unlawfully engaged in warfare of all types against the people of all 50 states. It has also waged war against the world, using violence to establish a “unipolar new world order” as described in Rebuilding America’s Defenses by the Project For A New American Century.

    The underlying details of history are complex; however, the corruption and wanton malice of D.C. is obvious on it’s face.

    The first step is to dissolve the usurpations of New Hampshire sovereignty by the Feds through noncompliance and simply cutting the strings attached. NH has a decent track record of such things; denying the R.E.A.L. ID is one example, as it has been over 20 years and still voluntary. More acts of civil disobedience by NH are necessary to peaceably posit our sovereignty and independence as a free people.

    The second step is to secede from the political association with, very specifically, the city-state operating under the Organic Act as the District of Columbia. We ought to maintain a union of cooperation with the other 49 sovereign states by any and all peaceful means necessary, circumventing the District of Criminals entirely.

    Thirdly, New Hampshire shall begin to organize a renewed union under a new framework, perhaps setting up a regional assembly of New England states.

    I have seen many practical and prudent suggestions and plans for how to operate independently, to be self-sufficient, and to continue ensuring New Hampshire remains one of the best places on Earth to live a meaningful life.

    Live Free or Die!

  18. I add to the argument for NH Independence, Article 10 of the NH Constitution:

    “[Right of Revolution.] Government being instituted for the common benefit, protection, and security, of the whole community, and not for the private interest or emolument of any one man, family, or class of men; therefore, whenever the ends of government are perverted, and public liberty manifestly endangered, and all other means of redress are ineffectual, the people may, and of right ought to reform the old, or establish a new government. The doctrine of nonresistance against arbitrary power, and oppression, is absurd, slavish, and destructive of the good and happiness of mankind.
    June 2, 1784”

  19. Good points, Bob C and New Hampshirite.

    Another thing Rep Santonastaso mentioned is that George Washington himself committed treason. And now Reps in the NH legislature are using George Washington as a reason NOT to secede. And calling it a treasonous act– all the while the US and NH were born out of secession. Insane right?

    Maybe they should issue a formal apology to the British crown and attempt to rejoin it as subjects to the monarch, eh?

  20. My line of thinking is to advocate for a decentralized union without a centralized permanent “capital”. This can be accomplished by dissolving D.C. and giving the land back to Maryland and Virginia.

    I propose 6 regional assemblies with reps and senators elected by the people and from there, the assemblies elect reps to a national congress, held in rotation at one of the 50 state capitals.

    Declare independence. Decentralize. Preserve the union.

  21. How about reclaiming the White Mountain National Forest as a State Forest or other actions to that effect?

  22. The vote was 323-13 against this total nonsense.A small number of Legislative douchebags and a handful of Free Keene radical freaks have only displayed their utter irrelevance. As I have said before, virtually nobody in New Hampshire wants to secede from the United States. Do you really not believe or understand that ?

  23. i love being subject to the feds because live free…i mean captive or die

  24. LFoD I suggest you do a bit more research. Polls show something like 30-45% of people are in favor of seceding. That’s roughly the same percentage of colonists who supported the Revolutionary War!

    AND only appx 4% of the NH legislature voted to place the question on the ballot! Now what does that tell you about representation?

  25. Intrigare-sorry, but I don’t believe that at all. More likely, the 4% vote achieved here is quite representative of New Hampshire. I don’t know a single person who supports secession. Not one. You exist in a radical echo chamber and need to get out more.

  26. LFoD again, research is your friend. Else you’ll start looking like Jumping Jacks here.

    Well, different strokes for different folks I suppose 😉

  27. Wow. That’s absolutely remarkable. Hey, didja know that Bob C., Intrigare, and me all know a bunch of people that do? I guess that means we win, huh LFoD?

  28. I have a sneaky suspicion that people that LFoD knows won’t tell him they support secession because they’re afraid he’ll call them a freak or a douche.

    Not sure where I got that idea, but yeah.

  29. Actually America *is* dining because of the sea level

  30. *sinking

  31. Every sense white people landed on the USA there’s been too much weight for the land to support hence it’s been sinking slowly since whitey got here

  32. these comments are interesting

  33. I’m listening/watching the video now.. First Balasaro wanted to shoot it down by tabeling it..
    Was encouraging that Balasaro’s proposition got shot down
    Then some doofus who thinks he’s George Washington .. With his false umbrage bloviated to the disfavor to all attending…. ( Turns out his name is Tim Smith) ?.
    Now some unimpressive person in favor.. he’s ok, he’s just not a compelling speaker is all. Reading verbatim isn’t the best choice but I understand it.
    I wonder if the fact that he presented us: that Sarah Silverman is in favor. How many mins did that sway.
    Now a fake libertarian is asking questions and harkening back to the… I’m going to barf.
    Now a opponent of the bill.
    Who’s a young man.
    He’s going for boring low hanging fruit that’s not edible. Aka the civil war. Yawn.
    He’s trying to say big words.
    To drive home the gravity of the situation. Lol…
    He’s gotta be first year. Because mo he’s 25 or less.
    His name is Dechieas… Spelled wrong, pardon.
    Mike Silvia is doing a parliamentary inquiry now. He looks well and is speaking like the pro he is
    Now we got Baldasaro again, back up there telling us that he just got back from Florida; I guess he was down there sucking Trump’s dick which he loves to do.
    I hope people are disabused of the idea that balthazaro or any Republican would have some claim to Liberty.

  34. Thank you to the 13 brave legislators who voted to allow the people of New Hampshire to have the right to vote on secession, as people were allowed to in Britain (vis-a-vis the European Union) and Scotland (vis-a-vis Britain)!

    It’s too bad more of your colleagues have so little respect for self-determination – but our expectations of government are low, so this was not unexpected. Years from now I believe this call for a vote on independence will seem prescient, and your votes will receive the appreciation they deserve.

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