Phil Christiana – (FBI Agent) It’s Not My Friends You Should Be Looking At

It’s been brought to my attention that the FBI has been snooping around the Keene area for several months. First they called in a fellow Free Keene blogger (who asked not to be identified) and asked him if violence was advocated amongst those who frequent the Keene Activity Center. The Free Keene blogger clearly told them they had the wrong people and that if violence was ever advocated, it would be rejected as a means to the end  by any real “Free Stater” (a term I use only as a way to identify a group, it should be understood that ‘free staters’, like everyone else, are individuals responsible for their own actions and thoughts).

Top this off with a few sketchy visits from new movers, who I now believe to be FBI agents or informants, and it’s almost comical – if not so scary – how pathetic the FBI’s attempts are at infiltrating the Keene Activity Center (KAC). One guy, ‘Michael’, came to the KAC for a visit (which is typical of new movers) and  after a long conversation – where I asked him directly if he was an agent of the state (he said he was not) – it was decided that “Michael’s” views are not acceptable to those who frequent the KAC and he was asked to leave. He has never attempted a return but it should be noted that this man may still be trying to infiltrate liberty groups.

Fast forward a couple a months and the FBI – Phil Christiana – decides to interview another liberty minded person, Rich Paul. Known for his self ownership activism, relating to the war on drugs – particularly marijuana – Rich was targeted for allegedly making voluntary exchanges of substances the government deems illegal. Funny thing is, Phil and the state agent that was assisting him didn’t even care about the drugs. What did Phil and the FBI want? They wanted Rich to wear a wire into the Keene Activity Center. Phil wanted to provide Rich with a story about his arrest and gauge the reactions by some of my fellow activists. In return for his assistance Rich was told his alleged crimes would disappear. Before I go further I’d like to tell you a little more about Phil Christiana. First, I found it nothing short of hilarious that Phil decided to black out his middle initial and last name from his business card when providing it to Rich. It took me all of two seconds to figure out what his actual name was (nice try Phil). After a simple google search I found Phil’s bio– something he seemed to leave on the interwebs. It states:

I am a CPA (accountant) by education from Rutgers University in New Jersey. I have been a special agent with the FBI for 20 years. I was stationed in the Boston field office as a new agent in 1992. I spent five years as an operator with the FBI Hostage Rescue Team at Quantico, VA (1996 – 2001). I am currently assigned to the NH joint Terrorism Task Force at the Bedford (NH) Resident Agency as a special bomb technician. I am also responsible for security related issues at the Manchester Boston Regional Airport and Seabrook Nuclear power plant. I have also served as the primary firearms and tactial instructor for the Boston Field office.

It’s my understanding that Rich won’t become an agent of the state and why should he? He hasn’t harmed anyone. Unlike Phil and his co-workers who routinely cut deals, set people up and harm others who’ve harmed no one. So Phil, if you’re looking to collect information on people causing harm or advocating violence, look no further than a mirror. The government, through agents like you, are the most violent, harmful people in the world. Your job is funded by millions who would most likely allocate their hard earned wealth elsewhere. Your duties include kidnapping, threatening and (at times) the use of deadly force. If you want to stop the violence, quit your job. Or if you really want to learn and understand complete liberty, feel free to email, Facebook or call me (I’m sure you have access to my information). I’d be happy to provide you with a clear understanding of my views, you don’t need to wiretap peaceful people. Something agents of the state call criminal when done to them, trust me I know. I’m facing 21 years for wiretapping, or the same exact thing you tried to get Rich to do to me and my friends. I eagerly await our interview.

What is Terrorism?

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