What’s the Deal with Silver? Why Should I Have It?

Originally posted at SilverforLiberty.com

Something I’m coming to terms with is that not everyone knows about precious metals (heck I didn’t, it’s confusing and took me years). In fact, it seems a large number of people prefer paper money to gold or silver (I understand this). Yet, some of these same people wear gold or silver jewelry, jewelry they paid alot more for in relation to the value of the precious metal in such piece. Therefore I wanted to take a moment to share a few thoughts about Silver and end with a video series called “The Silver Bullet and Silver Shield” (SBSS) by TruthNeverTold on YouTube. Hopefully after reading my perspective and watching SBSS you’ll have a better understanding why everyone should incorporate silver into their lives.

Why Silver?

First and foremost, it’s REAL money, sorry, paper money is not real money (as in it holds no greater value than any other piece of paper). More so, all Federal Reserve Notes lose value due to the sheer number that have (and are being) printed – this is called inflation.  You cannot print silver (or gold for that mater) at whatever rate you want and since silver can be used for a number of things it always has value.

Second, paper money (like Federal Reserve Notes) bare no promise of any payment, other than the actual paper value. This means that if people (any large number of people- like another country) decide to stop using paper money (because too much of it has been printed) then the value would of said paper money would be zero. You couldn’t even sell or trade paper money for scratch paper, it would be worthless and you would be stuck with it.


What Would Neo Choose? What Would You Choose?

Yesterday I was showing Dave – founder of Suns of Liberty – video editing via Final Cut Pro. What started as an editing lesson turned into a short, but funny, video from the Matrix. Check it out:

Aside from creating the most divisible silver bars available Suns of Liberty is committed to offering information to anyone willing to listen. We plan on doing frequent blogs, videos and more via our website. If you have any suggestions for content please let us know.

Also, check out our .1 Sun video here.

UPDATE: Ademo’s Chalking the Police Arrest

Below is a video I shot and edited explaining some recent court room drama I’m trying to weed through. In sort, I’m very close to being sent to jail for two months because court employee’s are inadequate at full filling their daily tasks. Something as simple as making a phone call and sending mail has become an utter mess and a major pain in my butt.

Even when the mistake is clear as day the state, particularly Kathleen Broderick and Judge Brown, still argues that the fault is mine, even to loosely suggest that I’ve violated bond in the process. Watch the video below and see for yourself.


Phil Christiana – (FBI Agent) It’s Not My Friends You Should Be Looking At

It’s been brought to my attention that the FBI has been snooping around the Keene area for several months. First they called in a fellow Free Keene blogger (who asked not to be identified) and asked him if violence was advocated amongst those who frequent the Keene Activity Center. The Free Keene blogger clearly told them they had the wrong people and that if violence was ever advocated, it would be rejected as a means to the end  by any real “Free Stater” (a term I use only as a way to identify a group, it should be understood that ‘free staters’, like everyone else, are individuals responsible for their own actions and thoughts).

Top this off with a few sketchy visits from new movers, who I now believe to be FBI agents or informants, and it’s almost comical – if not so scary – how pathetic the FBI’s attempts are at infiltrating the Keene Activity Center (KAC). One guy, ‘Michael’, came to the KAC for a visit (which is typical of new movers) and  after a long conversation – where I asked him directly if he was an agent of the state (he said he was not) – it was decided that “Michael’s” views are not acceptable to those who frequent the KAC and he was asked to leave. He has never attempted a return but it should be noted that this man may still be trying to infiltrate liberty groups.

Fast forward a couple a months and the FBI – Phil Christiana – decides to interview another liberty minded person, Rich Paul. Known for his self ownership activism, relating to the war on drugs – particularly marijuana – Rich was targeted for allegedly making voluntary exchanges of substances the government deems illegal. Funny thing is, Phil and the state agent that was assisting him didn’t even care about the drugs. What did Phil and the FBI want? They wanted Rich to wear a wire into the Keene Activity Center. (more…)

Keene Police Shoot and Kill Burglar

According to the Keene Sentinel:

A man was shot by police and killed after a pursuit in Keene late Tuesday night, authorities said.

The incident began at Diversified Computers at 255 West St. in Keene, where police were called for a burglary complaint, according to a news release from the N.H. Attorney General’s Office.

When officers got there, they saw at least one suspect on the roof of the building. Two people fleeing the area were arrested after a short pursuit, authorities said.

The third person left the scene in a car and was pursued by officers to Marlboro Street, where he parked near the corner of Marlboro and Prescott streets and left the vehicle, authorities said. After an officer briefly pursued the man on foot, he got back in his car and attempted to escape, and two officers fired at the vehicle, killing the man, authorities said.

The car crashed head-on into a telephone pole and one neighbor on Marlboro Street said he heard five gunshots.

Too bad the Bear Cat wasn’t here to protect Keene from this situation.